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A one stop effective interface for all your Audio Visual needs.


  • 1. We at Drishya Movies assure you of one of the best services in audio visual communication and entertainment.
  • 2. Of nascent, insurgent markets. Of people and communities. Contd.
  • 3. To tap the power of the right media channel. The catalyst in synergizing company needs and market dynamics. To create foundational strategies on which to build brands. Contd.
  • 4. To be in sync with our clients every step of the way. To communicate with the consumer the language he/she best understands.
  • 5. Striving to maintain deliverance of contemporary representation of life; be it in Cinema, Advertising or Television.
  • 6. Drishya Movies Pvt. Ltd. 403, BHAGWATI, YARI ROAD, VERSOVA ANDHERI (W) MUMBAI- 400061 TELE-FAX: 91-22- 26324797 MOBILE: 9820316505 E-mail: drishyamovies@rediffmail.com & drishyamovies@yahoo.co.in
  • 7. Aditya Seth