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2. FUNCTION/USE Dump trucks or productiontrucks are those that are usedfor transporting loose materialsuch as sand, dirt, and gravelfor construction. 3. COMPONENTS/PARTS 4. Dump truck have several components:1. Dump box and dump bed2. Tires/wheel3. Canopy4. Cab5. Engine compartment or Hood 5. CHARACTERISTICS A. MATERIAL Dump truck is made by companies such us:- Ashok Leyland- BEML- Specialized Truck Equipment Manufacturing LLC- BelAZ- Kenworth- Case- Caterpillar Inc.- Daimler AG Doosan Moxy- Euclid Trucks GHH Fahrzeuge- Liebherr- Hitachi Construction MachineryIT IS MADE OF STEEL 6. B. SHAPE/FIGURE Dump box is shaped like a rectangle A wheel is circular in shape 7. C. DIMENSIONS This Dump truck has a height of2300 mm The widht of this dump truck is1900 mm This dump truck is 5050 mm inlenght. 8. D. PROPERTY Dump truck have dump boxand dump bed. The dumpbox is strong. 9. E. COLOR The dump truck has many colors, such us :yellow, blue, white, red,etc 10. POSITION The engine compartment is in the front. There is a cab behind the enginecompartment. At the top of the cab, there is canopy. The dump box and the dump bed are at theback. There are four wheels under the dump boxand the dumb bed. 11. CONNECTION BETWEEN PARTS The wheels of dump truck areconnected by the axles. Engine compartment is fixed to thecab. The canopy is linked to the dumpbody and dump bed. 12. THANK YOU