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<ul><li> 1. Earth Day<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. The Earth Day is celebrated on two dates<br /></p> <ul><li>21st March</li></ul> <p>an initiative of the United Nations. <br /></p> <ul><li>22nd April</li></ul> <p>an initiative of<br />EarthDayNetwork. <br /> 3. Earth Day - 21st March<br />Address to the peoples of Earth:<br />Let's just be peaceful and radnostni Days on Earth, our beautiful spaceship - the Earth, flying and rotating among the cool space and its bearing so fragile load-life.<br />UN Secretary General - U Thant,<br />March 21, 1971<br /> 4. The symbol of the Earth Day<br />Green Greek letter on white field<br /> 5. Flag of the Earth Day<br />Unofficial symbol<br /> 6. The Bell of Peace<br />Appeals to people to keep the peace and the life on the Earth and to help each other<br /> 7. The first bell of Peace<br />It was cast from coins collected by children from 60 countries. It has an inscription:<br />Long live the peace in the world. <br /> 8. There are Bells of Peace in more than 20 countries<br /> 9. is declared<br />Earth Day<br />initiative of the international movement<br />Earth Day Network.<br />This day aims to unite people in environmental protection -<br />Celebration of clean water, land and air<br />22nd April<br /> 10. History of the day<br />In 1872 the minister of agriculture in USA proposedto choose a day of the year for planting and called it the Tree day. 22nd April was chosen it was the ministers birthday. In 1970 it was renamed and called the Earth Day<br /> 11. History of the day<br />Ten years later, this holiday became official for the U.S. on April 22 (the birthday of Morton).In 1970, on the initiative of Nelson Tree Day got a new name: "Earth Day".<br /> 12. Second version<br />On 22 April there was an oil leakage in a small American town. All citizens and volunteers from the whole country contributed to saving the nature.<br /> 13. Second version<br />The famous American scientist - environmentalist Denis Hayes turned to the world community with an appeal by April 22, 1990 to begin the celebration of "Earth Day" and every person to contribute in landscaping and planning of their home planet and its natural monuments.<br /> 14. Today <br />147 countries contribute to this day by organizing ecological activities<br />The Earth Day today<br /> 15. We startedorganizing this day in 1990<br />IN BULGARIA<br /> 16. Every year we try to contribute to keeping the planet clean<br /> 17. LOOK WHAT WEVE DONE<br /> 18. Save a tree collecting paper<br />Initiatives<br />Tourist walk to Veteran hut<br />To make our planet a good place for living<br />The greenest classroom<br />Gifts of the Earth - exhibition<br /> 19. Save a tree campaign for collecting paper<br /> 20. A tourist walk<br /> 21. Drawing CompetitionTo make our planet a good place for living<br /> 22. Exhibition<br /> 23. Zooexhibition<br /> 24. The greenest classroom contest<br /> 25. Gifts of the Earthexhibition<br /> 26. What we have done to the Earthphoto contest<br /> 27. For me the Earth is like thisdrawing contest<br /> 28. Lets keep the earth for tomorrow messages on posters<br /> 29. My home the Earth clean and niceliterary contest<br /> 30. The most beautiful flower for my schoola contest for pottes<br /> 31. Did you know ...<br />For 1 ton of paper is needed 24 trees<br />Glass bottle needs 4000 years to be decomposed<br />Plastic bottle decomposes for 400 years<br />Recycling a glass bottle provides electricity to the TV to work 1.5 hours<br />Electricity from recycled plastic bottles - 2 powered computer for 1 hour<br /> 32. How we can help<br /></p> <ul><li>Do not leave electrical appliances on </li></ul> <p> 33. Do not use double lighting use the day light 34. Go on foot 35. Put the rubbish in separate bins: paper, glass, plastic, metal 36. Plant a tree, plant flowers 37. Take part in cleaning parks. <br /> 38. Children can keep the planet green and clean<br />LOOK WHAT WEVE DONE !<br /> 39. Thank You !<br /></p>