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Fall 2014



    Brian Calcutt, Cristin Pacifico, Andrew Pemberton, Amanda Pea

  • Theory of Change

    Implementing a 5-year strategy that uses direct outreach and

    personal stories to engage and retain donors will benefit

    E2E operationally and strategically by increasing liquidity in

    the short term and enabling organizational growth in the

    long term.

  • Targeted Approach

    Create a model that engages partners and donors while also meeting E2Es commitment to empowering a local housing market;

    Compare and analyze exposure development structures of successful organizations;

    Localize successful development solutions from these organizations that cater to E2Es goals and size.

  • Conventional Donor Structure

    Partnership Buckets

    Corporate: Employee

    Matching & Company

    Foundation Trusts: Project Sponsorship

    Humanitarian: Support Network

    Institutional: Government


    Individual: Sponsors,

    Trips, Volunteering

    Revised Area of Focus

    Develop donor structure, targeting the individual donor Provide operational suggestions to increase donor intake and retain current donors, capturing different market segments

    Goal at Hand

    Meet the short-term liquidity needs to build five houses Given the average cost of home as $13,000 - $15,000, the ultimate goal is about $70,000 in a year

    Customization: Plan of Attack

    Customize interests to engage different donor groups Answer key questions: Who are the main donors and what are these donors interests?

    Realignment of Goals

    Working Strategy

  • Assessing Strengths

    Dedicated student team with a growing alumni base

    Access to ND and Development Office network

    Current Capacity

    Personal stories of researchers, students, and Haitians

    Clearly defined marketing linking the project to people

    Untapped Resources

    Organizational scale Dedicated operating budget

    Potential Growth

    Identify and utilize strengths and current resources to maximize efficiency and productivity

  • Overarching Goals -Strengthen and solidify branding

    -Ensure donor intake and retention

    Short Term Engage specific

    targets for operational


    Mid Term Use creative

    marketing and develop business

    structure Long Term Create

    benchmarks for strategic


    Proposal Structure

  • Short Term 6 months

    Create a Unique Brand/Project Narrative

    Increase Operational Capacity

    Reinvigorate Fundraising Campaign

    Separate, cobranded identities for E2E and the project Unique name and logo (Housing4Haiti?) that can be easily associated with goals on the ground Keep general mission description for E2E overall

    Take on 2 student interns for the semester Use members of E2E class to start process of becoming an on-campus club (access to wider talent pool, funding, etc.) Use E2E class to create and distribute marketing packets for donors

    Use personal stories, customized follow-up and SROI discourse New Indiegogo campaign targeting larger past contributors and prospecting new sources Articles in ND Magazines and e-mails to ND network with campaign video personal intros

    Broadened focus on selling the story, rather than the product

  • Increase Operational Capacity

    Student Team Structure: Current class with majority enrolled Engineering majors Size: ~20 undergrads Function: Assist in research and other functional areas Commitment: Monthly sessions Action Item: Use outreach menus to engage donors more effectively

    Intern Program Structure: Draw from leadership of both groups to hire for credit or experience Size: ~2 undergrads / grads Function: Work closely with Dustin to work on business development, outreach, web design, etc. Commitment: 12 hours / Week Action Item: Advertise positions on GoIRISH for next semester; begin credit offering process

    Campus Club Structure: Student organization with interdisciplinary draw Size: ~40 undergrads Function: Lead campus campaigns for awareness/fundraising Commitment: Weekly meetings Action Item: Recruit students from current class to file application for new club and begin recruiting efforts

  • Reinvigorate Fundraising Campaign

    Outreach Email and direct

    contact engaged 78% of the donor pool


    52% of contributions came from $1-50 range, but top donor class contributed $13,500 (54% of campaign total)


    Most people responded to perks that were gifts for the homes being built and to bundles of items


    Direct contact to form long term relationships with big donors and smaller annual contribution plans with the base group could be advantageous

