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Built as a ppt/pdf for creating a relationship with teachers PRIOR to meeting their new students as the begin to craft the implimentation of an IEP. This adds a child to the words on the legal documents which unintentionally dehumanize the student. YES WE KNOW ITS WORDY - it is a document - however with the visuals, if you dont read it word for word - it could be used as a powerpoint.


  • 1. Some thingsnever change. It really isROCKET SCIENCE!
  • 2. Fred was born in December 1997. He wasborn with major complications includingNeo-Natal Thyroid Toxicosious. We weremedivacd to CONUS & told the outlookwas grim. We prayed & persevered,always refusing to accept the status quo.We sought out specialists & Fred grew upchasing banana rats, hunting iguanas, landcrabs and feral chickens while watching themigrating humming birds & monarchbutterflies who populated our back yardgarden. Fred spent many morningsclimbing banyan trees or marveling at seashells or star fish and picking up SeaCucumbers in the tidal pools thatsurrounded the base.
  • 3. Initially, Fred was mis diagnosed with Oral Apraxia and we were told he would never speak. Intensive SLP therapy has proven this diagnosis to be incorrect.Later on, after an exhaustive study @ Nationwide Childrens to discern what Freds true obstacles are; we embarked upon crafting a support web with Dr. Maria Wilkes & the UA School District in consultation with Suzanne Wilcox of Hope Educational Consulting LLC. & other professionals to overcome obstacles that lay before us.
  • 4. It was while in UA we learned howfar we had come and how far wehad to go. We got a bit of helpfrom our friends at OSUs NisongerCenter and Dr. Dorothy Morrison @OSU Center for Literacy & Learningwhen we partnered with the schoolto learn about how Fred learns.
  • 5. We discovered that the obvious &typical focal point of understanding &comprehension that the rest of theworld was engaged in,,,,
  • 6. Are Not Always the Same Focal Point of Understanding or Comprehension that Fred hasFred works from whole to part NOT partto whole. He has to grasp the picture ofwhere you are going AHEAD of time.Pre-Teaching in a kinesthetic layeringenvironment helps him understand the relationsof the part to whole.Dr. Sally Shaywitz writes in her book OverComing Dyslexia "A dyslexic students route tolearning is through meaning; meaning providesa framework for remembering. More than forothers he must fully understand a topic; rotememory does not work well for him. Focuson concepts & real life examples andexperiences and provide opportunities forpractice. This top down big picture approachteaches IDEAS first, establish categories fordifferent groups of facts, and point outconnections with in and between categories.
  • 7. Dr. Shaywitz continues:Look for opportunities for hands on experiences, encourage visualization of concepts and facts mentioned in the classroom. Keep in mind though that it may take longer to acquire, knowledge gained thru meaning is much more enduring than that obtained thru route memorization."
  • 8. CLARIFICATION OF DIRECTIONS SEMANTICS 12:15 or QUARTER PAST The fact is our guy doesnt consistently see one fluid motion or the relationship when being taught a newconcept, idea or task. He is also anti Ovis aries; pleasedont expect him to follow along just because his peersare. Everything needs to be presented in a BIG picture then broken down into steps & objectives, each step taught and repeated, over and over in the same way using the same words in multiple environments. It is only then after confidence is achieved, will self directed application of the process occur across multiple settings.
  • 9. CLARIFICATION OF DIRECTIONS Would you please explain to me why If you know our family, you know this phrase as it is key in teaching respectful self advocacy. Often times however Fred wont ask his teachers why as he is acutely aware that historically adults are not keen on being questioned as to why. In doing so he may also call unwanted attention to himself. Because school is a teaching environment we ask that YOU as theeducator always express clear details of the project or task as well as specific outcome expectations and not use vague inferences. Write a paragraph is vague Write a 5 line paragraph; using __ word; telling me about your weekend with proper spelling and punctuation may be the expectation but needs to be stated each and every time. EXTREME BONUS points come about if you can also include a real life purpose or application for the task. Write about yourself or your weekend is REALLY teaching how to write an elevator speech & opens the door for broad, real world, life long application.
  • 10. one more thing about directions Think of me like a Mars Rover Fred quote 2011 Specific Instructions Each step CHECK YOUR DATA Tell it how far to go Go to the Left or to the Right What if there is a Rock? Take a Shovel, Scoop it Up, Put it in a bag, Store it Away With out Directions it lands and sits there without knowing what to do
  • 11. He is a creature of learned routine. Byhaving a plan or a schedule and staying onthose paths; Fred gains self confidenceneeded to self navigate and independentlymanage his day. This repetition of routine isalso effective in assisting with accurate recallof information. By encouraging him to learnto use a visual schedule, he will come to relyon it and depend on it.Changing Freds routine is like upsetting theapple cart. Should a change in routine benecessary it helps to minimize the affect ofsurprise and give him advance warning.Teaching him the life skill of Plan your work,work your plan and coupling it with aschedule that he can comprehend will notonly provide an anchor of security on whatcan often be a rocky teenage path but alsoteach good self management skillsto be a successful adult.
  • 12. We can all agree that there are different types ofcomprehension - Visual Comprehension; OralComprehension, Auditory Comprehension; ReadingComprehension. It is through multifaceted contextualdevelopment of our comprehension skills that subjectiveinterpretation and relation to our environment is shaped.It is imperatively important to Fred that he learn HOW toread. This is coupled with the next step of READING toLEARN. Ben Foss accurately depicts what the lack of thisreading comprehension life skill is like when he statesReading text is like a bad cell phone connection for adyslexic. It is frustrating. It is defeating & dangerous.It is important to provide Fred with contextual readingmaterials @ HIS reading level so as to clear up his cellphone connection allowing him the opportunity to learnhow to Read TO Learn just like typical children.
  • 13. Fred has gained a broad vernacular due to hishome environment and life experiences. This hascreated a substantial comprehension gap betweenhis Listening Level & his Reading Level.Efforts must be made to bridge this gap byseeking out relevant classroom material to keephim engaged as a motivated & willing learner.
  • 14. If we were to look @ memory we could use the concepts of working or immediate memory, short-term memory, and long-term memory. Meaningful information is typically moved up the chain from immediate to short-term into long-term memory stores. Because of his learning style Fred has varying difficulties with all three of these memory types. Additionally he has a delayed recall or delayed retrieval of information. To interrupt his thought process with well intended assistance actually slows this process. The more meaningful content is to his individual needs, the greater the chances that it will be moved into functional memory storage in the brain.
  • 15. Tools Kurzweil 3000 Team Fred 2010-11 spent SIX MONTHS securing this tool for Fred. It is a priceless asset but only if you use it. In order for Fred to reach that goal of an independent learner we must continue