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  • 1. The entrance to the DU Bookstorewhere students come topurchase, rent, and sell coursebooks for their classes. Which hasrecently come under newownership by Follet. Since thetakeover students have found itincreasingly difficult to find all thetext books for their classes.
  • 2. Some books are instock, but othershelves are empty andhave no books withbackorder forms intheir place.
  • 3. Students Sam Thomsenand Jens Olsen saidthey havent seen thismany empty shelves intheir tenure at DU, orhad any troubleobtaining their booksbefore this quarter.Head of theUndergraduateDepartment of Englishalso says she has neverencountered thisproblem and saysFolletts corporatebusiness model thatcomes in and replacesthe bottom line withprofit rather thanstudents as theproblem.
  • 4. Student Sam Tomsenlooks to buy his Intro toAmerican Politicstextbooks from thebookstore, but is onlyable to find back orderinstead of his requiredbooks.
  • 5. Communication textbooks are a hotcommodity flying off theshelves faster thanstudents get their handson them. Once againbackorder forms are putin their place.
  • 6. Students are helpedby the University ofDenver Bookstorestaff to check out thebooks that were stillavailable.
  • 7. Some textbooks werestill in stockand plenty ofstudents wereable to stayon par withtheir readings.
  • 8. While students like Jens Olsen and Sam Thomsen were able to get a coupleof books they could not get all of them for the start of their classes. Thisstudent was able to buy a couple books, but still had to order more.
  • 9. A back order form sitson the shelf wherecourse books for the4000 level HealthCare class should be.The book store offeredfree two day shipping,to students who wentthrough the orderform process, butthey couldnt alwaysdeliver. Jens Olsensaid the bookstoresaid well we will getthe books to you intwo days, but it tooka week and a half toget it into the store.
  • 10. Some students like Jens Olsen (pictured above) and Sam Thomsen had over 100 pagesof reading to catch up on.
  • 11. Students haveturned toAmazon to buythere booksciting fastshipping andcheaper pricesas reasons why.
  • 12. The DUBookstoreoffers Intro toEconomicsfor $206.75for a newcopy and$155.25 for aused edition.
  • 13. Amazon offers the same textbook, Intro to Econometrics for 25 percent ($51.36) less than the University of Denver Bookstore for a new copy, and $35.25 less for a used copy.
  • 14. The effects of lack of textbooks has been evident. Well one of the classes we have beenhaving daily quizzes on the reading and I didnt get my book until [2 weeks after classbegan]it has definitely been hurting my grade. Said Jens Olsen