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  • 8/7/2019 DSi English






    The official seal is your assurance thatthis product is licensed or manufacturedby Nintendo. Always look for this sealwhen buying video game systems,accessories, games and related products.

    This product is a precision electronic d evice that can be damaged by direct physicalimpact or contact with dust or other foreign material. A protective carrying case (soldseparately) may help prevent damage to your Nintendo DSi. Please carefully read theinstructions included in this manual and the separate Health and Safety Precautions bookletbefore setup or use of the Nintendo DSi. If, after reading all of the instructions, you still havequestions, please visit our customer service area at www.nintendo.com or call 1-800-255-3700.

    A NOTE ABOUT COMPATIBLILTY: The Nintendo DSi system is only compatible withNintendo DS and Nintendo DSi software.

    Nintendo products are covered by some or all of the following patents:

    United States Patent Numbers:

    5,207,426; 5,291,189; 5,327,158; 5,337,069; 5,371,512; 5,400,052; 5,483,257; 5,495,266; 5,509,663; 5,608,424; 5,708,457; 7,309,287,

    D520,453; D554,194, D568,394, D532,051, D524,870.

    Canadian Patent Numbers:

    2,037,909; 2,048,167; 2,049,899; 2,049,900; 2,049,914; 2,051,655; 2,055,718; 2,055,724; 116,763.Other patents issued and pending in the U.S., Canada and elsewhere.

    TM, and Nintendo DSi are trademarks of Nintendo. 2009 N intendo


    Health and Saety Inormation 5

    Nintendo DSi Components 7

    Charging the Battery 11

    Using the Stylus and Touch Screen 13

    Adjusting the Volume and Screen Brightness 15

    Using SD Memory Cards 16Replacing the Battery Pack 17

    Applications and Settings

    Nintendo DSi Menu 21

    Screen Explanation 21Camera Mode 23

    Using Game Cards 25

    Nintendo DSi Camera 26

    Screen Explanation 26Using the Camera 27

    Viewing the Album 37Other Camera Features 39

    Calendar 43

    Nintendo DSi Sound 44

    Nintendo DSi Sound Menu 44Recording and Playing with Sounds 45

    Playing with Music on an SD Card 50

    Settings 53

    Nintendo DSi Shop 54

    Using Nintendo DSi Shop 54How to Redeem Nintendo DSi Points 55

    DS Download Play 57

    PictoChat 58 Controls 59

    System Settings 61

    Data Management 63Wireless Communication Settings 64

    Brightness Settings 64

    Prole 65

    Date/Time/Alarm 66

    Parental Controls 67

    Touch Screen 70

    Mic Test 70

    Internet Setup 71

    System Update 85

    Format System Memory 85

    Using the Keyboard 86

    Support and Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting 89

    Error Message List 97

    Error Code List 98

    Ninendo DSi Privacy Policy 101

    Nintendo DSi Code o Conduct 104

    Warranty and Service Inormation 105

    Legal Notices 106Glossary 107

    Table o Contents

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  • 8/7/2019 DSi English


    Health and Safety Information

    Some people (about 1 in 4000) may have seizures or blackouts triggered by light lashes or patterns,

    and this may occur while they are watching TV or playing video games, even i they have never had a

    seizure beore.

    Anyone who has had a seizure, loss o awareness, or other symptom linked to an epileptic condition

    should consult a doctor beore playing a video game. Parents should watch their children play video games. Stop playing and consult a doctor i you or your

    child has any o the ollowing symptoms:

    Convulsions Eye or muscle twitching Loss of awareness

    Altered vision Involuntary movements Disorientation

    To reduce the likelihood o a seizure when playing video games:

    1. Sit or stand as ar rom the screen as possible.

    2. Play video games on the smallest available television screen.

    3. Do not play i you are tired or need sleep.

    4. Play in a well-lit room.

    5. Take a 10 to 1 5 minute break every hour.

    Playing video games can make your muscles, joints, skin or eyes hurt. Follow these instruc tions to avoid

    problems such as tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, skin irritation or eyestrain:

    Avoid excessive play. Parents should monitor their children or appropriate play.

    Take a 10 to 15 minute break every hour, even i you don't think you need it.

    I your hands, wrists, arms or eyes become tired or sore while playing, or i you eel symptoms such as

    tingling, numbness, burning or stiness, stop and rest or several hours beore playing again.

    I you continue to have any o the above symptoms or other discomort during or ater play, stop playing

    and see a doctor. When using the stylus, you do not need to grip it tightly or press it hard against the screen. Doing so may

    cause atigue or discomort.

    Nintendo portable video game systems contain a rechargeable lithium ion battery pack. Leakage o

    ingredients contained within the battery pack, or the combustion products o the ingredients, can cause

    personal injury as well as damage to your Nintendo DS. I battery leakage occurs, avoid contact with skin. I

    contact occurs, immediately wash thoroughly with soap and water. I liquid leaking rom a battery pack

    comes into contact with your eyes, immediately ush thoroughly with water and see a doctor.

    To avoid battery leakage:

    Do not expose battery to excessive physical shock, vibration, or liquids. Do not disassemble, attempt to repair or deorm the battery.

    Do not dispose o battery pack in a re.

    Do not touch the terminals o the battery, or cause a short between the terminals with a metal object.

    Do not peel or damage the battery label.

    The Nintendo DS can emit radio waves that can afect the operation o nearby electronics, including cardiac


    Do not operate the Nintendo DS within 9 inches o a pacemaker while using the wireless eature. I you have a pacemaker or other implanted medical device, do not use the wireless eature o the

    Nintendo DS without rst consulting your doctor or the manuacturer o your medical device.

    Observe and ollow all regulations and rules regarding use o wireless devices in locations such as

    hospitals, airports, and on board aircrat. Operation in those locations may interere with or cause

    malunctions o equipment, with resulting injuries to persons or damage to property.

    IMPORTANT: The Nintendo DSi allows you to disable wireless communications. Select SYSTEM

    SETTINGS from the Nintenod DSi Menu, then select WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS and OFF to

    disable this feature.

    Refer to the separate Nintendo DS Health a nd Safety Precautions booklet for additional

    information on hardware and software precautions and maintenance.

    NOTE: This product does not contain latex.

    This product complies with applicable laws barring the use o toxic materials such as lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent

    chromium, PBB or PBDE in consumer products.

    WARNING - Seizures

    WARNING - Battery Leakage

    WARNING - Radio Frequency InterferenceWarns you about incorrect use o the Nintendo DSi that could result inserious personal injury.


    Throughout this manual, you will see this symbol ollowed by WARNING or CAUTION, or you may see

    the term IMPORTANT. These terms have diferent levels o meaning as outlined below. Please read and

    understand these terms and the inormation that appears ater them beore using your DS system:

    WARNING - Repetitive Motion Injuries and Eyestrain

    Important Saety Inormation Read the ollowing warnings beore setup or use o

    the Nintendo DSi. I this product will be used by young children, this manual should

    be read and explained to them by an adult. Failing to do so may cause injury.

    Please careully review the instruction booklet or the game you are playing or

    additional health and saety inormation.

    Inorms you about incorrrect use o the Nintendo DSi that could result in

    damage to the Nintendo DS system, components, games or accessories.IMPORTANT:

    Cautions you about incorrect use o the Nintendo DSi that could result inpersonal injury or damage to the Nintendo DS system, components, gamesor accessories.






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    Nintendo DSi Components

    View of Nintendo DSi when open (front)

    Upper and Lower LCD ScreensTwin backlit color liquid crystal screens display game screens and other

    information. The brightness of the screens can be adjusted in 5 levels.

    The lower display (the Touch Screen) is touch sensitive and should be operated only with a Nintendo

    licensed stylus.

    When opening the Nintendo DSi, keep your ngers away from the hinge toavoid pinching them.

    Control Buttons (The +Control Pad, A, B, X, and Y Buttons, and START and SELECT)For game play control. See the instruction booklet for the game you are playing for specific control


    Power/Reset ButtonPress this button to turn the system on. When the system is on, pressing this button briefly will reset the

    system and return to the menu screen. Pressing and momentarily holding this button will turn the system off.

    MicrophoneUsed by games or other applications that include the microphone feature.

    Inner CameraUsed by games or other applications that use the camera feature.

    NOTE: Avoid getting the camera lens dirty. If it becomes dirty, wipe gently with a soft cloth,

    being careful not to damage the lens.

    SD Card SlotFor inserting SD Memory Cards (sold separately).

    Headphone/Microphone ConnectorsFor connection of stereo headphones, external microphone, or headset (all sold separately). If an

    accessory is connected, no sound will play through the speakers.

    When using earphones, set the volume at a safe level. Setting the volume toohigh may harm your hearing or damage the earphones.

    Indicator LEDs

    Stereo Speakers

    Indicator LED functions

    NOTE: If you play a game while the battery is recharging, the recharge indicator LED may notalways turn off when the charging is complete. This is normal.

    IMPORTANT: If the recharge indicator LED is blinking, the battery pack may not be installed

    properly. Check the battery placement to be sure it is installed correctly.

