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Earn 4 hours of leave HHS Wellness Program Walking Initiative Slide 2 Program Structure You can choose to walk in a team or by yourself. The team structures you can choose from are: 8 person team 4 person team By Yourself Walker Teams will designate a Team Captain who is responsible for registering team members on the website and entering the teams weekly miles on the WAT! website. By Yourself Walkers will act as their own Team Captain. Slide 3 How do I earn the leave incentive? To earn the 4-hour emergency leave incentive, teams and By Yourself Walkers must walk: 8 person team 833 miles 4 person team 417 miles By Yourself Walkers 112 miles Team members must log their miles each day and send the weekly total to the team captain. The team captain must enter the miles by the Wednesday of the following week. Slide 4 How do I earn the leave incentive? If you are walking by yourself you will enter your own miles into the WAT! website. Upon completion of WAT!, each team member must complete the wrap up form and give to the team captain. Each team captain must enter the wrap up information and must print the certificates of completion for their team and give them to their team members. Employees will provide their certificate to their supervisor and coordinate leave time with their supervisor. Slide 5 Emergency Leave for Participation After you complete the eight-week program, you must submit a Walk Across Texas certificate to your supervisor You will be eligible for the four-hour emergency leave incentive by starting the eight-week program on April 2, 2012, and completing the program by May 28, 2012. All data entry and certificate printing must be completed by June 29, 2012. No certificates will be accepted after that date You must use the leave by December 31, 2011. Note: Only activities completed between April 2, 2012, and May 28, 2012, will be counted towards qualifying for the four hours of emergency leave. Slide 6 Entering Emergency Leave Employees: To use the emergency leave, log on to accessHR, go to My Time & Leave, View/Edit Timesheet, and enter the date you wish to take the emergency leave. Click on the TRC button and select EMGNY. Enter the number of hours (not to exceed four hours). In the comments section, enter WATP and click on the yellow E- Sign & Submit button. Managers: Log on to accessHR and approve the employees request for the emergency leave. Slide 7 If you have questions about Walk Across Texas please refer to the guide sheet, visit the WAT! website, or contact your agency Wellness Coordinator. DSHS: Brett Spencer, Brett.Spencer@dshs.state.tx.usBrett.Spencer@dshs.state.tx.us ph: 512-458-7111x6161 DADS: Sue McAnally, Sue.McAnally@dads.state.tx.us ph: 512-437-2813Sue.McAnally@dads.state.tx.us DARS: Ann Woods, Ann.Woods@dars.state.tx.usAnn.Woods@dars.state.tx.us ph: 512-424-4766 HHSC: Theresa McShan, Theresa.McShan@hhsc.state.tx.us ph: 512-424-6809Theresa.McShan@hhsc.state.tx.us DFPS: Joan Miller, Joan.Miller@dfps.state.tx.us ph: 512-438-3293Joan.Miller@dfps.state.tx.us Agency Contact Information Slide 8 2012 Walk Across Texas! Update State Health Agencies 8 Alice Kirk, MPH Child Health Specialist Texas AgriLife Extension Service Educational programs of the Texas AgriLife Extension Service are open to all people without regard to race, color, sex, disability, religion, age, or national origin. The Texas A&M University System, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the County Commissioners Courts of Texas Cooperating Slide 9 Overview 9 Historical Outreach o Outreach Efforts 2011 Program Highlights o Expanding to worksites Implementing Walk Across Texas! o Ways to manage o Walking through the Registration Process o Review change/updates o Resources Available Questions Slide 10 Program Goal 10 Helping people of all ages establish the habit of regular physical activity Slide 11 Walk Across Texas! 11 Walk Across Texas (WAT!) is a fun way to get moving All it takes is 8 weeks and people willing to get physically active! It is an outcome program with results Research shows that there is an increase in mileage for participants from week 1 to week 8 Shows economic impact All data must be entered online in order to obtain impact Impact is calculated for adults only Slide 12 Program History 12 Developed in 1996 o With collaboration of Extension Health specialists, County agents and community partners Website and Data entry system developed in 2002 http://walkacrosstexas.tamu.edu http://walkacrosstexas.tamu.edu Recognized in 2005 as a Best Practice Physical Activity Program by the Department of State Health Services Available statewide thru local County Extension Agents Slide 13 2011 State Outreach 13 141 counties implemented 45, 257 people registered 14,522 youth participated in school teams Week 1 to 8 mileage showed a mean increase of 4.27 miles per person Slide 14 2011 Audience Outreach: State Agencies 14 Department of Aging