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E2E Integration Testing

October 2008 Product Management E2E Solution Operations Active Global Support (AGS) SAP AG


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SAP 2008 / Page 2


1. SAPs approach to End-to-End Integration Testing 2. Test Capabilities Option 1 3. Test Capabilities Option 2 4. SAP Testing Services

SAP 2008 / Page 3

SAP Solution Manager Enterprise EditionFrom Awareness to Action

SAP has compiled best practices for E2E Solution Operations based on the experience from customer engagements over three decades.SAP is aware of customer pain points.Change Management Solution UpdatesOptimize Requirements Design Application Management Operate Build & Test Deploy

Transparency on Processes & Apps Innovation Management

Pain points are addressed by best practices: SAP Standards for E2E Solution Operations.

Problem analysis Incident Management Monitoring

Integration Testing Integration Validation

Software logistics

Implementation methodology for E2E Solution Operations: Run SAP.

SAP Solution Manager provides all capabilities for E2E Solution Operations.Improvements of processes, components and solutions Maintenance of SAP SolutionsOptimize Requirements Application Management

Identification of critical business processes Innovation ManagementDesign

Root Cause AnalysisOperate

Integration TestingBuild & Test

Incident Management Monitoring of missioncritical processes SAP 2008 / Page 4


Integration Validation

Deployment of solution updates

Changing SAP Solutions

Customer pain points


Tests in heterogeneous system landscapes Change Impact Analysis

E2E Integration Tests of business processes in system environments interfacing SAP with non-SAP solutions Indentification of critical business processes affected by change events such as SAP Support Packages No test recommendations for SAP Enhancement Packages



Test Data Management

Test Systems with outdated test data Productive System copy is too expensive and rework intensive Creation of appropriate test data for automated test cases Creation of automated test cases is time consuming and expensive to maintain via skilled QA specialists Automated test cases get damaged by change events and need time consuming repair by QA Specialist


Test Automation

SAP 2008 / Page 5

Managing Changes is Critical for Business AgilityMethodology, Test Process and Test CapabilitiesMethodologyE2E Solution Operations methodology for the ongoing management of end-to-end solutions Run SAP methodology to implement end-to-end solution operations including SAP standards, best practices, roadmap, training, certification, services and tools for E2E solution operations

New SAP Solution SAP Solution Update

Business Blueprint Test Planning Change Impact Analysis Test Execution Apply Changes to Production

Test ProcessFrom change events and change impact analysis via test planning and test execution to deployment of changes in production system

Test Capabilities

SAP Solution Manager

SAP Solution Manager acts as central point of access to SAP and 3rd Party test capabilities as well as additional capabilities like E2E Integration Validation and defect management

More information about the Run SAP Methodology for E2E Solution Operations at: http://service.sap.com/runsap SAP 2008 / Page 6

Quality ManagementThe Quality Management process for SAP centric SolutionsOptimize Requirements DesignRequirements from business Departments Functional and technical blueprint Functional and technical feasibility

BuildQ GateDesign to Build Extend Solution SAP Updates Custom Dev. Partner solutions Incident & Problem Mgmt. and Root Cause Analysis

TestQ GateBuild to Test Execution of Functional and User Acceptance Tests Data Consistency Checks Performance Tests Incident & Problem Mgmt. and Root Cause Analysis

DeployQ GateTest to Deploy

Unit Tests Prepare Solution Operations Solution Docu Enablement of Standards for Solution Operations Prepare Tests Test Scope Identification Test Requirements Test System Setup Test Planning

Transports in Cycles

Final Transport

Handover to Production

Collaboration and Project Controlling SAP 2008 / Page 7

E2E Integration Testing of SAP SolutionsTest Process embedded in the SAP Application LifecycleType of Change New SAP Solution Implementation of new SAP Solution Test Scope Identification

Business BlueprintBusiness Blueprint Design Solution Configuration

Test Planning System Setup

Test Execution

Deploy Changes to Production

SAP Solution Update

Change Impact Analysis

SAP Support Packages SAP Enhancement Packages Custom Code Customizing changes

Business Blueprint Update Identification of Business Processes affected by SAP Solution Updates Recommendation of business processes for regression tests

Planning of Test Cases Test Catalogs setup Compilation of Test Packages and assigment to Testers Setup of Test System Creation of Test Data

Manual tests Automated tests Integration Validation Incident Management

Apply changes through transports from Test to Production system Apply SPs or EhPs

SAP 2008 / Page 8

E2E Integration Testing of SAP Solutions

Guiding Principles SAP Solution ManagerAll SAP test capabilities are provided and tightly integrated with SAP Solution Manager

Risk-based Test PlanningIdentification of business processes affected by SAP Solution changes

Provide choices to SAP customersCustomers can use SAP capabilities and 3rd Party Test Suites in combination All required Interfaces will be provided over time SAP 2008 / Page 9

E2E Integration Testing of SAP SolutionsTest Capabilities

Customers have various options

Test Option 1Test capabilities provided by SAP Solution Manager with integration of test automation tools from partners Recommended for SAP-centric customers

Test Option 2Test capabilities provided by SAP Solution Manager, SAP Quality Center by HP and SAP TAO Recommended for customers with heterogeneous system landscape SAP 2008 / Page 10


1. SAPs approach to End-to-End Integration Testing 2. Test Capabilities Option 1 3. Test Capabilities Option 2 4. SAP Testing Services

SAP 2008 / Page 11

E2E Integration Testing of SAP SolutionsOptions for SAP CustomersType of Change Test Scope Identification

New SAP Solution

Business Blueprint Test Planning Test System Setup Test Execution Apply Changes to Production

SAP Solution Update

Change Impact Analysis

Option 1Solution Manager Business Blueprint Setup of business process catalog Business requirements Solution Manager Test Workbench Test planning

Solution Manager Test Workbench Manual testing

Automated Tests

Solution Manager Business Process Change Analyzer * Identification of processes affected by code / customizing changes* planned for Q4 2008 SAP 2008 / Page 12

SAP TDMS Setup of lean test systems

Solution Manager eCATT Admin of automated tests

UI based TestsQTP Test Partner QTP

Application-logic TestseCATT

E2E Integration Testing of SAP SolutionsSAP Solution Manager: Business Blueprint Documentation of Business ProcessesProcess Hierarchy Scenario Business Process Bus. Process Step Graphical and textual description of business process Business requirements provided by business users as input for test requirements Assignment of SAP Transaction / Report Bus.Process Hierarchy Assignment of tests Training Material Link to configuration

SAP 2008 / Page 13

E2E Integration Testing of SAP SolutionsSAP Solution Manager: Business Process Change Analyzer

Customer Pain PointSAP Solution updates occur frequentlySAP triggered: Support Packs, Enhancement Packs Customer triggered: Custom code, Customizing

Which business processes are affected by planned change?

ApproachSAP Solution Update

Change Impact Analysis Identification of business processes affected by change Risk-based Test Recommendation

Test Planning Check / creation of Test Cases Test Plan update and Test Package creation

Test Execution Manual Tests Automated Tests via 3rd Party Test Suites or SAP eCATT

SAP 2008 / Page 14

E2E Integration Testing of SAP SolutionsSAP Solution Manager: Business Process Change Analyzer

PreparationBusiness BlueprintScenario: Order to Cash Sales Order Delivery Goods Issue Billing Scenario: Procure to Pay

AnalysisCustomer plans SAP Solution Update including:SAP Support Packs

Identification of critical Business Processes

SAP Enhancement Package Custom Code


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