    NOTE:When the power indicator LED turns red, be sure to save your game and recharge the battery.

    If the LED begins to blink during game play, your power is getting very low. If the

    battery runs out of power before you save your game, any unsaved data will be lost.

    Lit Blinking


    Lit blue

    Full charge




    Lit red Blinking red


    Communication is enabled.

    Charging in progress.

    Data is being sent.

    Battery is charged.

    NOTE: A blinking power indicator LED, when the system is closed, indicates that the system is in

    Sleep Mode and is conserving power.

    SEE PAGE 15

    SEE PAGE 8

    SEE PAGE 26

    SEE PAGE 16

    Wireless Indicator LED

    Lights yellow when wireless communications features are enabled for use.

    Power Indicator LED

    Indicates the battery charge level when the power is on (see diagram below).

    Recharge Indicator LED

    Lights orange when the battery is being charged.







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  • 8/7/2019 DSi English


    Charging the Battery

    Charging the battery

    Be sure to charge the battery before using it for the rst time or when it hasnot been used in the last 6 months.

    Battery recharge time is approximately 2 - 1/2 hours, although this will vary depending on the remaining

    charge when you begin to rec harge the battery. You can play games while the battery is c harging, but this will

    increase the recharge time.

    When fully charged, the battery will last from 9-14 hours on the lowest screen brightness setting,

    depending on the type of game activity. See page 15 for information on adjusting the screen brightness. On the

    brightest setting, the battery life is 3-4 hours. See the table below.

    The battery can be recharged approximately 500 times, but performance may decrease after repeated

    recharges, depending on usage c onditions such as temperature. Optimal charging temperature is between 41

    and 95 Fahrenheit (5-35 Celsius). Battery life may also decrease over time. After 500 recharges, battery life

    may be only 70% of the battery life when new.

    WARNING Do not use the Nintendo DSi AC Adapter during a lightning storm. There maybe a risk of electric shock from lightning.

    Using the wireless

    communications or camera

    features may reduce the batterytime to less than the gures

    shown to the right.

    NOTE: The default system setting is

    congured to the "High" setting.Lowest





    Approx. 4-6 hours

    Approx. 3-4 hours

    Approx. 6-9 hours

    Approx. 8-12 hours

    Approx. 9-14 hours

    The side with the logoshould face up

    Lit orange

    Charging: indicatoris lit

    Charging complete:indicator is unlit


    Insert plug fully into theoutlet

    If the recharge indicator LED is not lit, make sure the AC Adapter is connected properly to both the

    system and the outlet.

    If the recharge indicator LED is blinking, there is a chance that the battery pack is not installed correctly.

    Check to make sure installation is correct (see page 17).

    NOTE: If you play a game while the system is recharging, the recharge indicator LED may not always turn

    o once charging has completed. This is not a malfunction.

    4. Remove the AC Adapter from the wall outlet and fold the prongs back into the housing. Remove the

    DC plug from the AC Adapter c onnector.

    IMPORTANT: When disconnecting any plugs from the Nintendo DSi or wall outlet, carefully

    pull by the plug itself rather than by the cord.

    IMPORTANT: The Nintendo DSi ACAdapter, Model No. WAP-002(USA), is for use only with the

    Nintendo DSi portable video game system. It is not compatible with any other Nintendo system.

    Do not use the ACAdapter with voltage transformers, dimmer switches, or any other equipment.

    It is only for use in a standard 120-voltACwall outlet.

    1. Insert the DC plug from the AC Adapter into the systems AC

    Adapter connector on the back of the Nintendo DSi. Be sure to

    insert it straight into the connector.

    IMPORTANT: Be sure the DC Connector Plug is facing

    in the correct direction before inserting into the

    connector to avoid damaging either the plug or


    2. Swing the prongs out of the AC Adapter and insert into a

    standard 120-volt AC wall outlet.

    The ACAdapter should be correctly oriented in a

    vertical or oor mounted-position. The cord shouldalways face downward.

    3. When fully charged, the recharge indicator LED will go out.


    Do not remove the battery from the Nintendo DSi unless it needs to be replaced.

    Do not use any battery other than the Nintendo DSi rechargeable battery, Model No.

    TWL-003. A replacement battery may be ordered through Nintendo's website at

    www.nintendo.com (USA/Canada only) or by calling Customer Se rvice at 1-800-255-3700.

    When recharging the battery, use ONLY the includedACAdapter, Model No.


    When disposing of the battery, follow appropriate local guidelines and regulations.

    For information on battery disposal contact your local solid waste authority. See page

    17 for more information on battery disposal.

    If liquid comes into contact with the battery, do not reuse it. Call Nintendo Customer

    Service at 1-800-255-3700 for further instructions on battery replacement and possible

    service to your Nintendo DSi.





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    15 16

  • 8/7/2019 DSi English



    Adjusting the Volume/Screen Brightness

    Adjusting the volume

    Screen Brightness

    1. Press the Volume/Screen Brightness Control in either

    direction to change the volume.

    Press plus (+) to increase the volume or minus () to decrease

    the volume. When the system is in Sleep Mode, the volume can be decreased

    but not increased.

    NOTE: The camera's shutter sound will always play at a fixed volume,

    regardless of the current setting of the volume control.

    The Nintendo DSi supports high-capacity SD Cards over 2 GB in size (SDHC Cards). With commercially available

    SD Cards you will be able to:

    Save photos youve taken in Nintendo DSi Camera to the SD Card

    Play AAC-format audio files saved on the SD Card

    Copy downloadable software and its save data to the SD Card


    It may not be possible to copy some software.

    Data copied to SD Cards cannot be used on other systems.

    Save data on Game Cards cannot be copied.

    IMPORTANT:An SD Card adapter is required to use miniSD or microSD

    Cards. When using a card adapter, be sure to remove the entire adapter

    (not just the card). Malfunction or damage to the system or your data

    could result if the card adapter is left in the system.

    1. Open the SD Card slot cover.

    Do not pull or twist the slot cover forcefully. Doing so

    could stretch or deform it, which could could prevent the

    cover from closing correctly.

    2. Insert the SD Card into the SD Card slot until it clicks into

    place. Make sure the label side faces down.

    1. Open the SD Card slot cover and press on the end of the

    card until it clicks and partially ejects from the slot.

    2. Grasp the SD Card and remove from the card slot.

    IMPORTANT: Do not remove the SD Card while data isbeing read or written. This could damage the system or

    the SD Card, or destroy data.

    1. Hold down SELECT.

    2. Press the Volume/Screen Brightness Control in either

    direction to change the screen brightness.

    Press plus (+) to increase the brightness or minus () to

    decrease the brightness.

    NOTE: Changing the screen brightness will also change the

    brightness of the power indicator LED and the wireless indicator LED.

    NOTE: Increasing the screen brightness will increase the power consumption. As a result, the power

    indicator LED may change from blue to red when the screen is made brighter. When this happens, note

    that the battery may run out and the system may lose power soon after the LED turns red.

    How to start the system with low (muted) volume

    Turn the power on while holding down the

    minus () side of the volume/brightness control.

    Adjusting the screen brightness

    Inserting an SD Card

    Removing an SD Card

    Using SD Memory Cards

    Hold down

    Hold down

    Turn power on


    Increasing the screen brightness will reduce the battery life. Decreasing the screen brightness

    will increase the battery life. Adjust the brightness based on your preference. See page 11 for

    more information.

    The relationship between screen brightness and battery duration

    Label faces down

    IMPORTANT: Under some conditions, noise from the Nintendo DSi speakers can cause audio

    feedback with the Nintendo DSi microphone. If you hear screeching, howling or other unexpected

    noise from the speakers, turn down the volume or use a set of stereo headphones.





    17 18

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    Replacing the Battery Pack

    1. Press and hold the Power/Reset button (at least .5 second) until the power shuts o.

    2. Make sure the AC Adapter is unplugged from the Nintendo DSi.

    1. Loosen the two Phillips-head (+) screws on the battery cover

    with a screwdriver, and remove the battery cover.

    IMPORTANT:To avoid damage to the screw or threads, use a

    screwdriver that is appropriate for the screw.

    2. Remove the battery pack as shown at right.

    3. Orient the new battery as shown and carefully insert

    completely into the battery compartment.

    4. Replace the battery cover, and tighten the two screws, being

    careful not to overtighten.

    IMPORTANT: Always be sure to replace the battery cover and

    tighten the screws before resuming use.

    Battery packs become worn with repeated charge/discharge cycles, and the amount of time they can be used

    when fully charged will decrease gradually over time. If you feel the usage time has dropped off noticeably,

    replace the battery pack.

    Do not use any battery other than the Nintendo DSi rechargeable battery, Model No

    TWL-003. A replacement battery may be ordered through Nintendo's web site at

    www.nintendo.com (USA/Canada only) or by calling Customer Service at 1-800-255-3700. A parent or guardian should replace the battery pack if a young child is using the system.

    Before replacing the battery...

    Battery replacement procedure

    When disposing of a rechargeable battery, please be sure to follow appropriate local guidelines

    and regulations.

