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1 DSI New Developments in Yieldable Rock Bolts 2012 Dynamic Ground Support Application Symposium Thursday, September 13th, 2012 Renn Oler, Engineering Director Dywidag Systems International (DSI) Underground Sys Inc.

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    DSI New Developments in Yieldable Rock Bolts

    2012 Dynamic Ground Support Application Symposium Thursday, September 13th, 2012

    Renn Oler, Engineering DirectorDywidag Systems International (DSI) Underground Sys Inc.

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    DSI Ground Support, Inc.Dynatork Bolt OverviewDesign CriteriaDynamic TestingStatic TestingConclusion

    DSI Underground Systems

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    DSI Underground Systems

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    DSI Mining & Tunneling Locations

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    DSI Underground Systems

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    ISO 9001/2000

    DSI is committed to:Meeting our customers needsBeing innovative, efficient, quality- and safety-conscious Continuously improving our processes, products and services, and the skills of our employees

    Certified according to ISO 9001/2000 since 1994

    Highest quality standard from development to application

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    83 basic patents193 patents registered worldwide

    88 basic patents268 patents registered worldwide

    DSI Patents

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    UNDERGROUNDMining & Tunneling

    Status: 2009-03

  • DSI Dynatork Bolt Overview


    Patent Pending

    The purpose of the dynamic bolt is to transfer the dynamic load of a rock burst into the support system through the resin to rock interface.

  • DSI Dynatork Bolt Design Criteria


    Overcome the following market limitations:

    Thoroughly Mixing the Resin Reduce Costs to the Mines Decrease Quality Failures by limiting process and

    excess components Withstand up to 30kJ of impact energy with limited

    deflection Exceed the industry limit of 3 impacts

  • DSI Design Criteria

    Thorough resin mixing helix, patented design Advanced resin mix and anchoring

    ability Controlled mix Design utilizes the coefficient of

    friction versus the requirement of controlling the friction with a coating.

    Reduce Costs to the Mines Simple manufacturing method

    2 components, one step process Limiting Defects

    Simplistic Design

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    DSI Testing

    Testing conducted at the CANMET facility.

    1.5 2.5 tons dropped onto a plate

    drop height 1.5m Height to Mass ratio

    Hole size of 31mm -34mm

    Drop weight of 1115 kg 2006 kg

    pre and post impact

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    DSI Impact Results

    Energy# of




    16.41 kJ +5 138 mm - 226 mm 7 - 13 tons

    22.96 kJ 4 242 mm -300 mm 8 -12 tons

    30 kJ 2 208 mm 379 mm 12 -22 tons

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    Visual Summary of Displacement

  • Dynamic Results


    impact test result at 22.97 kJ (drop 2)

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    Holding Force of 11 tons 17 tons

    Static Results

  • DSI Dynatork Bolt Dynamic Yielding Solution


    DynamicBoltEnergyAbsorption 15kJTested 23kJTested 30kJtested

    1055ModifiedSteelElongation 10%

    YieldStrength 560MPa 81,200psiUltimateTensileStrength 660MPa 65,700psiWasherPlateDimensions 6inx6inxin7/16in 1indome

    WasherPlateYieldStrength 160kN 36,000psiSmoothBarDiameter 19.05mm 3/4in

    HemisphericalPinnut(diaxlenxholedim) 46mmx18mmx19mm

    1055 Modified

    Smooth Bar

    Technologically Advanced PatentedUnique Mixing Helix

    Dome Plate