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    Prawn Salad with Guacamole and Whiskey Sauce £7.50 Caesar style prawn salad with signature whiskey cocktail sauce

    Caesar Salad with Du Chef Homemade Dressing £6.00 Romaine lettuce with pancetta, fresh croutons, caesar dressing and parmesan

    Large portion Add chicken £9.50 Add Tuna £9.50

    Beef Carpaccio A La Ranchera £9.50 Marinated tenderloin �lled with mozzarella cheese and perfumed with white tru�e dressing

    Greek Salad Papadoulos £7.00 Original Greek recipe with feta cheese, tomato, cucumber, olives and BBQ roast capsicum dressing


    Special Soup of the Day £5.00 Please ask your waiter for details


    Prawn and Scallop Tropicana £10.50 Prawn breaded in coconut �akes, grilled scallop with pineapple and honey glaze

    Cocotte Portuguese Chicken Stew £8.50 Chicken in spicy red wine, paprika and pepper sauce served in cocotte

    Breaded Stu�ed Italian Mushrooms £6.40 Deep fried mushroom heads �lled with herb cream cheese

    Batonne of Beef Tenderloin Arabian Style £9.80 Small beef tenderloin medallions rolled in sesame seeds with Cognac red onion glaze


    Americano £2.00 Latte £2.80 Fresh Mint Tea £2.30

    Espresso £2.80 Mochaccino £2.80 Hot Chocolate £2.80

    Cappuccino £2.80 Tea £1.80


    Irish Co�ee £7.50 With Irish whisky and chantilly

    French Amour Co�ee £8.00 With cognac and chantilly

    Trinidad Special Co�ee £7.50 With Kahlua and chantilly

    Voodoo Cold Nightmare £8.50 Hot co�ee with chocolate ice cream, Tia Maria and chantilly


    A small portion of Chips is included with the Snacks.

    Angus Steak Burger £8.50 Battered Calamari £6.50

    Beef Burger £7.50 Nachos £8.50 With Pinto Beans, chargrilled chicken or beef No 1 Burger £8.00 strips, melted cheese, guacamole and sour Double Beef Burger with cheese topped with cream onion rings and Chips Double Mozzarella Burger £7.50 Bacon Cheese Burger £8.00

    Home Made Onion Rings £5.20 Grilled Chicken Escalope £8.00 Onion Rings £3.50 Pork Rib Burger £7.50 Pork Rib Fingers £7.00 Prawns £8.50 Scampi £5.50 Style Garlic Tempura Chips £3.50

    Fish Fingers £8.50

    Home Made Chicken Nuggets £7.50

    Vegetable Spring Rolls £6.50



    Maple Old Fashioned £8.00 Bourbon whiskey, maple syrup, orange and angostura bitters.

    English Garden £8.00 Gin, elder�ower liqueur, lemon and pear puree.

    Angelita £8.00 Tequila reposado, lime, apple juice, agave syrup.


    Solero £7.50 Spice & Stormy £7.50 Vodka, mango and passion fruit syrup, double Vanilla rum, grandmarnier, angostura, lime and cream. ginger beer.

    El Mexicano £7.50 Highland Compote £7.50 Tequila tradicional, passion fruit, mango puree Monkey shoulder, orgeat, apple puree and and lime juice. angostura bitters.

    Catalan Punch £7.50 Brandy Alexander £7.50 Chambord, vanilla, peach liqueur and red wine. Cognac, baileys, chocolate and double cream.

    Bison Mule £7.50 Julieta £7.50 Bison vodka, lime, sugar and ginger beer. Dry London gin, pineapple juice, lime, sugar

    and watermelon.

    Breakfast Julep £7.50 Gin, sour mix, mint and marmalade.


    Hiroshima Bomb £10.00 Absinthe, jagermeister, energy drink

    Jaeger Bomb £4.50 Jagermeister, energy drink

    B52,53,54 £4.20 Kahlua, baileys, 10ml of your choice

    CHAMPAGNE Gruet Champagne (Champagne) £32.00 Made exclusively from Pinot Noir grapes, this Champagne is full bodied, well structured and powerful with exquisite aromas. 75cl

    Moet et Chandon Brut Imperial NV (Champagne) £49.00 Yeasty, toasty aromas burst out of the glass complemented by a beautifully creamy palate with a little zippy acidity on the �nish. 75cl

    Laurent Perrier Rosé (Champagne) £89.00 Complex, soft and full �avoured with a rich, raspberry-blackcurrant nose and palate. 75cl

    Dom Perignon 2002 (Champagne) £190.00 The �agship wine from the House of Moet et Chandon. Rich, full �avoured, with great elegance and style. 75cl


    Black Label Jack Daniels Yamazaki

    Size Size Size 50ml £7.70 25ml £4.80 50ml £6.70 25ml £4.20 50ml £8.50 25ml £5.30

    Dalwhinnie Maker's Mark Rittenhouse Rye Whisky

    Size Size Size 50ml £10.50 25ml £6.30 50ml £7.70 25ml £4.80 50ml £7.70 25ml £4.80