    Do not disassemble, attempt to repair, or deform the battery pack.

    Do not dispose of rechargeable batteries in a re.

    To nd a collection site near you, please contact your local solid waste authority or visit:http://www.epa.gov/osw/conserve/materials/battery.htm

    For more information or for assistance from Nintendo, e-mail us at

    [email protected]

    Place tape over the battery contacts before recycling.






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    21 22

  • 8/7/2019 DSi English






    Nintendo DSi Menu

    The Nintendo DSi Menu appears automatically when you turn the systems power on. On this menu you

    will see icons or the systems built-in applications and or any Nintendo DS or Nintendo DSi G ame Card

    inserted into the DS Game Card slot. Tap these icons to play games, use the applications, or enter system

    settings. You can also press or to enter camera mode and take photos.

    Screen Explanation

    Use this to scroll through applications

    You can use the stylus or the +Control Pad to scroll through sotware

    Volume level

    Use r n am e D at e & t im e

    Battery charge

    User-taken photo



    : Almost empty


    : ChargingApplication name

    Start icon

    Tap the sotware shown

    here to start it Application list

    Moving Icons

    Use the stylus to select the icon you

    want to move and then slide it up to

    the center o the screen.

    Scroll through the sotware list until

    you come to the spot you want to

    place the sotware icon.

    Tap the icon once again and slide itinto its new location.

    Thats it! Youre done.

    Application IconsHere are the icons youll see on the sotware list.

    Card Sotware Icons

    This icon appears when theres no Game Card inserted in the DS Card Slot.

    When a Game Card is inserted in the DS Card Slot, an icon or that game will

    appear. The Personal Trainer: Cooking icon is shown here.

    Built-in Sotware IconsThese are the icons o the systems built-in sotware applications.

    System Settings See page 61. Nintendo DSi Camera See page 26.

    Nintendo DSi Sound See page 44. Nintendo DSi Shop See page 54.

    DS Download Play See page 57. PictoChat See page 58.

    Other Open Icon

    This icon appears when no application is present. The number o empty boxes

    represents the number o applications that can be added.

    Present Icon

    This icon appears when you add a new application by downloading it via Nintendo

    DSi Shop, or through some other means. Tap a present icon to reveal the application icon.

    23 24

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    Camera Mode

    On the DSi Menu, press or to enter camera mode.

    Photos you take will be saved to the Nintendo DSi system memory.

    Number o photos remaining

    Start Nintendo DSi Camera

    Take a photo ( , , or )

    Switch between inner and

    outer cameras. ( )

    Return to the DSi Menu. ( )

    Turn control displays

    on and o. ( )

    (You can also use the buttons shown in parentheses.)

    Top-Screen Photo Display

    Photos taken in camera mode will appear on the top

    screen o the DSi Menu.

    If you have taken multiple photos in ca mera mode, the

    photo that appears on the top screen will change every

    time you turn the Nintendo DSi on or exit Sleep Mode by

    opening the Nintendo DSi.

    You can use the Nintendo DSi Camera photo album to

    select which photo appears on the top screen.

    Nintendo DSi Camera

    photo album

    SD Cards can save up to 3,000 photos max, regardless o how much space they have.

    25 26

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    Press and release



    Nintendo DSi Camera

    With Nintendo DSi Camera, you can take photos with

    eleven dierent lenses, watch slide shows o your photos,and exchange photos with other Nintendo DSi systems.

    IMPORTANT: To avoid damage to the Nintendo DSi

    Camera, do not point it at the sun or other very

    intense sources o light.

    Getting Started

    When you start Nintendo DSi Camera, you will have several options available. Tap the Touch Screen to

    make a selection.

    Screen Explanation

    Take pictures using eleven

    dierent lenses

    View photos youve taken

    View a slide show o your photos

    Number o photos saved

    Save your photos to the Nintendo DSi system memor y. Save your photos to an SD Card (*)

    Number o

    photos remainingExchange, copy, or delete photos

    View Nintendo DSi Camera instructions

    View photos by date taken

    Post memos on the calendar

    Exit Nintendo DSi Camera and return to the

    Nintendo DSi Menu

    Using Game Cards

    Starting a Game

    Insert a Game Card in the DS Card slot.

    I you have trouble inserting the Game Card, eject it

    and conrm that it is acing the right direction.

    Note: The label should ace towards the bottom o the

    Nintendo DSi.IMPORTANT: Do not insert or remove Game Cards

    or accessories when the power is on.

    Press POWER.

    Tap the Game Card icon.

    Reer to the games instruction booklet or

    game play inormation.

    Exiting a Game

    Press and hold POWER.

    Press in and then pull out the Game Card.

    Store the stylus.

    Check direction

    How Many Photos Can I Save?

    Check the Photos Remaining display to see how many photos you can save in your selected

    location. Because photo-data size can vary, this number is only a rough indicatorit does not

    reect a precise number o photos.

    Depending on the size of your SD Card, you can save up to 3,000 photos maximum.

    27 28

  • 8/7/2019 DSi English




    Using the Camera

    Selecting a Lens

    Tap Camera rom the Nintendo DSi Camera menu to view the lens-selection screen. Tap the lens you

    want to use, and then tap Start to begin using that lens.Color Lens Colorpad Lens

    Tap any point on the Touch Screen

    to alter that color in the photo.

    Tap any point on the Touch Screen

    to restore an areas color to the photo.

    Mirror Lens Mischie Lens

    Tap the lens you want to use

    Return to the Nintendo DSi Camera menu Begin using the selected lens

    Lens TypesNormal Lens

    Take photos without any alteration.

    Distortion Lens Grati Lens

    Distort the photo by tapping and sliding

    on the Touch Screen.

    Draw on photos or add

    colorul stamp designs.

    Emoter Lens Merge Lens

    Resemblance Lens Frame Lens

    Apply and adjust a variety

    o mirror eects.

    Add a mischievous touch

    to your riends aces.

    C ha ng e ac ia l e xp re ss io ns. B le nd p ho to s o t wo ac es.

    Evaluate how similar two aces are. Create rames and take photos

    within those rames.

    29 30

  • 8/7/2019 DSi English




    The photo gets stretched in the

    direction you move the stylus

    Using the Camera (cont.)

    Normal Lens

    This lens adds no special eec ts to your photos.

    Distortion Lens

    Using this lens, you can slide the stylus on the screen to d istort your photo.

    Return the distorted lens to normal

    Color Lens

    This lens converts the image to black-and-white. Tap on an area on the image to restore that color.

    The color o areas that were originally black and white will not change.

    Grati lens

    Using this lens, you can decorate your pho tos using pens, stamps, and more.

    Erase all grafti

    Use a stamp

    Use an eraser

    There are three eraser sizes

    Use pens or droppers (you can select pen color and thickness)

    Use the dropper to absorb a color rom the screen and use that color as a pen

    Using Droppers

    Select a dropper Tap on a color

    The pen changes to

    the color you tapped

    Return the entire screen

    to black-and-white

    This sections color has

    been restored

    Capture a photo ( , ,

    or )

    Switch between the inner and

    outer camera ( )

    Return to lens-selection screen ()

    Toggle the display on or o or icons

    like ( )

    These controls apply to all lens types

    (You can also use the buttons shown in parentheses)

  • 8/7/2019 DSi English


    33 34

    U i th C ( t )

  • 8/7/2019 DSi English




    Resemblance Lens

    Using this lens, you can evaluate how similar two aces are.

    Line up two aces on the screen

    Once the aces have been i dentied, they

    will appear with square rames around them.

    When the aces have been identied,


    The similarity percentage will appear,

    and the photo will be saved

    Guidelines Regarding Face Recognition

    For more precise acial recognition when using the Mischie, Merge, or Resemblance lenses,

    pay attention to the ollowing:

    Please keep in mind that ol lowing these steps may not ensure perect acial recognition.

    Capture photos in abright environment.

    Capture the whole aceon screen.

    Capture the ace romthe ront.

    Dont t ilt your head. L it bangs to makeeyebrows visible.

    Take o glasses.

    Using the Camera (cont.)

    Merge Lens

    Using this lens, you can blend two aces together.

    Capture a photo o the rst ace

    Try to get the ace as large as possible

    and centered on the bottom screen.

    Capture the second ace as you did the rst

    Its easier to merge aces i the second ace

    is as close as possible in size and position to

    the rst ace.

    Once you have the results o the merge, tap or to change

    the merge ratio (%) o the t wo aces

    Start again rom the rst ace

    Shit rom 0% to 100% automatically

    Change the merge ratio o the two

    aces manually

    Tap to save a photo.

    35 36

    Using the Camera (cont )

  • 8/7/2019 DSi English




    Select a photo rom your album and tap


    Using the Camera (cont.)

    Frame Lens

    Using this lens, you can capture photos within preset or user-created rames, or you can create your own

    brand-new rames.

    Create a new rame

    Select a dierent rame

    Current rame

    Creating Frames

    Tap Create rame on the Touch Screen.

    Select whether to take a new photo to create

    your rame or to use a photo youve already


    New Photo

    Take a new photo and use it to create a


    Photo in Album

    Use the eraser to carve out a blank area

    in the photo.

