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  • 1.DystopianLiterature,Millennials, andTeaching: WhyItMayBeTimeforUstoRethinkHowWeTeach? Gordon Harvey, Professor & Head! JSU Department of History & Foreign Languages! gharvey@jsu.edu! @thisrunninglife!

2. Generations Greatest (WW2) Baby Boomers Gen X Millennials 3. Greatest Generation 1901/1924 - 1924/1943 Depression, WW 2 Sense of purpose, duty Hard work = progress, improvement Reagan, Jack Nicholson 4. Baby Boomers 1946 - 1964 Space ight, Civil Rights, Vietnam, Watergate Stereotype: Hippies Current holders of power Oprah, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs 5. WW 2/Baby Boomer generation no tech accidental sele 6. Generation X 1965 - 1981 MTV generation Post-Vietnam, Post- Watergate, Recessions, Peak and end of Cold War Stereotype: greedy, self- involved Jon Stewart, Kurt Cobain, me 7. Millennials 1982 - 2004 Gen Y, Nexters" Prosperity & recession, rapid change technology, Stereotype: narcissistic, aimless Mark Zuckerberg, LeBron James, Morgan Knutson (dropbox) google this: millennial entrepreneurs 8. Millennials grew up with tech Intentional sele 9. Not your fathers classroom 10. Courtesy: Susan Rennie 11. Person who doesnt get millennials glued to smartphones rather than engaged with work or their world 12. Strauss and Howe, Millennials Rising Expect teamwork instead of free agents, political action instead of apathy, t-shirts with school colors instead of corporate swooshes, on-your-side teamwork instead of in-your-face sass. 13. Characteristics of Millennials Optimistic! theyve been told all their lives: how special they are how they can do anything so, they believe their generation can do good things 14. Characteristics of Millennials Sheltered upbringing Post-Columbine, safest kids in US history They expect to be protected 15. Characteristics of Millennials Condent! Optimistic about their future and the future in general BUT, condent within structure Taught that follow rules = success They stie creativity if it is a threat to success 16. Characteristics of Millennials Team, not me, me! Strong team orientation Community is crucial to them tight peer bonds Seek practical implications and solutions 17. Characteristics of Millennials Pressure Pushed to study hard, make good grades Trophy kid syndrome Can inhibit own creativity = right answer over good answer 18. Characteristics of Millennials Achievement! Smart, high self-expectations Technology is central to this Expect to be challenged 19. We often teach in the manner in which we were taught 20. But perhaps we should teach in the manner in which they learn 21. Embracing change is not easy 22. Millennials I get, but Dystopian Literature? 23. Dystopia Futuristic society where the illusion of a perfect society is held in place by corporate, bureaucratic, moral, or totalitarian control. Follow and dont question our rules and all will be well for you 24. Dystopian Society Independent thought and freedom restricted Conform to uniform expectations Individuality and dissent are bad 25. Dystpoian Protagonist Feels trapped, wants escape Questions existing social, political system Condent enough to ght back Feels like there has to be a better way 26. Dana Stevens, slate.com Its not a mystery why so many young-adult best sellers would take place in post- apocalyptic societies governed by remote authoritarian entities and rigidly divided into warring factions. 27. Dana Stevens, slate.com Young adult dystopias externalize the turmoil thats already taking place in adolescent hearts, minds, and bodies. 28. The conundrum They want shelter, but not overprotection They want to be challenged, but not controlled Thrive in structure, but stie creativity to do so Theyre condent, but almost overcondent Theyre group focused, yet we teach them individually No kid learns the same, yet we often teach them as if they do 29. Teaching Millennials Sheltered lives? Give quality student-teacher contact Need community? Offer reciprocity and cooperation Pressured? Provide regular and constructive feedback Condence/Overcondence? Teach them about time management, time on task High expectations? Move beyond the grade to life itself Diversity of learning styles? No ONE solution. Some kids are chalkboards, some are paper, some are iPads, some are all three 30. Institutional resistance Not everyone will embrace you: the state, the board,your colleagues, the man Yeaahhhhthis new pedagogical technique is nice, but Im gonna need you to check these boxes we established for you. Thatd be great. 31. Miltons stapler Bureaucracy, state regulations, outcomes, parental expectations, student motivationall we want is our red Swingline stapler 32. Remove one wall, see a new world 33. Take one bite, you MIGHT like it 34. Thanks for the pie-in-the-sky stuff, ivory tower guy Im going through this, too Im a great lecturerlove being the star, hard to give up Incremental change, embrace your tech comfort zone NOT for everyone I know we have standards to meet, rules to follow, trouble to avoid but lets be daring 35. Sources http://www.slate.com/articles/arts/movies/2014/03/ divergent_starring_shailene_woodley_and_the_hunger_games_why_teens_love.html Howe and Strauss, Millennials Rising www.professorjosh.com http://articles.latimes.com/2013/jul/07/local/la-me-millennial-optimism-20130708 Maureen Wilson, Teaching, Learning, and Millennial Students, (2004). http://www.readwritethink.org/les/resources/lesson_images/lesson926/ DenitionCharacteristics.pdf http://www.scdgroup.net/2012/01/generations-by-numbers-why-association.html http://www.pewinternet.org/2010/12/16/generations-2010/ http://allthingslearning.les.wordpress.com/2012/06/ivory-tower-tg-version.png