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  • “We were invited to London to attend the 175th Anniversary of the YMCA”.

    “Over 4 days we were there with over 5 thousand people from across the world to celebrate this special event. The first day we arrived at Bournemouth coach station to get to the opening event at the Excel Centre in London Docklands. There was lots of speeches, singers and bands playing and it was amazing”.

    “After finding our hostel and enjoying some down time, on the second day we walked to Kings cross station to get a tube to go back to the event. When we arrived at the station there was a lot of confusion as many of us had never been on the tube before. When we arrived at the Excel centre we spent time in the main auditorium listening to some inspiring speeches from a range of different people like TED-Ed speakers, the President of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly and World YMCA President; Patricia Pelton”. By John

    “Over the next few days we enjoyed meeting lots of young leaders from all different countries and celebrating YMCA founding. We got involved in lots of different workshops about things like mental health, youth action and organisations from across the world sharing what they do as well as doing different sports activities like rock climbing and hockey. It was great to build news connections and make new friends. Everyone was so friendly”.

    By Todd, Natalie and Warren

    “This workshop was amazing! Thought provoking and full of smiles and laughter. I learnt a lot and I now know some Makaton! Thank you”

    “We were also chosen to deliver a workshop about our project to inspire young people and organisations to set up similar projects in their own countries. It was an amazing experience and the feedback from people who attended our workshop was really positive”.

    “Inspiring young people with lots to say. Just brilliant”

  • “I have been volunteering full time for the last month doing the gardening project. On my first day I did some lawn mowing around the main entrance with another

    Chatterbox. There was so much grass that it took us about a couple of days to finish it”.

    “Cherry Tree Nursery then kindly donated lots of plants to us so me and another Chatterbox pulled out all of the pallets to make them into a vegetable bed. We also

    did some watering each week to help the plants grow more quickly. For the next task we painted the pallets and got extra soil from a hill to use in one of the

    vegetable beds. We also fitted in litter picking as well and tidying the area to make it look more presentable to the public”.

    “This project has been amazing. I’ve had the time of my life renovating Townsend Youth Centre garden to make it look more colourful and also I met some really lovely people during my time, I’m going to miss volunteering with

    the team”. By James

    Green Spaces Over the last few months lots of Chatterbox members have

    been busy transforming one of our youth centres gardens from an unloved patio area which no one ever ventured into; to a space where young people can hang out and be inspired by

    their surroundings.

    For week 1 over 30 Chatterboxes from all the different groups got involved in the gardening.

    “We each chose teams and worked well together. We all chose different roles including trimming the bushes, weeding, woodcraft and making food for a BBQ

    party at the end of the week to celebrate our achievements. We switch from time to time to get a taste of each activity and roles”.

    By George

    Several Chatterbox members are now spending the next few months continuing the gardening project through a full time volunteer scheme supported by the European Solidarity Corps. They are busy building seating areas and planters,

    up cycling donated garden furniture and planting the many plants which have kindly been donated to the project.

    “I fully enjoyed the gardening project and I was quite proud of the results of what we achieved and what we did in general. I helped out with mostly shearing the bushes, weeding, mowing

    the lawn and loads more”. By Cameron

  • Arts by the Sea Festival We spent time at the Arts by the Sea festival spreading the word about The Chatterboxes and giving out our magazines and flyers to the public. The focus of this years festival was Mind Matter, aimed at exploring and challenging current attitudes towards mental health through artwork and installations. In our tent we did lots of different fun games to get people talking about mental health like Positive Affirmations and Mirror in the Box where we got people to say something nice about the person in the box; which turned out to be their reflection as well as creating a wall of flowers filled with what people like about themselves.

    Over the 2 days we experienced lots of different weather conditions from sunshine to rain but enjoyed the whole experience as a team.

    “I had a great time although it was a bit windy”.

    By Tom

    People from the public who took part in our activities said:

    “I really liked being the photographer for The Chatterboxes over the weekend and taking photos of all the Chatterbox members”.

    By Warren “I LOVED blowing bubbles and

    making flower”. By Elisa

    “It’s fantastic. Such a great vibe. The Chatterbox tent couldn’t have been more brighter and full of positiveness and fun”.

    “Brilliant fun. So lovely to meet such wonderful people”.

    “Chatterboxes brought a bit of sunshine to a rather cloudy, rainy day”.

  • What have we been doing in our sessions?As always our evening youth sessions are filled with lots of exciting activities and visits from other organisations. Here is just a snippet of what’s been happening lately.

    The Safe Schools & Communities Team came to visit our Monday night group.

    “Lauren the police officer visited and talked to us all about online safety and how to stay safe on Social Media and when texting. We learned many new

    important things and we feel safer now when we are using social media. We

    also talked about being bullied online & what to do -> ignore it, talk to parents

    & police if serious”. By Torin

    Our Monday Chatterbox group visited Upton Country Park.

    “We got up to alot at Upton Country Park. We first did shopping for our picnic and had to learn about budgeting. We then

    arrived at the park where we played different games and then had a picnic

    there which was pretty fun”. By Cameron

    The sun was shining and it was lovely to say a big thank you and celebrate all the

    hard work completed by several Chatterbox members who have had to

    leave the group. We handed out certificates and ate lots of delicious

    picnic snacks.

    “Many Chatterboxes went to Splashdown Water Park. We had a fun experience on the water slides, however we had to wait long in line to go down the flumes. Before

    the trip, all the planning and prepara- tion was made by me. All Chatterboxes

    members who came along had a “flippin’ good time”. Most people spent the whole 2 hours sliding down “Mississippi Drifter” while the rest had their good time doing

    what they wanted to do”. By James

    Our Tuesday and Wednesday groups have spent time cleaning the beaches of


    Two Chatterbox members from our Wednesday group designed and delivered a

    workshop about rap music. They shared information about the different artists they enjoy listening to and performed their own

    music to the rest of The Chatterboxes and even created a few dance moves which

    everyone cheered to.

    “A Guide Dog called Spencer and his owner David came to our session to talk about his life and

    when he got blind and things that he finds hard now.

    He was really kind and he gave everyone a magnet each

    and we got to stroke Spencer who was really nice.

    We all loved Spencer”. By Sam

    “We loved going to Boscombe beach to clean it. We picked litter and we had fun and we cleaned

    all the rubbish to make Boscombe a

    healthy beach”. By Jasmine

    “Loads of us wanted to go and help make sure our local beach was clean so we spent time in

    the evenings visiting Boscombe beach with our litter pickers and walked along the sandy beaches. We came across lots of rubbish

    from childrens toys, bottles and wrappers.

    At the end we felt really proud of what we had done”.

    “I talked about my music, making beats and editing. I also talked about my djing skills. I enjoyed it and had fun. I will be djing at the

    next magazine launch party”. By Trey

  • “Chatterboxes recently visited a

    company in Westbourne that

    develops software for public transport providers

    and delivered a presentation about Autism

    awareness, with a particular focus on how apps and other