    Use eraser

    Use ll pen

    Return to the

    previous screen

    Tap to save your rame.

    The completed rame is saved as rame data.

    You can now select it using Change rame.

    (See step 1).

    Now, use the rame youjust created and take a new

    picture with it!

  • 8/7/2019 DSi English


    39 40

    Other Camera Features

  • 8/7/2019 DSi English




    Other Camera Features

    Select Other rom the Nintendo DSi Camera menu to exchange, copy, or delete photos or rames.

    You can also delete memos here.

    Communicate with other Nintendo DSi

    systems to exchange photo and

    rame data (within local wireless range)

    Copy photos and rames between the

    Nintendo DSi system memory and an

    SD Card

    Delete photos, rames, and memos

    View Nintendo DSi Camera tutorial

    Return to Nintendo DSi Camera menu.

    Exchanging Photos/FramesCommunicate with other Nintendo DSi systems to exchange photos or rames.

    Controls or Sending Side

    Tap Send.

    Wait or the receiving side.

    Select a recipient and then

    tap Start .

    You can send to up to three Nintendo

    DSi systems at once.

    Select where your photo is located

    (either System or system memory

    or SD Card).

    Select what you want to send.

    Select the photo (or rame) to send

    then tap Send.

    Select Yes when you see the conrmation message.

    Controls or Receiving Side

    Tap Receive.

    Tap a location to save to.

    Tap who you want to receive data rom.

    Controls or receiving are nished at this stage.

    Note: The photos you send may be modied, orwarded and /or posted by the recipient or a third party.

    Please do not send any photos that may contain personal inormation. Parental controls can be set to restrict

    the exchange o photos. See page 67 or more inormation.

  • 8/7/2019 DSi English


    43 44

    Calendar Nintendo DSi Sound

  • 8/7/2019 DSi English






    Delete the existing memo

    Rewrite the memo

    Space or writing memos

    Save the written memo

    Return to calendar

    Select Calendar rom the Nintendo DSi Camera menu to a ccess the calendar on the Touch Screen.

    Select a day to view the memo and

    a photo taken on that day

    I multiple photos were taken on a s ingle

    day, dierent photos will be displayed


    Display previous or ollowing month

    Write a memo or the selected d ay (see below)

    Return to Nintendo DSi Camera menu

    Writing Memos

    You can write a handwritten memo or eac h day, whether its a note about a special event or a reminderabout when those photos were taken. All memos are saved i n system memory.

    *Playable File Formats

    The ollowing le ormats can be played with Nintendo DSi Sound:

    AAC les with .m4a, .mp4, or .3gp lename extensions

    Bitrate: 16 kbps 320 kbps

    Sampling rate: 32kHz 48kHz

    For inormation on how to save music to an SD Card, See page 53.

    Nintendo DSi Sound

    With Nintendo DSi Sound, you can record sounds using

    the internal microphone and then play with them to

    create new sounds. You can also play music saved on

    an SD Card.

    Starting Nintendo DSi Sound

    When you start Nintendo DSi Sound, you will see a sound wave on the top screen and selectable options

    on the lower screen. Tap an option to begin playing with sound.

    Nintendo DSi Sound Menu

    Record sounds with the microphone and

    play with them (see page 45)

    Play with music les* saved

    on an SD Card (see page 50)

    Close Nintendo DSi Sound and return

    to the DSi Menu (see page 21)

    Adjust settings or delete

    Nintendo DSi Sound data

    (see page 53)

    Your parakeet. I you let it listen to voices and sounds around it, it will try to imitate them.

    It also remembers recordings youve made earlier and may repeat them at random.

  • 8/7/2019 DSi English


  • 8/7/2019 DSi English


    49 50

    Recording and Playing with Sounds (cont.) Playing with Music on an SD Card

  • 8/7/2019 DSi English






    Saving Altered Sounds

    I you want to save sounds that youve changed,

    tap Overwrite.

    Conrm that the recording sounds the way

    you want it.

    Tap OK.

    Your sound balloon will be whatever color you tap.

    Your new sound will appear here!

    About Folders and Files on SD Cards

    In Nintendo DSi Sound, only music les and olders containing music les on the SD Card will

    be displayed. A maximum o 1,000 olders can be displayed.

    I multiple olders on the SD Card have the same name, those song les will all be displayed

    in one older with that name.

    Up to 3,000 song les can be displayed.

    Only the rst 100 audio les in each older will be displayed.

    Folders and les more than eight levels deep cannot be d isplayed.

    Folders will be displayed in numero-alphabetical order.

    Choose a Song to Play

    Tap a older , then select Start.

    Select Auto to open a random song

    automatically. You can ag songs as

    Top 10, Memories, and so on

    to add them to your Favorites.

    TapClearto erase all songs rom a

    Favorite older.

    Touch the song you want to listen toand touch play.

    Add the song playing to your avorites.

    Delete all songs rom the selected

    Favorites older.

    51 52

    Playing with Music on an SD Card (cont.)

  • 8/7/2019 DSi English






    * Playback Modes

    Play songs in one older in order, then stop when nished.

    Play songs in the selected older at random.

    Play the current song rom a user-set point A and point B.Slide points A and B back and orth to adjust them.

    Repeat the current song.

    Play the songs in the older in order, then repeat when nished.

    Playing with Music Files

    Talk to your Parakeet(hell show you all kinds o

    things to have un with) Change the visualization on the

    upper display

    Change theplayback point by


    Playback position

    Sound level slider

    Change the playback


    Return to the selection screen

    Next song


    Previous song

    Playback portion

    Layering voice recordings

    Tap a sound bubble to start playing it over your music.

    Beat Buttons

    Press and to add sound eects. Tap the icons on-screen to change the

    sound eects.

    Change the playback speed and pitch

    Touch the screen to move the and adjust the playback speed and pitch.

    Higher Pitch

    Slower Playback Faster Playback

    Lower Pitch

    Using flters with the music

    Tap each icon to change the lter on the music.

    Make music sound like its being played rom

    an old radio.

    Remove the vocal range rom a track,

    leaving only the instruments. (In some

    songs, the vocals may not be entirely


    Add an echo eect. Make your music sound like an old

    video game!

    53 54

    Settings Nintendo DSi Shop

  • 8/7/2019 DSi English






    Adjust the settings or Nintendo DSi Sound.

    Set your headphones or mono or stereo.

    Enable or disable sound eects when you tap the Touch Screen.

    Set the backlight to turn o automatically when Nintendo DSi Sound is not in use.

    Erase all Nintendo DSi Sound data rom the Nintendo DSi system memory. This will erase all sound les

    youve recorded or modied, any avorites youve assigned to your music, and anything your parakeet

    might have picked up.

    How do you save music fles to an SD card?

    In order to listen or play with music les, you must save music les on to an SD Card.Please ollow the

    steps below to save music les.

    Use the SD Card slot on your computer or a commerciallyavailable SD Card reader/writer to place the AAC les on

    the SD Card.

    Return to the Nintendo DSi Sound menu (see page 44)

    You can download sotware onto your Nintendo DSi

    system via Nintendo DSi Shop.

    Note: broadband internet access required.

    Using Nintendo DSi Shop

    To use Nintendo DSi Shop you will need to set up an Internet connection with your Nintendo DSi

    (see page 71), and you will need to have Nintendo DSi Points in your account to download sotware.

    What are Nintendo DSi Points?

    You use these points to download Nintendo DSi sotware

    rom Nintendo DSi Shop.

    To add points to your account, you can purchase Nintendo DSi Points online through Nintendo

    DSi Shop, or you can purchase a Nintendo Points Card at select retail locations, which c an be

    redeemed or Nintendo DSi Points in Nintendo DSi Shop. Once redeemed, those points automatically

    become Nintendo DSi Points and cannot be used on Wii console or with any other system.

    Purchase Redeem

    NintendoDSi Points


    Store selling Nintendo products Redeem points online in

    Nintendo DSi Shop

    55 56

    How to Redeem Nintendo DSi Points

  • 8/7/2019 DSi English






    There are a number o ways to g et Nintendo DSi Points.

    Redeem a Nintendo Points Card

    Purchase a Nintendo Points Card.

    Reveal the Nintendo Points Number

    Reveal the number on your Nintendo Points Card by

    scratching o the silver area on the back o the card.

    Start Nintendo DSi Shop

    Follow the on-screen instructions to enter the

    Nintendo Points Number and redeem your Nintendo DSi Points.

    Buy Nintendo DSi Points using a Credit Card

    To buy points with a credit card, start the Nintendo DSi Shop

    and ollow the on-screen instructions (you must be 18 or older

    to use a credit card).

    Nintendo DSi Sotware and Nintendo Points Cards

    In order to connect to Nintendo DSi Shop, you will need a broadband Internet connection and a

    compatible router. The rst time you connect, you will need to agree to th e terms o the user

    agreement in order to access Nintendo DSi Sh op.

    Nintendo Points Cards sold in the Americas can only be redeemed on Nintendo DSi or Wii systems

    released in the Americas.

