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There are million those wanted to earn money online, but only few in the internet those really earning money online rest others just trying hard and then quit. This e-book discover you to earn real money online, no matter what is your current situation. Content You Are Going to Get in This E-book- Earn Some Pocket Money Online- In this section you will get my proven ideas to earn some pocket money online each and every day and any time. Earn Thousands of Dollar Online- The methods I have explained in this section for you, those are little advanced but all topics are well explained that's why any one can do it, just you need to keep working on the concepts I have explained that's it. You will definitely earn lot of money online, see dear money is raining like cats and dogs in the internet, it is on you how much rain water(money) you can collect with less time.


Make MOney Online in India



I hope you are a lucky guy, because you are reading this free e-book, you are just about to know,

how you can earn money online.

Im Ujjwal Kumar Sen

Founder of http://www.bloggerhowtoseotips.com

Initially I found this blog to let people earn money online, anyone, the reason is quiet simple. Its

easy, its easy to do and of course to get paid.

But proper guidance is important to earn money online, so I come up with all my working tips

for you from some pocket money to lot of money online.

Actually, I found my first blog in 2010, now its http://www.instituteofindia.com

So, dont worry about it and of course my whole guidance is free of cost, I will not charge you

even one RS.

Thanks for reading.

You Can Directly Contact Me on Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/ujjwalkumarsen


Couple of days ago, I come to know how much people are searching about "online jobs in India"

that's why I am going to write ultimate tips to get jobs online in India, actually those tips and

tricks I am going to share with you, anyone can use it does not matter you're from which states of


If you're not Indian even then, you can read this whole course, you will definitely going to get

idea and step by step guide to make money online, which is even better than Any Online Job".

Actually, I'm going to introduce to you, yes to you, about real online business!

It is much and much better than online or even any kind of office work, does not matter, which

post you are going to get.

Here, you are The Boss!

But, you've to in discipline and committed to your work, because no one is going to tell you, that

you have to do work for your business.

So, here are those tips to get online jobs India or even you are from any other country.

I have divided those jobs into two broad categories-

Online Jobs in India for Pocket Money

Well, I don't recommend you to do it.

Reason is this is not like any job, nothing else, even you are not going to make 200$ per month.

Then what's the use of it.

If you are willing to make earn about 20$ to 40$(about 2400 INR) per month then these ways are


But, beware of many scam programs available out there in the market, they promise you to give

you system which will make you lot of money, but at the end you will loose your confident about

making money online, you will loose money even you will loose your precious time.

I don't want any one loose these three precious things.

So, I came here with the solution for you, which worked for me, I have earned money from these

programs but later I left using these programs because I wanted to make more money, that's why

I switch to the next step to make money, which way I'll also share with you, but in the next


Well come to the main point which will really make you money.

Actually there are two ways to make money those are best possible ways to earn money specially

those are Indians.


1. Paisalive.com Read Mails and Earn Money-

Hey, my dear there is rumor that Paisalive does not pay exact amount, that's not true at all, just

couple of days ago, I got my 5th number cheque from Paisalive.com

The cheque is not that much amount but still it is a legit network, which really paid users to click

on advertisements.

But the problem claim by many Paisalive users that their money has been decreased by some

amount as they can see on their earning tab after placing withdraw request.

If you are new to this website, I mean, if this website is not known for you then you will not see

this problem.

Because there is a reason behind of this, I don't think anyone in the internet shared the solution of

this problem.

Even, I was not that much confident about the solution of this problem, but after getting 5th

number cheque I'm quite confident now.

So, the solution is that whenever you are reading emails then let the page load completely then

wait for few seconds then after you can go for another one, till that time you have to let the page

load properly, then you are going to get exact money.

Here, I have quick tips for you to increase your earning from Paisalive.com-

Actually they also shared these tips, but I have tried little different as they have shared on their


Go for Signup programs those paid more as compare to other just browsing website.

Go for Special Promotion programs those also offered more price.

Send Emails about this to your friend, if they will sign up through your referral link(Which link

you are going to get from Paisalive account) then each member will sign up, you will earn 2

INR, specially I got all my cheques through referral(friends and my blogs readers) income.

Share link with your Social Media Profiles- as an Indian Facebook user, it is the quiet easy to

get connected with friends also many acquainted that's why you can tell them about it and you

will make money.

Share the referral link with groups on Facebook you have joined.

Shared referral link with your Facebook page, if you have any page then share this link there

and also do one more thing to get more signups, just add the URL name on the cover image of

your Facebook page, but don't use that URL directly first convert referral URL into short URL

then put it on the cover photo of your Facebook page, you can use tiny URL, goo.gl to short

referral URL link.

So, that is about Paisalive.com


Hopefully, you are going to enjoy it and finally you are going to earn more online and of course

you will get cheque through post at your home.

May be you are thinking I'm kidding.

But I'm not at all, then let me tell you!

What exactly I'm talking about? Actually I'm talking about that you'll get cheque at your home

through Paisalive.com and of course in Indian Rupee.

I think that Cool about Paisalive.com

What do you think let me know?

But there is still one information left about Paisaive.com, they will pay you once you will cross

limit 500 INR, remember that, but it's easy to get it there, if you will once use my all above tips,

you'll easily earn more than 500 INR per month.

What Bonus from Paisalive.com?

You'll get bonus for signup it's about 2$(100INR), that's pretty good right, so your target is to

earn 400 INR to get your first cheque through paisalive.com to right at your home.

Click Here to Join Paisalive.com

Paisalive Review Legit or Scam With Proof

2. Microworkers.com Get Paid for Doing Small Jobs

It is like Paisalive.com but there is difference that is you can make more money from

Microworkers by doing small jobs.

But this website will not offer you to earn money by reading emails, of course this website offer

you to earn money by doing small jobs like Sign Ups, Liking on Facebook, Follow on Twitter,

Writing on Blogs.

Specially, if you have a blog then you can earn very good money but your blog must have

domain name, then the offer would be valid, actually each work is different, because they paid

pretty much better than those above jobs.

They paid around 1 to 3 $ for writing per article, later I'll discuss more about it, so don't worry.

Yes so, don't worry be Happy.

This is also a legit network they paid through cheque as well as through Paypal, I used Paypal to

get payment, because all payments are made by US dollars. So, I think Paypal is the best possible

way to get withdrawn your Dollars currency according to your own desire currency directly to

your Bank account may be in Indian Rupees.

Which will really surprise you, when you will get payment through Paypal to your bank account,

but you need to have PAN card to get paid through Paypal.


Well, that is different matter, right.

I'm telling you all these because I know, microworkers will really let you earn good amount of


But you need to be dedicated, you have to give time, to do jobs provided by them.

What Bonus from Microworkers.com?

They will give you 1$ for signup with Microworkers, they have recently introduced jobs tab, that

is also good to earn good amount of money.

Microworkers Review Legit or Scam With Proof

Conclusion about these two online jobs on Paisalive and Microworkers

Hopefully above these two ways are very clear to you, like what are these websites, these are

legit websites, those really pay and of course any one can earn money from these websites.

Even then I know there would be many questions arising right now!

May be???

Then no need to worry