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The official newsletter of Eagleview in Exton, Pennsylvania.


  • Eagleviews 4th Quarter 2014 Official Newsletter of EagleviewSM

    With the holidays upon us, we here at Wellington Square Bookshop wish to send you our warmest greetings and wishes for a Wonderful Christmas and a happy and fulfilling New Year.

    Knowing that you all are in a giving mood and want to show your family and friends your depth of feeling toward them, WSB would like to afford you some unsolicited advice regarding the attain-ment of those desires.

    First, a little back-patting. We were chosen this year, yes in our com-

    munity, as the best bookshop in the Philadelphia area. We pride ourselves on this distinction, but are even more proud of you, our supporters, our customers, our book club members, our open mic entertainers, our signing authors for your votes that put us over the top.

    My radio show, The Avid Reader, is now in its fourth year at WCHE1520AM where it airs and streams at 4pm on Mondays. You can also find us on iTunes,

    YouTube, our website, etc. I have now interviewed 160+ nationally, and internationally, acclaimed authors, including three of the last four Pulitzer Prize winners as well as the last two National Book Award winners.

    Somewhat more arcarnely, we have also been awarded, by Main Line magazine, the best anti-corporate coffee shop. Our

    barristas are proud of the fact that our coffees, lattes, cappucinos and numerous offshoots have been recognized as the best, and they are!

    We wish to return and send out our appreciation to the Eagleview community during this season, so heres what we have in mind, in a Crazy Eddie kind of way.

    Tons of gift certificates in all denominations for those hard to buy for on your list.

    Discounts on best sellers, former best sellers and beautiful childrens books.

    Discounts on gifts for infants, toddlers, children, adults, and people, like me, of an indeterminate age. This year we have our old standby Mixture Candles as well as new candles from Capri Blue. New childrens products include: beautiful RagTales plush animals reminiscent of English country life and ceramic tea sets as well as host-ess gifts, bookends, Christmas ornaments and of course old favorites including Kikkerland wind-up toys and books, books, books.

    We are the place to go for gifts for grandchildren, sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, grand-parents, friends and assorted relatives (The ones that you look forward to seeing only at Christmas dinner).

    And all the while feel free to enjoy free coffee days, discounted speciality coffees, free cookies for the kids and a warm, cozy sofa or chair to sit down and take a load off.

    Each year more and more of our loyal patrons skip the mall, skip Amazon and do ALL their Xmas shopping with us. For so many reasons, a book is the most thoughtful, and especially for children, the most valuable gift there is. Its kind of a pay it forward. If your child or nephew is eager to read a good book and falls in love with a copy of Moby Dick or Alice in Wonderland, or War and Peace for that matter (it has happened) that you give, what more can you have done for him or her? Nothing! Thats what!

    Off of my soapbox now.

    Please join us this year for our Christmas celebration at the store even if you just stop by to say hello.

    Wellington Square Bookshop 549 Wellington Square | Exton, PA 610.458.1144 | WellingtonSquareBooks.com


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    by Sam Hankin, owner

    Find the Best Holiday Gifts at Wellington Square Bookshop






    610.715.2702 | jmallegretto@comcast.net694 Wharton Blvd | Exton, PA 19341



    Most Major Insurances Accepted Weekend/Evening Hours Available

    The Eagles Nest Christian Bookstore

    by Richard & Doris Goswiller, owners

    The Eagles Nest Christian Bookstore invites you to enjoy the holiday shopping season in our store. We have a new selection of great books celebrating the Christmas season. And we also have our large inventory of new and used Christian books that would make wonderful Christmas gifts.

    Please stop by and have a cup of coffee while you browse through the store. We would love to meet you. Our regular hours are 11am-5pm, Tuesday through Saturday. Have a blessed holiday season!

    The Eagles Nest Christian Bookstore 574 Wharton Blvd Eagleview Town Center | Exton PA 610.458.7521 | www.licministries.com

    As our students play outside on our beautiful new playground at Our Kids Academy at Town Center, we observe our surroundings beyond the fence. Nestled in the heart of Eagleview there are beautiful homes and condominiums within walking distance. Across the walkway sits a great coffee house and next door is a place to keep healthy. On the way to our learning center, we pass many corporate headquarter buildings that border Route 100, Pennsylvania Drive, and Eagleview Boulevard where thousands of individuals attend work each day. Of course, prior to living, working, having coffee or exercis-ing in these locations, the actual structures were designed by architects and built by teams of

    talented individuals. Much planning was done long before the first hole was dug.