    Your Nintendo DSi Shop account can contain up to 10,000 Nintendo DSi Points maximum at

    any time.

    You must redeem all of the points on a Nintendo Points Card at once. You cannot divide the points

    between dierent systems.

    Parental Controls may be used to restrict use of Nintendo DSi Points and manage downloading of

    sotware based on ESRB ratings.

    All Nintendo DSi Points and software downloads are for use only on a single Nintendo DSi system

    and are nonreundable and nontranserable. Onc e a Nintendo Points Card has been redeemed for Nintendo DSi Points, it cannot be redeemed on

    a dierent Nintendo DSi system or on a Wii console.

    Sof tware downloaded from Nintendo DSi Shop is licensed to you, not sold. For more information,

    please reer to the user agreement in the System Settings (see page 71).

    57 58

    DS Download Play PictoChat

  • 8/7/2019 DSi English




    With DS Download Play, you can download and play

    certain multiplayer games with other Nintendo DSi,

    DS Lite, and DS users even i you have only

    one copy o a game. You can also send and receive

    demos o certain sotware titles.

    Control Sequence

    Using DS Download Play (Host or sending system)

    On the Nintendo DSi Menu, tap the icon o a

    DS Download Play-compatible title.

    Now ollow the instructions in the instruction

    booklet o the sotware you are using.

    DS Download Play (Client or receiving system)

    Tap the DS Download Play icon on the

    Nintendo DSi Menu.

    Select the panel or the game title you want

    to download.

    Tap Yes to begin downloading the title.

    Now ollow the instructions in the instruction

    booklet o the sotware you are using.

    Close PictoChat and return to

    the Nintendo DSi Menu

    (see page 21)

    PictoChat allows you to use the Nintendo DSi to send

    and receive wireless messages and drawings rom other

    Nintendo DSi users. PictoChat is not an Internet

    application. You can communicate with up to 15 other

    Nintendo DS users within range o your Nintendo DSi.

    See PRIVACY INFORMATION on page 101.

    Note: PictoChat works with all models o Nintendo DS.

    Starting PictoChat

    First, the chat-room selection screen will appear. Select a chat room to join.

    The number in each panel indicates how manypeople are in that chat room. The maximum

    number o users in each chat room is 16.

    59 60


  • 8/7/2019 DSi English




    Top Screen

    Signal-strength icon

    Messages received

    Current chat room

    Touch Screen

    Chat members

    Tap one to see that persons messages

    Close chat room

    Drawing area

    Send message

    Copy the last message rom theupper screen

    Erase messageKeyboard

    (See next page)

    Keyboard styles Alphanumeric



    Scroll the upper screen

    Pen tool (Write and draw)

    Eraser tool (Erase letters or pictures)

    Pen / Eraser Thickness (use to change the thickness o the pen or eraser)

    Tap characters on the keyboard to enter them. You can touch and slide letters into the editing area in any

    order you please.

    You can also use buttons to control the keyboard.

    Move the cursor

    Enter a character

    Erase the last character entered

    Shit to uppercase letters

    Switch keyboard types

    Scroll through messages

    Send message

    Press or a short time: Copy last message / Press or a long time: Erase message

    Tap or a

    capital letter

    Delete the character directly

    to the let o the cursor

    Insert a

    carriage return

    Insert a space

    Using the On-Screen Keyboard

    Japanese Hiragana/Katakana

    New eatureor Nintendo DSi

    Each time you tap the pen tool

    icon, your pen switches between

    black or rainbow color.

    Switch between

    uppercase and

    lowercase letters

    61 62

    System Settings

  • 8/7/2019 DSi English




    On the Nintendo DSi Menu, select System Settings to open the settings menu, rom which you can adjust

    many dierent items. Use to turn pages, and tap the setting you want to adjust.

    System Settings 1

    Data Management: Manage the systems internal memory or SD Card data here.

    See page 63.Note: This item will only appear ater you have opened Nintendo DSi Shop. See page 54.

    Wireless Communications: Turn wireless communications on or o. See page 64.

    Brightness Settings: Adjust screen brightness. See page 64.

    System Settings 2

    Prole: Edit your user name, birthday, color, etc. See page 65.

    Date: Set the current date. See page 66.

    Time: Set the current time. See page 66.

    Alarm: Set a time or the alarm to sound. See page 66.

    System Settings 3

    Parental Controls: Set up Parental Controls to limit access to cer tain content or eatures.

    See page 67.

    Touch Screen: Calibrate Touch Screen input. See page 70.

    Mic Test: Check mic sensitivity. See page 70.

    Internet: Congure your Internet settings. See page 71.

    System Settings 4

    Language: Select a language or your system.

    Country: Select your country o residence.

    System Update: Update your Nintendo DSi system. See page 8 5.

    Format System Memory: Delete all added sotware and save data. See page 85.

  • 8/7/2019 DSi English


    65 66


    O P l t k dj t t t


    S t th t d t

  • 8/7/2019 DSi English






    Open Prole to make adjustments to your user name,

    personal message, color, and birthday.

    User Name

    Use the keyboard to enter your user name.

    See page 86 or keyboard instructions.

    Tap OK to conrm.

    Other Nintendo DS users will see your user name

    when using PictoChat and in certain games,

    so do not share personal inormation in your user name.


    Enter a personalized message using the

    keyboard. See page 86 or keyboard instruc tions.

    Tap OK to conrm.

    The personalized message you enter here will be seen when using PictoChat, so thinkabout entering a greeting or a short introduction. Do not use personal inormation.


    Tap the color you like.

    The color you choose will be used on the

    Nintendo DSi Menu and in other places.

    Tap OK to conrm.


    Use to set the date o your birthday.

    Tap OK to conrm.

    Set the current date.

    Some games use this setting, so be sure to enter the correct date.

    Setting the date

    Use to adjust the month,

    date and year.

    Tap OK to conrm.


    Set the current time.

    Some games use this setting, so be sure to enter the correct time.

    Setting the time

    Use to adjust the time.

    Tap OK to conrm.


    Set a time or the alarm to sound.


    Use to adjust the time to when

    you want the alarm to sound, and then tap

    OK to turn the alarm on.

    Tap Yes to conrm. Both screens will automatically

    be set to the lowest brightness setting.

    To turn o the alarm or cancel it all together, tap the Touch Screen or any button other

    than the L and R Buttons.

    Once the alarm has sounded, the alarm will enter Snooze Mode, and will continue to sound

    every ve minutes until it has been turned o. Snooze Mode automatically ends ater one hour.

  • 8/7/2019 DSi English


  • 8/7/2019 DSi English


  • 8/7/2019 DSi English


    73 74

    Internet Setup (cont.)

    Required or connecting to the Internet

  • 8/7/2019 DSi English






    Required or connecting to the Internet

    The ollowing are required to connect a Nintendo DSi to the Internet.

    Nintendo DSi system PC

    Broadband Internet environment using DSL, Cable, etc.

    Broadband Internet Line DSL Modem, etc.

    Connecting Nintendo DSi wirelessly

    Commercially Available Access Point

    (Wireless Router, etc.)

    (See page 77)

    You can perorm a simple setup using a commercially available access point

    that supports AOSS (Bualo).

    In this manual, wireless router access points are reerred to si mply as access points.

    For inormation on router settings and h ow they work with the Nintendo DSi system, visit


    Even if you dont have a wireless Internet environment at home

    Nintendo Zone is a new way to get updated game content, demos, and access to Nintendo Wi-Fi

    Connection, sent wirelessly to your Nintendo DS.

    When your Nintendo DSi detects a Nintendo Zone, an on-screen icon will ash to let you know youre

    within range o a Nintendo Zone location. The Nintendo DSi will then connect to the Nintendo Zone

    without any additional setup.

    For a current list o Nintendo Zone lo cations, please visit www.nintendo.com.

  • 8/7/2019 DSi English


  • 8/7/2019 DSi English


    79 80

    Internet Setup (cont.)

    Confguring settings manually (See glossary, page 101 or denition o terms)

  • 8/7/2019 DSi English




    Congure your access points settings manually.

    How to Connect

    Tap Connection Settings

    Tap a connection labeledNone

    Tap Manual Setup

    Broadband Internet Line

    Modem, etc.

    Point with Router

    FunctionalityNintendo DSi System

    Set each eld as needed and tap Save when nished.

    When setting the IP address manually, be sure to also set the DNS.

    Proxy settings can only be congured when conguring Advanced Settings.

    I the connection test is successul, your settings are complete.

    I connection ails, reer to the list o error codes. See page 98.

    Tap OK to perorm a connection test

    81 82

    Internet Setup (cont.)

    Advanced Setup (See glossary, page 107 or denition o terms)

  • 8/7/2019 DSi English






    I the connection test is successul, settings are complete.

    Immediately ater completing settings using WPS, connection may ail due to the

    restarting o the access point. Wait a shor t time, then try perorming a connection test again.

    Tap the connection type best suited or your

    access point

    Access point steps

    Push-Button Connection PIN connection

    Continue to push the WPS Button

    until the lamp blinks

    Set the PIN number displayed on the

    Nintendo DSi screen in your access point

    It may take as long as 2 minutes until setup completes.

