Driving Cars and Driving Businesses

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There are many commonalities between driving cars and driving businesses. Are good drivers car drivers good business drivers as well?


<ul><li> 1. Driving Cars and Driving Businesses <br />Ali Anani, PhD<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Drivers have to make quick decisions.They don't have the luxury of time <br />Time out<br /> 3. Time is shrinking <br />Decision makers have to make quick decisions as car drivers do<br /> 4. Hesitant car drivers make accidents <br />So, are drivers of organizations<br /> 5. Rapidity of change <br />puts organizations on many junctions<br /> 6. Which direction to go? <br />And timely decisions must be taken<br /> 7. Like a caring driver he does first what he may control <br />He/she inspects the car before driving<br /> 8. But that isn't enough <br />The driver must take care of himself/herself<br /> 9. Drivers of businesses should avoid "driving" the organization <br />If they are stressed or unhealthy<br /> 10. Good drivers avoid driving while drunk <br />Or, under stress<br /> 11. Good drivers collect information on the enironment <br />They minimize the driving risks<br /> 12. Drivers of businesses should read the environment <br />To minimize risks on the road of forward moving the business<br /> 13. No matter what, car drivers shall come to junctions where they have to make <br />Intuition may help in directing the driver to the correct direction<br /> 14. Car drivers may run into a slow lane <br />This determines their arrival time<br /> 15. Good drivers have an emergency plan to move out of the slow lane <br />They have alternative routes<br /> 16. So are business drivers <br />They do their best to have alternatives.<br /> 17. Are good drivers good business drivers too? <br />They share many similar ingredients<br /></p>