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This is a short course that I held on DSLR videography at Virginia Tech's InnovationSpace during fall semester 2013. Co-Instructor: Carmiliza Riculan


  • 1.DSLR Videography with VTTV & AMP Monday, September 23, 13

2. What well go over Camera Operation Audio Capture Field PhotographyMonday, September 23, 13 3. What is a DSLR? A digital single-lens reex camera (digital SLR or DSLR) is a piece of photography equipment that has become popular in the video production world. They are great for journalism. Benets: great image quality, great access to exposure controls Drawbacks: Poor native audio quality, short video recording timesMonday, September 23, 13 4. Camera Basics Movie Record ButtonAperture Wheel Power Dial Shutter release buttonExposure CompensationMode DialHot ShoeMonday, September 23, 13 5. Camera Basics Release Mode Shutter WheelWhite BalanceSelection WheelResolution Adjust ISO adjustInfo ButtonMonday, September 23, 13Live View/ Mode Switch 6. Camera Basics Lens AF/MMic Input Lens ReleaseMic Input Vibration Reduction Monday, September 23, 13Camera Body AF/M 7. Setting up Camera White Balance Movie Settings in menu Adjust audio manually http://www.lynda.com/course20/ Photography-Cameras-Gear-tutorials/ Conguring-activating-video/ 86641/93771-4.htmlMonday, September 23, 13 8. Exposure Aperture Shutter Speed ISOMonday, September 23, 13 9. Aperture: Depth of FieldMonday, September 23, 13 10. Exposure Aperture Shutter Speed ISOMonday, September 23, 13 11. Shutter Speed: Motion ControlFAST 1/120 Monday, September 23, 13REGULAR 1/60SLOW 1/3 12. Exposure Aperture Shutter Speed ISOMonday, September 23, 13 13. Audiois more important than your image! Capture good audio.Bring headphones Movie Settings: Gain Control + Monitoring Microphones Rode VideoMic Wireless Lavalier Zoom H4N - H2N - H1Monday, September 23, 13 14. Field Photography Use a tripod Use natural light Rule of 3rds HTTPS://VIMEO.COM/14315821Monday, September 23, 13 15. Resources Learn about Photography, Graphic Design, Final cut pro, After Eects + more!www.lynda.vt.eduMonday, September 23, 13