    Tap Next

    Tap OK to perorm a connection test

    Advanced Setup allows settings or con necting to the Internet using Nintendo DSi exclusive sotware, using

    higher security than WPA, proxy settings and settings or connecting with WPS.

    Advanced Setup (connections 4 6) cannot be used with DS-exclusive sotware. When connecting to the

    Internet with DS-exclusive sotware, congure normal Internet settings (connections 1 3).

    How to Connect

    Tap Connection Settings

    Tap Advanced Setup

    Tap a connection labeledNone

    Tap the connection method best-suited or your

    connection environment

    To set up using WPS

    Tap the WPS icon and proceed rom step .

    Searching for an access point. See page 77.

    Manual setup *The following instructions are the same as for conguring normal settings.

    See page 79.

    83 84

    Internet Setup (cont.)


  • 8/7/2019 DSi English






    Conrm the system MAC address and Nintendo WFC ID

    Delete Nintendo WFC inormation rom the system

    Transer the Nintendo WFC conguration to

    another system

    You can conrm system inormation, delete Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection congurations, and transer

    Nintendo WFC congurations.


    Please delete Nintendo WFC information before disposing of o r releasing your system.

    When changing to a new system, transfer the Nintendo WFC conguration from the old

    system to the new system. When deleting or transferring Nintendo WFC information, settings suc h as friends and

    connections will be deleted rom the original system.

    Transerring Nintendo WFC confguration to another system

    Nintendo WFC inormation transers use DS Download Play.

    This deletes Nintendo WFC conguration rom the source system and overwrites the WFC conguration o the

    target system.

    When transerring to a Nintendo DS/DS Lite system, content o the I nternet Advanced Setup inormation is

    not transerred.

    Things to prepare

    Source Nintendo DSi system

    Target system (Nintendo DSi system or DS/DS Lite system)

    How to transer

    On source system

    Tap Transer Nintendo WFC Conguration

    Follow the on-screen instructions

    Tap Tap Tap

    On source system

    Conrm that the user name displayed is indeed

    that o the target system and tap Yes.

    On target system

    Tap OK i you agree to the on-screen warning

    On source / target system

    When the transer is complete, a conrmation message is displayed. TapOK on the

    respective systems.

    On target system

    Tap DS Download Play

    Follow the on-screen instructions

    Tap Tap

    85 86

    System Update

    There will be updates or additions to the Nintendo DSi Menu or built-in sotware applic ations.

    You understand that the Nintendo DSi system specications are constantly evolving. In an eort to provide

    o ith the latest s stem enhancements and eat res e ma send a s stems pdate to o r Nintendo

    Using the Keyboard

    Keyboards will display when you are required to enter c haracters. There are two types o keyboard:

    standard alphanumeric keyboard, and a ten-key keyboard.

  • 8/7/2019 DSi English






    you with the latest system enhancements and eatures, we may send a systems update to your Nintendo

    DSi system without notice to you or ask you to accept a systems update or your Nintendo DSi system. Such

    systems updates may need to be accepted in order to play new Nintendo DSi games or continue to access

    the Nintendo DSi Network Service.

    Updates will take place by connecting to the Internet, so please complete your Internet connection

    settings ahead o time. See page 71.

    How to Update


    Read the on-screen text careully and selectNext.

    I you agree with the what you read in select I Agree, and then tap OK.

    Format System Memory

    Choose this to erase all save data, and return the system to the state in which it was purchased.

    Select Initialize System

    What data will be erased?

    Data saved on the system memory, such as software

    downloaded rom Nintendo DSi Shop.

    Changes made to the System Settings.

    Data erased by initializing the system cannot be restored.

    Alphanumeric Keyboard

    Displays the input keyboard or letters o the alphabet

    and numbers.

    Displays the input keyboard or special characters.Displays the input keyboard or hiragana and katakana.

    Displays the input keyboard or symbols.

    Displays the input keyboard or pictographs

    Character type selection keys

    Make all letters

    upper case letters

    Delete the character to the

    let o the cursor

    Insert a space

    Switch characters on the keyboard. Ater you

    have entered the character, the keyboard reverts.

    Ten-Key Keyboard

    Enter a space. Delete the last entered character.

    The special character, symbol and pictograph keyboards all unction in the same way.

  • 8/7/2019 DSi English


    Support and


    89 90

    It takes a long time beore the Nintendo DSi Menu is displayed


    Beore requesting repair service, check the items in the ollowing table.

    Read this along with the manual or each game and peripheral device.

  • 8/7/2019 DSi English




    Fully insert






    Has a high-capacity SD Memory Card (SD Card) been inserted in the system?

    It may take time to display the Nintendo DSi Menu i a high-capacity SD Card has been inserted

    into the system.

    Even though a Nintendo DS Game Card has been inserted, the Nintendo DSiMenu displays No Game Card has been inserted in the Game Card slot.

    Is the Game Card inserted properly?

    Remove the Game Card and properly re-insert it until it clicks into place.

    I this doesnt work, try re-inserting it a ew more times.

    I cant play my game

    Are Parental Controls set to restrict the use of software based on ESRB ratings?

    Enter the password and either disable Parental Controls temporarily, or disable the

    Parental Controls item that restricts the use o sotware based on ESRB ratings. (See page 95.)

    I cant use the microphone / My voice is not recognized

    Does this software use the microphone?

    The microphone cannot always be used. The microphone can be used in games thatsupport it.

    Is the microphone functioning properly?

    Use the microphone test in System Settings to conrm

    that the microphone is unctioning properly. (See page 70.)

    Are voices other than your own, such as those of family and friends, recognized correctly?

    There are individual dierences in speech recognition rates. Some voices are more difcult

    to recognize than others.

    The microphone reacts unexpectedly or produces a screeching or howling sound

    The microphone may be reacting to ambient noise or audio output rom the speaker and

    producing an audio eedback. Try to move away rom the source o the noise, reduce the speaker

    volume, use headphones, or prevent sound rom occurring. You can perorm the micropho ne test

    in System Settings to determine whether the microphone is reacting. (See page 70.)

    There is no picture or sound output

    Is the power indicator LED lit?

    Press POWER to turn the power on.

    Has the battery been charged?

    Recharge the battery.

    Has the Game Card been rmly inserted?

    Firmly insert the Game Card until it clicks into place.

    Is the system in Sleep Mode?The power indicator LED will slowly illuminate and darken when the system is in sleep mode.

    Check the power indicator LED. Wake the system i it is in Sleep Mode.

    Sound does not come out o the system speakers

    Is the volume set to the lowest level?

    Use the volume/brightness control on the side

    o the system to adjust the volume to an

    appropriate value.

    Are the headphones or headset microphone connected?

    When headphones or a headset microphone is connected, sound will not be emitted rom

    the speakers.

    Sound does not come out of my headphones or headset microphone

    Is the volume set to the lowest level?

    Use the volume/brightness control on the sideo the system to adjust the volume to an

    appropriate value.

    Is the plug for your headphones or headset

    microphone rmly inserted?

    Plug it in rmly.

    91 92Troubleshooting (cont.)

    I cant recharge the Nintendo DSi battery pack / The recharge indicator LED is not lit

    Are you using a Nintendo DSi AC Adapter?

    My SD Memory Card is not responding

    Has the SD Memory Card been correctly inserted into the system?

  • 8/7/2019 DSi English







    y g p

    Use the Nintendo DSi AC Adapter


    Is the Nintendo DSi AC Adapter rmly inserted

    into the system and an electrical outlet?

    Plug it in rmly.

    Is the battery pack being charged in a location with an ambient temperature between 41 and 95

    Fahrenheit (5-35 Celsius)?

    Charge the battery pack in a location with an ambient temperature between 41 and 95 Fahrenheit(5-35 Celsius). You may not be able to recharge the battery pack in a location outside of this

    temperature range.

    Is the recharge indicator LED lit?

    I the recharge indicator LED is blinking, there is a chance that the Nintendo DSi B attery Pack

    is not connected properly. Make sure that the Nintendo DSi Battery Pack is connected properly.

    I charged the Nintendo DSi battery pack, but I cant play or long periodso time / It takes a long time to charge the Nintendo DSi battery pack

    Are you playing a game or recharging the battery pack in a location with an ambient temperature less

    than 41 Fahrenheit (5 C)?

    In environments with a temperature less than 41 degrees Fahrenheit, you can no longer play

    games or long periods o time, and the battery pack will take longer than usual to recharge.

    I cant use the Touch Screen / The Touch Screen does not respond properly

    Have positions on the Touch Screen shifted?

    I positions have begun to shit, use the Touch Screen item in

    System Settings to correct them.

    Have you attached a commercially available protective sheet on the Touch Screen?

    I you have applied a commercially available protective sheet to your Touch Screen, reer to its

    instruction manual and be sure it has been applied correctly beore attempting to calibrate

    the Touch Screen.


