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DYSLEXIA CAUSES ppt to be used as class teaching material


  • The causes of dyslexia-It due to defects in certain areas of the brain.-Also it due to genetic factors.

  • When you will let the doctor to examine your child if you doubt that he has dyslexiaMost of children are able to read when they are sex years old but the students that arent normal they can't read until seven or eight years old, so if the parents noted that their children have some problems in reading they should try to find treatments to this problem

  • How is Dyslexia diagnosed?There is no examination to make sure if the child has dyslexia or not but the diagnosing require some examination to evaluate the children for example doing some examinations to evaluate the child's senses to determine if he has any organ defects, examination to evaluate the psychological state to determine if the child has some psychological problems that cause dyslexia such as sadness and doing some examinations to evaluate the child's skills to determine if he has any problems in reading and writing skills.

  • A typical sentence could look this: The brown dog was quick and fast. The drown bog was quick and fast.(letter confusion) Th ebro wnd ogwa squick an dfa st.(random spacing) Teh brown ogd was qiuke adn fast.(word-letter mixture)

  • 1-How many dyslexic people are there? Statistics show that around 8% of the population - an estimated total of some two million or more people worldwide are severely affected. 2-Boys are affected with dyslexia more than girls:

    Three times as many boys as girls are affected, and the role of the hormone testosterone during the fetal stage is being investigated as a possible cause of inherited (developmental) dyslexia.3-In fact, some very smart and well known people have had dyslexia For example; as some people say Albert Einstein was dyslexic.

  • -Confusion with before/left , right/left.-Difficulty learning the alphabet. -Difficulty with word retrieval or naming problems.-Difficulty identifying words, or counting syllables in words.-Difficulty distinguishing different sounds in words.

  • -Difficulty in learning the sounds of letters. -Difficulty with hearing and manipulating sounds in words ( phonemic awareness). -Difficulty associating individual words with their correct meaning.-Confusing with combinations of words.-Due to fear of speaking incorrectly, some children become withdrawn and shy or become bullies out of their inability to understand the social cues in their environment.

  • A- Most kids with dyslexia can learn to read with the right kind of teaching. They might learn new ways for remembering sounds. For example, "p" and "b" are called brother sounds because they're both "lip poppers." You have to press your lips together to make the sound.

    B- Kids with dyslexia also might use flashcards or tape classroom lessons and homework assignments instead of taking notes about them. They may need parents and tutors to help them stay caught up.

  • C- Extra time for tests is really important, so kids with dyslexia have enough time to finish and show their teacher how much they have learned.

    D- Computers help a lot, too. You can get programs that "read" books out loud from the computer or even download recorded books to an iPod!


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