    Recently, we came across an excerpt from a Community Playthings Blog. Community Play-things is a company that has been in existence for over 65 years that builds beautiful, sturdy and environmentally friendly products. We fol-low these blogs because our centers are full of these amazing materials, and they are filled with fascinating information.

    In the most recent Community Playthings blog posting, Dan Feil recalls his childhood and his simple set of toy blocks. My unit block set gave me a quantitative spatial sense. I built walls. I built houses. I learned which blocks were good for long spans. I learned how much support the spanning blocks needed. I was learning geometric shapes and relationships, and didnt even know it.

    Hands-on learning with items such as the blocks that Mr. Feil described are utilized on a daily basis in our learning centers. As our degreed teachers observe the children work with these blocks, they see the foundation of learning being shaped before their eyes. They see discovery,

    science, and math. The trial and error experi-ments experienced at an early age by Mr. Feil were done with the same blocks our children use today.

    Mr. Feil is an accomplished Architect and his work has been nationally recognized. Although we have not personally met Mr. Feil, we sin-cerely appreciate that he shared his story with Community Playthings and, in turn, all of us. We anticipate in thirty forty fifty years some of our students will enjoy a similar success and we hope they take time to reflect on their days at our center and write a similar blog.

    Our Kids Academy at Eagleview and Our Kids Academy Town Center are located in Exton, and have full and part time enrollment opportunities for infants through kindergarten and offer Span-ish, Music and Yoga Enrichment Programming.

    Hildebrandt Learning Centers Our Kids Academy at Town Center 699 Rice Blvd Eagleview Town Center | Exton PA 610.8101526 www.hildebrandtlearningcenters.com

    Our Kids Academy: Eagleview and Town Center Locations

  • 4th Quarter 2014 BUSINESS NEWS

    In addition to their regular features including full pharamacy, presecription delivery, durable medi-cal goods, wheelchair rentals, newspapers, cold drinks, snacks and more, Town Center Pharmacy is proud to announce the addition of a general store section.

    Dont have time to stop by the grocery store for the essentials? Make a quick stop by Town Center Pharmacy right in your neighborhood instead! The general store section will carry a full line of Churchies soups, milk, eggs, orange juice, bread, bacon and more.

    Town Center Pharamcy has guaranteed the same co-pay as chain stores, with free prescription delivery and is open 7 days a week!

    Monday-Friday 9am-7pm Saturday 10am-5pm | Sunday 9am-7pm

    Looking for a gift for that special some-one? We offer great gift ideas, gift certifi-cates, special package deals, ColorProof gift bags and lots of stocking stuffers.

    545 Wellington Square Eagleview Town Center | Exton, PA

    610.458.8809 geminihairdesignstudiospa.com

    Town Center Pharmacy Welcomes a New General Store Section

    Helping You Protect What Matters Most

    As an Allstate Agent in Exton, I know many local families. My knowledge and understanding of the people in this com-munity help me provide customers with an outstanding level of service.

    I look forward to helping you get the coverage you need for the things that are important your family, home, car, boat and more. So you can feel good know-ing that you and the life youve worked so hard to build are protected.

    654 Wharton Blvd Eagleview Town Center | Exton, PA

    484.872.2440 | geetumistry@allstate.com


    610.458.3767 | TownCenterPharmacyPA.net606 Wharton Blvd | Exton, PA

    Happy Holidays from Gemini!

  • EagleviewsBUSINESS NEWS

    The Internal Revenue Service and Treasury In-spector General for Tax Administration continue to hear from taxpayers who have received unso-licited calls from individuals demanding payment while fraudulently claiming to be from the IRS.

    Based on the 90,000 complaints that TIGTA has received through its telephone hotline, TIGTA has identified approximately 1,100 victims who have lost and estimated $5 million from these scams.

    Taxpayers should remember their first contact with the IRS will not be a call fro