dynamic web programming: python pg and cgi modules

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Dynamic Web Programming: python pg and cgi modules. Mansi M. Kasliwal Carnegie Institution for Science California Institute of Technology. Database. L ogical t ables to organize large amounts of data Easy-to-manage: add/subtract/modify - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Dynamic Web Programming: pg & cgi modules

Dynamic Web Programming:python pg and cgi modulesMansi M. KasliwalCarnegie Institution for ScienceCalifornia Institute of TechnologyDatabaseLogical tables to organize large amounts of dataEasy-to-manage: add/subtract/modifyStructure facilitating super-fast complex queriesPython pg moduleconnectquery, insert, delete, update

(Note: psycopg2 module for cursor handling in large databases, copy command etc.)

2An Example Database Schemacreatedb tutorial

psql d tutorial CREATE SEQUENCE people_id_seq;

CREATE TABLE people ( id bigint NOT NULL default nextval(people_id_seq),firstname text, lastname text );

CREATE TABLE education ( people_id bigint, subject text, degree text, college text, year int );

3Example pg commandsimport pg

#Connect to Databasedb = pg.connect(dbname=tutorial, host=localhost, user=mmk)

#Add Entriesdb.insert(people, [firstname=mansi, lastname=kasliwal])delete(table, [d,] [key = val, ...])update(table, [d,] [key = val, ...])

#Example Query Joining Two Tablesresult = db.query(SELECT * from people, education WHERE people.id = education.people_id AND subject=astronomy;)4Dynamic Web ProgrammingGenerate nimble webpages on-the-fly that push and pull data to and fro a databasePython cgi module is easy-to-useURL: GET method e.g. tutorial.cgi?firstname=mansi&lastname=kasliwalFORM: POST methodRadio buttons or check boxesDrop down menuFile upload/downloadBlank Text Area Retrieving cookiese.g. os.environ['REMOTE_USER']

(Note: wsgi is more portable than cgi since it unifies the application programming interface; wsgi = Web Server Gateway Interface)

5Example Form6

#!/usr/bin/python # Import modules for CGI handling import cgi, cgitb

# Create instance of FieldStorage form =cgi.FieldStorage()

# Put up a form First Name:
Last Name:

# Get data from fields first_name = form.getvalue('firstname') last_name = form.getvalue('lastname')

#Insert entry into databasedb.insert(people, [firstname=%s, lastname=%s] %(first_name, last_name)) Check box / Dropdown Menu Maths Physics


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