e-commerce technical aspects tzahi fridman [email protected]

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E-Commerce Technical Aspects Tzahi Fridman [email protected]

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  • E-Commerce Technical Aspects Tzahi Fridman [email protected]
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  • About Me Over two decades in the Hi-Tech industry Technical & Engineering positions Always HANDS ON Experienced technical entrepreneur Current position: CTO & Co-Founder at Evolero
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  • Lets Talk About Know your neighborhood Common vs. Unique Whos in our team? Solutions overview Some user stories
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  • System parts / features Data persistency (DB) Back end Front end Back-office / Administration tools (upload products etc.) Reports given, custom Emails receipts, notifications, newsletters etc. Backups
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  • Hosting Shared (GoDaddy) Performance SaaS (Shopify, Etsy, ebay, Amazon) Customizations My servers (location is important) Physical Cloud
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  • Common vs. Unique CMS platforms WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento Self installed OR SaaS Given modules Designs Developers usually for the latest version Unique Custom modules for existing platforms Scratch development
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  • Be AWARE from We have our own platform that does I can develop it in a week Too cheap solutions from young people Agencies (over rated, their common practices) check carefully what you get
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  • Common vs. Unique Common Same behaviors, funnels, flows Usually same designs & blocks Can develop custom modules but its hard to fully customize Unique Your own flows (do you need it?) Your special UI better experience If done right, better performance Example using Drupal views Scaling cheaper
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  • Whos in our team? Architect Designer SEO / Marketing Developer/s custom modules, front-end, back-end IT / Maintenance
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  • Architect Analyze your needs Which technologies / solutions are best for MY needs Help me find a developer / agency Define maintenance procedures Take me hand-in-hand along the procedure Cost effective in medium/large projects
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  • Designer Make it nice Experience in mobile & web A (common) designer is NOT a UX/UI expert! YOU should give the flows, hierarchies etc. Use real content when reviewing
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  • SEO / Marketing Be aware of amateurs SEO requirements are part of the website structure Analysis & changes may need code change, especially in product pages etc. BE AWARE recent cool front-end technologies are NOT SEO friendly!
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  • Developers what is this? Web development low barrier Many cheap web developers (mainly PHP) No large scale experience Usually using their best known technology If not well defined, you may not get exactly what you expected
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  • Developers what to look for? Experienced in more than one technology Available for long time ahead for maintenance Using common practices & technologies Can support previous releases / versions Front-end / back-end
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  • IT / Maintenance Keep your system monitored and running Backups procedures Expansion options SLA downtime is money! Usually freelancers
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  • Solutions Recap
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  • SaaS Etsy Shopify Amazon Pay attention How much can I customize? What if I want to move? Exports? Customer base?
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  • WordPress WordPress Almost everything ready Themes Plugins for almost everything Very common platform (for developers as well), PHP based Installations options (shared servers, dedicated hosting etc.)
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  • Other CMS / Platforms Mostly out-of-the-box Existing themes / easy customizations Modules / Plugins BEWARE of older versions maintenance hard to find programmers/agencies
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  • Custom Developments MVC Frameworks Ruby on Rails (Ruby) Django (Phyton) PHP frameworks Front-End frameworks (Javascript based) AngularJS Ember Mobile Native (iOS, Android) PhoneGap, Ionic
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  • Tzahi Fridman [email protected] Thank You!