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  • The most efficient , full sized and spacious van for commercial use

  • What are the specifications of sprinter ??

  • Powertrain

    7-speed Automatic 7G

    Tronic Transmission

    Blue Efficiency

    4 cylinder BlueTEC

    turbocharged diesel Engine

  • It combines the benefit of 2-stage turbocharged

    power with 265lb-ft torque .

  • 7-speed Automatic 7G Tronic Transmission

  • Also delivers

    Maximum efficiency

    Quick shifting

    Lower fuel consumption

    Less noise

  • Blue Efficiency

  • Actually, Mercedes has invented this term as a symbol of fuel-

    saving and emission reduction

  • Load adoptive Electronic stability Program

    High beam Assist

    Lane Keeping Assist

    Collision Prevention


  • Load-Adaptive Electronic Stability Program

  • If found any problem in a vehicle like wheelspin, understeer or

    oversteer then ESP automatically brakes individual wheels that

    reduces engine power to stabilize the vehicle

  • High-beam Assist

  • The system constantly switches high-beam to low beam as per traffic and

    oncoming vehicle while driving

  • Lane Keeping Assist

  • Collision Prevention Assist

  • This system reduces the rear-end collisions and

    enhances driving safety

  • Vehicle Design

    Refined Interior


    Navigation system

    Upfitter friendly features

    Defined Exterior

  • The exterior of sprinter shows an unmistakable face of Mercedes as a commercial vehicle .

    Defined Exterior

  • Features :

  • Refined Interior

  • Navigation system

  • Upfitter Friendly Features

  • Website:


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