earth day a day to celebrate the planet that we call home…

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EARTH DAYA day to celebrate the planet that we call home EARTH DAY! What is Earth day, you might ask? Well, Earth day is a yearly celebrated holiday, celebrated on April 22. On Earth day people from all across the world support the world in its struggles and demonstrate how you can do so. It was first celebrated in the year 1970. And now it is celebrate in over 192 countries around the world!

EARTH DAY: A HistoryEarth day started to sprout in the 1960s. Many were concerned with pesticides, pollution, and sewage, threatening Earths health. Important officials like the president and others tried to make Earth day an official holiday, but many did not succeed. But finally Earth day was official on the faithful day of, April 22, 1970 and was celebrated in many states around America. It took much hard work but Gaylord Nelson finally established Earth day after several years of hard, hard work.

EARTH DAY: The FounderWho was the founder of Earth day? Why, United States senator, Gaylord Nelson, of course! Gaylord Nelson was a democrat from Wisconsin and is credited with inventing the idea for Earth day. He was strongly concerned with the Earths welfare and wanted to do something about it. And just a few years later Earth day had finally arrived!

EARTH DAY: Celebrations in America Some ways people celebrate Earth day in AmericaSome learn about the environment.Some join an environmental group.Some civilians spread the word.Many families go to Earth day fairs.Some like to cook special Earth day meals.Many enjoy some Earth day entertainment. Many, many people help are planet. They might pick up trash or plant a tree etc.

EARTH DAY: celebrations locally In downtown Orlando many are celebrating Earth day by going to the annual festival there! They have an endless amount of vendors that specialize in recycling, organic food, and more. Many families go here to experience and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. There is fun for everyone here and you might just leave knowing knowledge you didnt know before.

EARTH DAY: Facing the factsThree environmental issues America faces todayGlobal warming and climate change- These issues are connected to the CO2 increasing in our atmosphere. The Earth gets warmer by something called the greenhouse effect. But sadly due to increasing greenhouse gases, the Earth is getting warmer day by day. This has resulted in the melting of glaciers causing increasing water level. If temperatures keep increasing so fast, the land will be swallowed be water. Pollution- There are various types of environmental pollution but they all are more harmful than youd ever imagine. Air pollution is done by putting harmful gases in our atmosphere, which can result in global warming. Water pollution on the other hand is dumping waste into water which can seriously be harmful to are nature and wildlife. Soil pollution is dumping waste in our soil which causes it to degrade. Waste- The world has progressed significantly over the years but with progression comes wasted and not useful things. This issue has topped the list in places everywhere. Many industries that have waste dont dump them properly which mostly results in pollution of our soil and water. This may also include radioactive waste, as well.

EARTH DAY: The Most ImportantI feel like the most important issue for us to address and fix is Air pollution. Air pollution causes Global warming which is extremely harmful to us and our environment. Many people dont realize how harmful this actually is. Because of Global warming our glaciers are melting and fast! Glaciers melting leads to higher sea level, and due to higher sea level are land will be devoured. Amazing places like New York City are being greatly effected by this. So, please, please help and realize how dangerous this actually is. Because you never know when its to late

EARTH DAY: Make a DifferenceSometimes just the small things can do a lot. If you just do simple things to help our Earth everyday, youll be seriously helping. Something's you can do include, dont use your car as much, use less electricity, turn off the faucet when not in use, eat less meat, and way more! Most people dont think that what they do will help but it can! Especially if you just spread the word! And if you ever feel discouraged, just remember this, the smallest things make the biggest impact

The EndSpread the wordBecause you never know when it is too late.URLS(sources)