and Disability Services 1054 participants Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services 1091 participants Department of Family and Protective Services 1189 participants Department of State Health Services 2270 participants Health and Human Services Commission 1887 participants Slide 15 Implementation of WAT! 15 Slide 16 Ways to Participate in WAT! 16 Individuals Walk across the state by yourself Groups Teams of 4 or 8 adults compete against each other Walk across the state first and/or walk the most miles **Must register on-line at http://walkacrosstexas.tamu.edu http://walkacrosstexas.tamu.edu Slide 17 Walk Across Texas! Website 17 Slide 18 How to Register On-line 18 Step by Step guides available 1. Complete the initial registration form Must have an e-mail address to complete the registration 2. Confirm your email account The system will send a confirmation email with a link. You MUST click this confirmation to continue registration. Go to your email account and find the email from WAT! And click the confirmation inside the email Note: you may need to check your spam folder to locate the email 3. Continue account set-up Choose how you would like to participate in WAT 1. Team Captain of 4 or 8 person adult team 2. By yourself Slide 19 This is the first screen that will come up Enter all the necessary information Type the word verification and accept the terms and continue to the next page 19 Slide 20 Then a confirmation email is sent to email used when registering Sign into that email and click the link in the email 20 Slide 21 You will be taken to the confirmation screen below Click the Continue button to continue your account set up Now you have to choose how you will participate! 21 Slide 22 Continuing Account Set-Up: Solo Walker 22 Must enter the start date here!! Slide 23 If walking as part of organization- select at top of page Complete questions to gauge current level of activity 23 Slide 24 After that you are set to begin walking! Clicking on the Go to Home Page button will take you to your home screen where you can enter your miles and pounds lost 24 Slide 25 Home Screen Maneuvers 25 This is the home screen you will see every time you login to the website It will be your life line during your weeks of walking. To enter miles walked or pounds lost click the button below the dashboard and it will take you to the My WAT! SOLO tab Slide 26 This is where you can add/edit your miles walked Pounds lost for the week can be entered 26 Slide 27 What if I dont know how many miles I walked? 27 Its still okay!! The coordinators of Walk Across Texas! have developed a Mileage Equivalent Calculator located at the top right in your home screen Use this whenever you do an activity that you are unsure of the exact mileage There are a lot of items listed on there and the coordinators are updating it per request Early into the program I had to have a 19 year old artificial knee replaced. (I) thought I was out of the program, but my team captain calculated how my rehab exercises related to mile (and) I was able to continue. My rehab is over and my surgery was a success WAT! Success Story Slide 28 This will bring up the Mileage Equivalents Calculator Type in your: Weight Time of Activity Activity Type Activity Click Calculate METs Then an estimated readout of your Mileage will appear Type this into your mileage bar 28 Slide 29 Also on the home screen when you login is the Walk Across Texas! Blog We will post updates, program highlights, and articles that may interest our participants May include articles about: - Eating Right - Importance of Good Hydration - Interval Training - And Much More!!! 29 Slide 30 Located next to MY WAT! Solo is the My Account tab This will have all of your personal information This page features include: - Deleting the account -Changing name, email, phone, and address -Changing password -Edit start date -Edit group information 30 Slide 31 So, the 8 weeks are completed. What now? 31 First, celebrate a job well done! Then a Program Wrap Up Form must be completed to activate the Certificate For this certificate to be activated all weeks must have a mileage number inputted Slide 32 Program Wrap-Up Form- Basic Information 32 Slide 33 Program Wrap-Up Form- Record New Activity Level 33 Slide 34 Program Wrap-Up Form- Optional Questions 34 Slide 35 Program Wrap-Up Form- Finishing Up 35 Slide 36 Program Certificate 36 Slide 37 Team Participation! 37 Slide 38 Team Captains 38 Slide 39 Team Captain Registration 39 Slide 40 Selecting a Group/Organization 40 If possible, select the group/organization that the team is associated with Slide 41 Then, it will bring up a similar screen as if you were registering yourself 41 Slide 42 Adding Team Members 42 Slide 43 Team members must complete the Individual Registration Form and provide to Team Captain This is a hardcopy with the questions similar to the ones asked to the team captain 43 Slide 44 After the Team Captain electronically regis