e-signature myths—busted! debunking common misconceptions about the electronic signature industry

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  • 1. Pem Guerry Executive Vice President, SIGNiX
  • 2. E-Signatures at Plateau of Productivity Plateau of Productivity: Mainstream adoption starts to take o. Criteria for assessing provider viability are more clearly dened. The technologys broad market applicability and relevance are clearly paying o. E-Signature adoption according to Gartner (5/12)
  • 3. Wet Ink vs. SIGNiX Sign Online Anywhere, Anytime Close Business In Minutes Always Know Whos Signing Clear, Consistent Audit Trail Tamper Evident PDF Documents Poor Customer Experience Dont Know Where Document Is ? No Way to Identify Signer Always Know Where Document Is Costly Paper Processes Easily Tampered With No Audit Trail Handwritten Signatures SIGNiX Signatures
  • 4. E-signatures are all about ease-of-use. MYTH
  • 5. E-signatures only need to meet ESIGN & UETA.
  • 6. Security only needs to be good enough.
  • 7. All audit trails are equal.
  • 8. PDF Document A Leading E-Signature Providers Evidence 1 2 3 4 Which signature count is correct? What will a jury think of this? 1 2 Audit History 1 PDF Reader Signature Panel
  • 9. 1 2 3 4 PDF Document TotalAudit Evidence 1 2 3 4 PDF Reader Signature Panel 1 2 3 4 Audit History
  • 10. Why is this so important?
  • 11. Tron, 1982 Now thats a big door. Kevin Flynn
  • 12. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, 1971 Strike that. Reverse it. Willy Wonka
  • 13. Proprietary solutions and signatures are OK.
  • 14. Signature images with a link back to the vendor are safe. MYTH
  • 15. TRUEVIEW Signature History - Know what your signers signed TOTALAUDIT Detailed audit trail & history of documents, transaction EMBEDDED VERIFICATION Stand-alone signature evidence, based on standards FLEXIBLE IDENTITY Know who your signers are, based on risk / process
  • 16. Credentials stored in FIPS 140 rated hardware security module (HSM) SSAE16 SOC1 audited & PCI compliant datacenter Documents protected at-rest with AES encryption; in-transit with 256-bit SSL Multi-factor authentication Digital signatures applied according to international, published cryptographic standards (RSA, SHA, x.509v3, RFC 3161, ISO 32000-1) Ensuring security for you and your signers
  • 17. What About After the Signature? Verify signatures? Detailed, consistent audit events? Document integrity with each signature? Independently Veriable TotalAudit The right stress test is to assume your SaaS or on-premises vendor disappears and see what you have to take to court.
  • 18. SIGNiX Signature Engine Signer Name(s) / Email Addresses PDF Documents / Tagged Fields Workow Authentication Information 1 CHECK STATUS SUBMIT TRANSACTION TotalAudit DOWNLOAD DOCUMENTS 3 Web Services Web Services Web Services Web Services CustomBrand REVIEW & SIGN 2 ENTERPRISE
  • 19. Copyright 2013 SIGNiX, Inc. All Rights Reserved. THE DIGITAL SIGNATURE AUTHORITY Follow us @signixsolutions Like us on Facebook! Facebook.com/SIGNiXDigitalSignatures pguerry@signix.com 423-305-7041