    Blinking rechargeindicator LED

    Check the NintendoDSi battery pack

    Firmly insert the SD Memory Card until it clicks into place in the SD Card slot on the side

    o the system.

    Is the SD Memory Card broken?

    Use a PC or digital camera to conrm that you can correctly see les on the SD Memory Card.

    Are there saved photos that can be displayed using Nintendo DSi Camera?

    Nintendo DSi Camera can only display photos taken on the Nintendo DSi

    system. Photos taken by a digital camera or cellular phone will not

    be displayed.

    Are there saved les that can be played back using Nintendo DSi Soun d?

    Nintendo DSi Sound can play AAC les with a le extension o .m4a, .mp4, and .3gp. Non-AAC

    audio les (such as MP3 les) cannot be played back.

    Nintendo DSi Camera continues to ask or a photo o my ace, but does not respond

    This occurs when your ace cannot be properly recognized. Move to a well-lit area, and turn your

    ace in a direction th at allows it to be entirely captured on-screen. The ollowing actors may also

    aect ace recognition.

    The ambient brightness and lighting

    Haircut (when hair covers the face, for instance)

    Hair and eyebrow color

    Sheen on the face and head

    A beards shape, color, and thickness

    Glasses and jewelry on the face and head

    My eyes and mouth are not being recognized correctly by Nintendo DSi Camera

    Individual dierences and the surrounding environment may prevent ace recognition rom

    working properly. I the position o your eyes and mouth are not recognized correctly, move to a

    well-lit area and turn your ace in a direction that allows it to be captured well on-screen. Conrm

    this along with the aorementioned actors.

    Images taken by the camera have strange colorsTry taking a picture o something else. I colors are still strange, please visit suppor t.nintendo.com or

    contact Nintendo Customer Service at 1-800-255-3700.

    I cant exchange photos or rames with Nintendo DSi Camera

    Are Parental Controls set to restrict the exchange of photo data?

    Enter your Parental Controls PIN and either disable Parental Controls temporarily, or disable the

    Parental Controls item that restricts the wireless transmission o photo data. (See page 95.)

    93 94

    I cant use DS Download Play

    Have Parental Controls restricted the use of DS Download Play?

    Troubleshooting (Continued)

    Nintendo DSi Sound does not display audio fles and olders

    Has the SD Memory Card been correctly inserted into the system?

  • 8/7/2019 DSi English






    Enter your Parental Controls PIN and either disable Parental Controls temporarily, or disable the

    Parental Controls item restricting the use o DS Download Play. (See page 95.)

    I cant use PictoChat

    Are there already 16 people in the selected chat room?

    No more than 16 people can enter a single chat room.

    Have Parental Controls restricted the use of PictoChat?

    Enter your Parental Controls PIN and either disable Parental Controls temporarily, or disable the

    Parental Controls item restricting the use o PictoChat. (See page 9 5.)

    Im having diculty using communication play

    (Communications are interrupted and the game cannot be played smoothly)

    Is one of the following Reception Strength icons shown on-screen?

    Reception strength appears to be poor. Move closer to the other player, and remove obstructions

    between you and that person.

    My system suddenly enters Sleep Mode

    It may have entered Sleep Mode as the result o an

    external magnetic eld. Move your system away rom

    magnetic objects.

    I cannot disable Parental Controls Did you enter the correc t password?

    Enter the correct Parental Controls PIN. I you have orgotten your password reer to page 96.

    Did you enter the correc t answer to your secret question?

    Enter the correct answer to your secret question. I you have also orgotten the answer to your

    secret question reer to page 96.

    I your Nintendo DSi system still does not operate correctly ater try the troubleshooting

    steps, DO NOT return it to the store. You may lose saved game data and all Ni ntendo DSi

    Shop downloads and Nintendo DSi Points. Visit support.nintendo.com or assistance andadditional troubleshooting and repair options or call 1-800-255-3700.

    Firmly insert the SD Memory Card until it clicks into place in the SD Card slot on the side

    o the system.

    Does the SD Memory Card contain saved audio les that can be played back using Nintendo DSi Sound?

    Nintendo DSi Sound can play AAC les with a le extension o .m4a, .mp4, and .3gp only.

    Have more than 3000 audio les been saved?

    No more than 3000 audio les can be displayed.

    Are there more than 1000 les in the folder with the saved audio les?

    A older can only display up to 1000 items.

    Are there more than 100 audio les saved in a single folder?

    No more than 100 les can be displayed or a single older. I there are olders with the same

    name on the SD Memory card, the audio les in those olders will be consolidated and displayedas a single older. No more than 10 0 les can be d isplayed or this single consolidated older.

    Are audio les saved to a folder that is more than eight levels deep?

    Nintendo DSi Sound will only check or les up to eight directories deep.

    I cannot play back audio fles using Nintendo DSi Sound

    Are the audio les in a format that can be played by Nintendo DSi Sound?

    Nintendo DSi Sound can play audio les in the ollowing ormat.

    File ormat: AAC (.m4a, .mp4, or .3gp)Bit rate: 16320 kbps

    Sampling requency: 3248 kHz

    I cannot download new games rom the Nintendo DSi Shop

    Do you have an insucient Nintendo DSi Point balance?

    Use one o the ollowing to register Nintendo DSi Points with the Nintendo DSi system.

    Credit card (VISA or MasterCard)

    Nintendo Points Card (this can be purchased at various retail locations).

    Have Parental Controls restricted the use of Nintendo DSi Points in the Nintendo DSi Shop?

    Enter your Parental Controls PIN and either disable Parental Controls temporarily, or disable the

    Parental Controls item restricting the use o Nintendo DSi Points. (See page 95.)

    95 96Troubleshooting (Continued)

    How to Disable Parental Controls

    There are two ways to disable Parental Controls. You can either temporarily disable them, or change the

    I you have orgotten your PIN or secret question

    In the event that you orget your P IN or the answer to your secret question, ollow these steps.

  • 8/7/2019 DSi English


    Master Key





    Parental Controls settings.

    Temporarily Disabling Parental Controls

    Enter your PIN at the screen that is shown when you select

    the restricted item.

    Tap OK.

    Changing the Parental Controls Setting

    Go to System Settings and tap


    Enter your PIN



    Next, ollow the onscreen instructions to change restricted content.

    At the PIN entry screen, tap

    Enter the answer to your secret question.

    Note: You will go to the setting screen or

    Parental Controls i you can answer this.

    I you have orgotten the answer

    to your secret question, as well

    Once again, tap

    Please call Nintendo Customer Service at

    1-800-255-3700 and provide the inquiry

    number shown here. You will then be issued

    a master key.


    Enter the Master Key, and tap



    97 98Error Message List

    I an error occurs, messages like the ollowing may appear on the screen. Follow the directions shown in the

    table to resolve the problem.

    Error Code List

    I the Internet settings werent congured correctly or i the connection test ailed, the Nintendo DSi will

    display and error code. Use the Error Code tables on the next several pages to determine the solution or the

    error code received.

  • 8/7/2019 DSi English






    Error Message Solution

    An error occurred. Press and hold

    POWER to turn the system of,

    then ollow the instructions in

    the systems Operations Manual.

    The system memory has been

    corrupted. Please contact

    Nintendo Customer Service or


    The device in the SD Card slot

    cannot be used.

    There is not enough ree space on

    the SD Card.

    There are no boxes available in

    the system.

    Turn the power o or a moment and then turn it back on.

    Repeat whatever you did that caused the error to occur. I the

    same message still appears, the system must be inspec ted.

    Turn the power o, and contact Nintendo Customer Service.

    The system memory is corrupted. Please contac t Nintendo

    Customer Service.

    An SD Card that cannot be used with the Nintendo DSi or

    something other than an SD Card is inserted in the SD Card

    slot, or the system region o the SD Card is corrupted. Please

    insert a unctional SD Card that can be used with the Nintendo

    DSi system.

    Either erase unnecessary sotware on the SD Card rom the

    Sotware Management screen under System Settings or erase

    unnecessary photos or rames rom Nintendo DSi Camera.

    Otherwise, try using an SD Card that has some ree space on it.

    There are no boxes available in the Nintendo DSi Menu. Erase

    unnecessary sotware rom the Sotware Management screen

    under System Settings. See page 63.

    For more inormation on error codes and messages, or i you see error codes or messages that do not

    appear on these lists, please visit support.nintendo.com.

    NOTE: I ou cannot connect due to error codes 052003, 052103, or 052203, the error might be caused by the

    security sotware or rewall on your computer.

    For details, visit support.nintendo.com.

    Error Codes Condition Solution

    Wait or a while and try connecting again.

    I the issue does not get resolved, contact

    Nintendo Customer Service.

    Wait or a while and try connecting again.

    I the issues do not get resolved, visit support.

    nintendo.com to see i the server is undergoing


    Erase unnecessary sotware rom the Sotware

    Management screen under System Settings.

    Wait or a while and try connecting again.

    I the issue does not get resolved, contactNintendo Customer Service.

    Wait or a while and try connecting again.

    I the issue does not get resolved, contact

    Nintendo Customer Service.

    Please contact Nintendo Customer Service.