    Offer more housewarming gifts or practical use items in future campaigns

    Future campaigns should focus on making personal connections and use past donors to engage their own networks


  • Mid Term 1 year

    Develop Project Narrative

    Increase Operational Capacity

    Build Strategic Capacity

    Create animated infographic to explain development work and housing model include in marketing Keep to 2-3 minutes, images with voice over Focus on empowerment story and locally sustainable business

    Develop Notre Dame student club on-campus to raise awareness Business Development hire use mixed compensation package Financial Advisor hire prepare annual reports for publication and distribution

    Board of Advisors: get or give philosophy minimum gift or valuable network; ability to transition to independent Board Decide on corporate structure independent of their Notre Dame entity (non-profit or for-profit company)

    Begin goal-setting in anticipation of company expansion

  • Long Term 5 years

    Solidify Project Narrative

    Increase Operational Capacity

    Build Sustainability

    Improve online presence with 2-3 minute videos profiling researchers, homeowners, suppliers Different series: -Who We Are: beginnings, research -What We Do: design of house, anti-seismic construction, local business -Why It Works: empowers community, microcredit, alt revenue

    Build donor base with conference calls to update Offer advocacy trips when economically beneficial Solidify organizational model

    Seek alternative revenue streams in product licensing in Haiti and elsewhere; sales to middle class, etc. Anticipate future growth to understand fundraising goals and determine structure of donations vs. income

    Focus on improvements and maintenance since the foundational groundwork has been set

  • Key Takeaways

    Short Term Focus on branding and marketing through a student advocacy

    group and utilize ND network to increase outreach with current donors and engage new ones

    Mid Term Enhance business development structure and marketing strategies

    to build customizable donor portfolios and drive continued engagement

    Long Term Build increasing online presence, foundation of large institutional

    donors, and capacity for alternative revenue streams



  • Indiegogo Campaign: Donor Analysis





    Indiegogo Donor Breakdown

    $1 - $50

    $51 - $100

    $101 - $500

    $501 - $5,000

    Indiegogo Analysis

    Donation Size Class Number of Donations

    Total Amount Donated

    $1 - $50 84 $2,810

    $51 - $100 51 $4,980

    $101 - $500 17 $3,910

    $501 - $5,000 9 $13,500

    Total 161 $25,200

  • Indiegogo Campaign: Donor Analysis

    Out of the nine countries that donated, the U.S. had the greatest reach and most profile views, yet the third largest contribution size

    The largest contributions came from countries outside of the United States: Canada and Austria

    Contacting these donors immediately could be the beginning of a long-term donor relationship

    What stood out about the organization that caused them to donate, and maybe give more than Americans were inclined to give?

    Demographic Contribution Analysis

    Country Amount # of


    Average Contribution


    United States $22,714 149 $152

    Canada $1,175 3 $392

    Austria $1,000 1 $1,000

    United Arab Emirates $110 2 $55

    Haiti $75 2 $38

    Italy $50 1 $50

    Singapore $50 1 $50

    United Kingdom $25 1 $25

    Thailand $1 1 $1

  • Indiegogo Campaign: Donor Analysis

    Domain Analysis

    Contact Amount Contributions Average


    Email, Direct Contact, Etc. $19,715 102 $193

    Facebook $2,421 24 $166

    Indiegogo $2,044 25 $82

    Notre Dame Websites $760 6 $218

    Other Websites $260 4 $260

    Total $25,200 161 $184



    8% 3% 1%

    Domain Analysis

    Email, Direct Contact, Etc.



    Emailing and directly contacting individuals engaged 78% of the donor pool

    Personalizing outreach effectively engaged the greatest number of donors

    Indiegogo was a great forum for fundraising when the campaign was spread via direct contact and social media

  • Indiegogo Campaign: Donor Analysis

    Popularly Claimed Perks Perk Number Claimed Amount Raised

    Welcome Home! 26 $660

    Windows and Walls! 19 $950

    To the Kitchen! 26