Early Gatherers and Hunters

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Early Gatherers and Hunters. Introduction. THINK. What are your basic needs? How are these needs met in your own life? How are different foods you eat produced or obtained? What tools and technology are used to cook, obtain, and preserve foods?. THINK. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Early Gatherers and Hunters</p> <p>Early Gatherers and HuntersIntroductionTHINKWhat are your basic needs?How are these needs met in your own life?How are different foods you eat produced or obtained?What tools and technology are used to cook, obtain, and preserve foods?THINKImagine your life without these forms of technology:ElectricityCarsRunning waterMetalsPlasticsEtc.How would you feel?THAT IS WHAT LIFE WAS LIKE IN THE STONE AGE!</p> <p>Keep in mind though that many other countries do not have these things. We are very fortunate.PrehistoryPrehistory is that long period of time before people developed systems of writing and written language.Prehistoric people did not leave books, newspapers, or letters to help us understand how they lived.So how can we learn about these people?ArchaeologyArchaeology is the study of past cultures through the things that remain such as buildings, tools, or potteryThe main task of an archaeologist is the careful uncovering of evidence, tools, or pottery.</p> <p>ArtifactsArchaeologists are most interested in finding and analyzing ancient ARTIFACTS, or objects made by people long ago.Artifacts can include:ToolsWeaponsJewelryPottery</p> <p>THINKHow do artifacts become the pieces to the puzzle of history?Artifacts tell usAncient people hunted both small and large animals for food.Hides of larger animals were used for clothing and shelter.Ancient people ate berries, fruits, nuts, wild grains, and roots.They needed to move around in order to find a constant source of animals and fruit.For this reason, early peoples are described asHUNTERS AND GATHERERS</p>