    Jamesons Monkey Shoulder

    Size Size 50ml £6.70 25ml £4.20 50ml £7.70 25ml £4.80


    Bacardi Havana 7 Morgan's spiced

    Size Size Size 50ml £6.50 25ml £4.20 50ml £8.50 25ml £5.30 50ml £7.70 25ml £4.80

    Brugal Havana Club Sailor Jerry

    Size Size Size 50ml £7.70 25ml £4.80 50ml £6.70 25ml £4.20 50ml £7.70 25ml £4.80

    Capitan Morgan Malibu Wray Nephew Overproof Size Size Size 50ml £6.70 25ml £4.20 50ml £6.70 25ml £4.20 50ml £7.70 25ml £4.80


    Don julio Reposado Mezcal Monte Alban Tequila Rose

    Size Size Size 50ml £8.50 25ml £5.30 50ml £6.70 25ml £4.20 50ml £6.70 25ml £4.20

    fose Cuervo Gold Patron Co�ee XO

    Size Size 50ml £6.70 25ml £4.20 50ml £7.70 25ml £4.80


    Grey Goose Russian Standard Smirno�

    Size Size Size 50ml £8.50 25ml £5.30 50ml £7.70 25ml £4.80 50ml £6.70 25ml £4.20

    Zubrowka Bison

    Size 50ml £7.70 25ml £4.80


    Beefeater 24 Bombay Sapphire Tanqueray 10

    Size Size Size 50ml £6.70 25ml £4.20 50ml £6.70 25ml £4.20 50ml £10.50 25ml £6.30


    Courvoisier VS Hennessy VS

    Size Size 50ml £6.70 25ml £4.20 50ml £7.70 25ml £4.80


    Sambuca (Black, White, Raspberry)

    Flavor Black White Raspberry

    Size 50ml £6.70 25ml £4.20


    Absinthe 72% Pimms Jagermeister Size Size Size 50ml £8.50 25ml £5.30 50ml £6.70 25ml £4.20 50ml £6.70 25ml £4.20

    Aguardiente Southern Comfort Goldschlager Size Size Size 50ml £6.70 25ml £4.20 50ml £6.70 25ml £4.20 50ml £7.70 25ml £4.80

    Cachaca Disaronno Amaretto Size Size 50ml £6.70 25ml £4.20 50ml £6.70 25ml £4.20 Spirit Bottle £100.00 Premium Bottle £130.00 VIP Bottle £160.00 70cl 70cl 70cl


    Archers Chambord Kahlua

    Size Size Size 50ml £6.70 25ml £4.20 50ml £6.70 25ml £4.20 50ml £6.70 25ml £4.20

    Baileys Cointreau Limoncello

    Size Size Size 50ml £6.70 25ml £4.20 50ml £6.70 25ml £4.20 50ml £6.70 25ml £4.20

    Campari Grand Marnier Tia Maria

    Size Size Size 50ml £6.70 25ml £4.20 50ml £6.70 25ml £4.20 50ml £6.70 25ml £4.20


    Amstel Heineken Strongbow

    Size Size Size ½ Pint £2.50 Pint £3.90 ½ Pint £2.60 Pint £4.10 ½ Pint £2.50 Pint £3.90

    Guinness 1664

    Size Size ½ Pint £2.70 Pint £4.20 ½ Pint £2.60 Pint £4.10


    Desperados Peroni Jeremiah Weed (Sour Mash - Root)

    Size Size 330ml £4.00 500ml n/a 330ml £4.00 500ml n/a Size 330ml n/a 500ml £5.50 London Pride Sol £3.80

    Size Size 330ml £5.00 500ml n/a 330ml 500ml



    Bulmers £4.80 Rekorderlig £5.50 Pear/strawberry-lime


    Coke/Diet/Lemonade/Tonic £2.00 RedBull £3.00 354ml 200ml

    Juice(100% pure squeezed juices) £2.50 J20 £2.50 Cranberry, pineapple, orange, apple 354ml 275ml

    Soda £1.50 354ml Bottle of water £2.00 500ml


    A choice of bistro chips, pan-fried French potatoes, mixed season vegetables and mixed salad is available for £1.50 each

    BBQ Marinated Rib Eye (7oz) £17.50 Surf and Turf Tenderloin and Gigantic £24.00 Grilled prime USDA rib eye, marinated in a Prawn (6oz) barbecue sauce and served with �ne chili garlic USDA tenderloin and gigantic prawn served with butter herb butter

    Manly Brazilian Strip Loin (9oz) £17.50 T-bone Steak with French Forest Herb £22.00 Sirloin grilled on lava, blackened and �ambe Butter with rum Chateau style grilled 7oz tenderloin with stir-fried

    Strogano� and �ambe with vodka Californian Rump Steak & Green £15.50 Pepper Sauce (8oz) BBQ Grilled 1/2 Honey Lemon Chicken £10.50 Rump steak grilled into perfection, served with 1/2 Grilled chicken served with lemon-honey fresh green peppercorn sauce herb gravy

    Chateaubriand (2ppl) £35.00 In real butter pan seared double tenderloin (18 oz) served with Butter gravy and mushrooms

    Texan or Honey Pork Ribs £13.50 Grilled �ne marinated pork ribs in Cajun BBQ seasoning or Honey and Lemon


    Spanish Paella (2ppl) £23.00 BBQ Salmon and Onion Shrimp Sauce £16.00 Stir-fried mixed seafood and chicken with Bone free darne of salmon grilled with �ne sa�ron rice and Spanish spices onion threads composition

    Penne Rigatta Fruits de Mer £13.50 Austrian Potato Gnocchi £14.50 Italian Penne pasta with stir-fried �sh mix, Gn