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Traditional activities in Latvia - presented in Spain.


  • 1. DUCKS AND HUNTERS PresentedatColegio Antonio Gala

2. Before the activity

  • T he participants form a circle, along their feet a circle is drawn. Participants count on One-two and form two teams. The first- Ducks, stand in the middle of the circle, Hunters stand outside the circle. One of the Hunters holds a soft ball.

3. The procedure

  • A fter the signal hunters try to hit the ducks. The one, that is hit, leaves the circle and joins the hunters. The ducks can run round the circle in any direction trying to escape the hit of the ball. When all the ducks have been hunted, the teams change places.
  • It is allowed for ducks to catch the ball. The player gets additional life.
  • The winner is the team, which spends less time hitting out all the ducks.

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