    Wait or a while and try connecting again.

    I the issue does not get resolved, contact

    Nintendo Customer Service.

    Could not connect to Nintendo

    Wi-Fi Connection.

    The Nintendo Wi-Fi

    Connection servers are either

    undergoing maintenance or are

    very busy.

    Insufcient ree blocks in the

    system memory.

    Cannot connect to the system

    update server.

    The system could not be

    updated due to internet error.

    An error occurred, so the

    system could not be updated.

    Could not connect to the


    020100 020999

    023000 025999

    034219, 034220

    034301 034304


    034305 034499

    034000 034218,

    034500 034699

    050100 050199

  • 8/7/2019 DSi English


    101 102Nintendo DSi Privacy Policy

    Nintendo is dedicated to protecting your privacy and handling any personal inormation we obtain rom you with care and

    respect. This Nintendo DSi System Privacy Policy (Privacy Policy) is intended to provide you with an understanding o

    inormation that may be submitted and collected through use o the Nintendo DSi System. We may revise and update this

    P i P li ti t ti Pl i th t t i thi li tl b i t htt // t

    Nintendo DSi Shop Account: I you pay or items through the Nintendo DSi Shop with your credit card, you need to providea valid credit card number, expiration date, credit card security code and your city, state/county/province and zip code/postal

    code. We do not ask or your name or your complete address unless you order items that we must ship to you, rather than

    d li i d l d Y t b th 18 t l d li A dit d i ti b it th h

    Last Updated: November 18, 2008

  • 8/7/2019 DSi English




    Privacy Policy rom time to time. Please review the most recent version o this policy requently by going to http://support.nintendo.com or contacting our customer service department at (888) 977-7627. When we update this Privacy Policy, we will

    revise the Last Updated date above. This Privacy Policy only applies to inormation submitted or collected rom your Nintendo

    DSi. Inormation you may submit through any o Nintendos Web sites or the Wii console is subject to the applicable privacy

    policy posted at http://support.nintendo.com.

    Please read this Privacy Policy; it applies to use o your Nintendo DSi by you and any other person using your Nintendo DSi(whether you gave them permission to use it or not).

    ATTENTION PARENTS OR LEGAL GUARDIANS:PROTECTING CHILDRENS PRIVACYWe do not knowingly collect Personal Inormation rom children under the age o 13, absent veriable parental consent.

    Beore allowing your children to use the Nintendo DSi, we strongly recommend you educate them on the importance o not

    sharing personally identiable inormation about themselves with strangers. In particular, we recommend you tell your

    children not to use any personally identiable inormation or their Nintendo DSi user name, in-game nicknames, or when

    communicating with other Nintendo DSi users through the Nintendo DSi wireless communication eatures.

    We strongly recommend you assist your children with the setup o their Nintendo DSi, and that you supervise your childrens

    use o the Nintendo DSi at all times. You can restrict your childrens use o certain eatures o the Nintendo DSi by setting up the

    Nintendo DSi Parental Controls unction.

    For a detailed description o the Nintendo DSi wireless communication eatures and Parental Controls, please see the Nintendo

    DSi Operations Manual included with your Nintendo DSi and also available at http://support.nintendo.com.

    INFORMATION COLLECTEDPersonal Inormation is inormation that may be used to identiy you such as your name, address, telephone number, or

    name based email address (or example, [email protected]). We only collect Personal Inormation you provide to us or

    as described below. I you choose not to provide us with Personal Inormation, use o your Nintendo DSi will not be aected,

    except to the extent that certain eatures, such as those described in the section immediately below, request disclosure o certain

    Personal Inormation.

    In addition to the Personal Inormation you provide to us, we may collect anonymous inormation rom you such as your age,

    gender, geographic area, Nintendo DSi internet protocol (IP) address, and media access control (MAC) address. We will not

    link your Personal Inormation with any anonymous inormation we collect rom you without rst notiying you or unlessnecessary to enorce our Nintendo DSi EULA or Code o Conduct or to respond to legal process. In order to provide you with more

    customized services, we may also receive and record inormation on our ser ver logs rom the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Service

    (WFC), including but not limited to your IP address, MAC address, cookies, transactions, settings and download activity. I you do

    not want Nintendo to collect this inormation you can turn o Nintendo WFC on your Nintendo DSi.

    I you provide sensitive inormation when communicating with third parties via your Nintendo DSi, Nintendo does not receive

    or collect that inormation. Your Nintendo DSi may store on its hard drive Personal Inormation or sensitive inormation or your


    HOW SUCH INFORMATION IS COLLECTED AND USEDWe may request either Personal or anonymous inormation rom you or several purposes including to: (i) customize your

    Nintendo DSi Shop catalog and other catalogs; (ii) communicate with you regarding games, contests, sweepstakes, surveys,

    product changes, Nintendo WFC issues and more; (iii) acilitate your use o certain Nintendo DSi applications and eatures;(iv) process orders you have placed through your Nintendo DSi; and (v) set up repair orders. Some o the types o inormation

    collected and the way the inormation is handled are detailed by category below.

    Surveys: We may conduct surveys o Nintendo DSi users. The inormation we collect rom you in a survey will be demographic oropinion inormation and will not be tied to your Personal Inormation unless we notiy you otherwise. The results o aggregate

    data collected rom surveys, but not Personal Inormation, may be disclosed to the public.

    Contests and Sweepstakes: We may host various contests and sweepstakes. To enter you may be required to submit certainPersonal Inormation about yoursel. For more inormation about Nintendo contests or sweepstakes, please see the ofcial rules

    o the contest or sweepstake you are entering.

    Nintendo DSi Online Applications:Certain Nintendo DSi online applications may request anonymous inormation romyou, which we may use to recommend games to you or to develop new games and services. For more inormation, please visit


    deliver via a download. You must be over the age o 18 to place orders online. Any credit card inormation you submit through

    the Nintendo DSi Shop will be transmitted using SSL encryption. All such encrypted inormation will be maintained and

    processed by Nintendo and its trusted third party credit card processors on secure computers that are not accessible rom the

    Internet. This encrypted inormation is subject to the section below entitled Security.

    IP Addresses: Your Nintendo DSi is automatically assigned an IP address by your Internet Service Provider when you connect

    to Nintendo WFC. Nintendo WFC automatically creates log les o user activities via Nintendo WFC and may also record theIP address and MAC address o users. In general, we only use log les to monitor trafc on our Web sites and to troubleshoot

    technical problems. In the event you do not comply with the Nintendo DSi End User License Agreement (EULA) or Nintendo DSi

    Code o Conduct when using Nintendo WFC we may block your IP address. We do not link IP addresses to Personal Inormation

    unless we notiy you or unless necessar y to enorce our Nintendo DSi EULA or Code o Conduct or to respond to legal process.

    Web Beacons: Certain Nintendo DSi online applications may use a common Internet technology called Web beacons(also called Web bugs, action tags, pixel trackers, or clear GIFs), which are small graphic images placed on a Web page,

    Web-based document, or in an email message, designed to collect certain inormation and monitor user activity online. Web

    beacons are invisible to you because they are typically very small (only 1-by-1 pixel) and the same color as the background o

    the Web page, document or email message. We may use Web beacons to collect anonymous inormation such as the Nintendo

    DSi IP address, MAC address, the URL o the page the Web user comes rom, and the time the Web beacon is activated (suchas when you view the Web page, advertisement, or email containing the Web beacon). We do not use Web beacons to collect

    Personal Inormation. We may use the anonymous inormation collected through Web beacons to determine how to improve

    the Nintendo DSi applications by seeing which areas, eatures, and products are most popular; personalizing the Nintendo DSi

    services and making recommendations based on downloaded products; and completing transactions you have requested.

    Cookies: Certain online Nintendo DSi applications may use cookies, which are small text les that a Web site places on yourNintendo DSi. These les identiy your Nintendo DSi and record data about your visit so that when you return to a Web site,the site recognizes your Nintendo DSi and can personalize your visit. Cookies may be linked to your transaction history, online

    game play or other inormation. We may use inormation collected by cookies, as well as other tools such as log les and

    Web beacons, to determine how to improve the Nintendo DSi applications by seeing which areas, eatures, and products are

    most popular; personalizing the Nintendo DSi services and making recommendations based on downloaded products; and

    completing transactions you have requested.

    In the event you visit a third par tys Web site through the Internet browser on the Nintendo DSi, or you choose to view an ad

    rom a third party, such as those made available at Nintendo Zone stations, those Web sites or ads may also contain tools such

    as cookies and Web beacons. Any inormation gathered through such tools is collected by the third party, not by us, and wehave no access to or control over these cookies or the inormation contained within them.

    DISCLOSURE OF INFORMATIONWe do not sell or rent any o our customers Personal Inormation to third parties. We may, however, share Personal or

    anonymous inormation with our vendors to help us perorm various unctions necessary to operate our business (or

    example, completing downloads or purchases, developing and executing marketing campaigns, etc.) and with our afliatedcompanies. We also may disclose your email address to our partners or the sole purpose o sending you email messages you

    have requested, or to ensure that you do not rec