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Ready, set, shake! Life isnt always a smooth ride, but luckily theres a

chill out sanctuary called the cocktail bar.

Braza brings a creative burst of treasures from South Americas

carnival capital, an intoxicating mix of tropical fruits and exotic

liquor. Get swept away with our fruity, creamy, bitter, sweet and

sour Brazilian alchemies.






7.5San Pellegrino Sparkling Water 750mlAcqua Panna Still Water 750ml

4Pepsi, Pepsi Max, Lemonade, Lemon Squash, Sunkist, Dry Ginger Ale, Tonic Water, Soda Water

4.5Apple | MaaCranberry | OxicocoGuava Blend | GoiabaOrange | LaranjaPineapple | AbacaxiTomato | Tomate


Braza MocktailA non-alcoholic refreshing mixture of exotic fruits, juice and mint.

Water Australian




9 11.5Braza Brew | Lord Nelson Natural Ale, 4.9%, NSW

9 11.5Pressmans | Apple, 4.5%, NSW

9.5 14.5Peroni | Lager, 5.1%, Italy

9.5 124 Pines Kolsch | Kolsch, 4.6%, NSW9.5 124 Pines Summer Ale | Wheat Ale, 4.2%, NSW

9 11.5Franziskaner | Hefe Weissbier, 5%, Germany

9.5Hillbilly | Apple, 4.5%, Blue Mountains NSW | 330ml10Rekorderlig | Strawberry & Lime, 4.0%, Sweden | 330ml

9.5 12Fat Yak | Pale Ale, 4.7%, VIC

8.5Pure Blonde | Lager, 4.6%, VIC | 375ml

9.5 12Lord Nelson Three Sheets | Pale Ale, 4.9%, NSW

10 13Blue Moon | Belgian-Style Wheat Ale, 5.4%, USA

9 11.5Angry Man | Pale Ale, 4.8%, NSW




4.5Lemon Lime BittersSoda Lime BittersPink LemonadeGuaran Antarctica 330ml Can

5.5Coke 330mlCoke No Sugar 330mlDiet Coke 330ml

6Red Bull 250ml Can

LycheeriesRead it again, its Lycheeries, not Lingeries... More enjoyable when sober isnt??

Virgin MojitoStraight from the Caribbean, this drink made as Ernest Hemingways favourite, without the alcohol.

Vanila ColadaFor the one staying clear of the RBT but still cant resist the creamy aromatics of vanilla, coconut and pineapple

6.5Aai Smoothie9Fresh Young Coconut

Soft Drinks









8Peroni Leggera | Light Lager, 3.5%, Italy | 330ml9Corona | Pale Lager, 4.5%, Mexico | 355ml


8.5Heineken | Lager, 5%, Holland | 330ml

10Kona Big Wave | Golden Ale, 4.4%, USA | 355ml

14Stone & Wood Cloud Catcher | Ale, 6%, NSW | 500ml

8Balmain | Pale Ale, 4,9%, NSW | 375 ml8.5Young Henrys Newtowner | Pale Ale, 4.9%, NSW | 375ml

9Feral Smoked Porter | Porter, 4.9%, WA | 330ml

8.5Stella Artois | Pilsner, 4.8%, Belgium | 330ml

8.5Lazy Yak | Australian Pale Ale, 4.2%, WA | 345ml

9.5Hoegaarden | Wheat Beer, 4.9%, Belgium | 330ml

9.5James Squire 150 Lashes | Pale Ale, 4.2%, NSW | 345ml9.5Dad & Davess | Pale Ale, 4.2%, NSW | 330ml


Long 35Chimay Grande Rserve | Dark Ale, 9%, Belgium | 750 ml





8.5 11Beer Special of the Month Every month a different beer with a special price. Check with our staff for more information.


Neutral Semi Sweet



CACHAA SELECTIONWe are proud to offer and say that Braza is the only Brazilian Restaurant in Australia that has a Cachaa Selection. Cachaa is the Brazilian national alcoholic beverage - brandy, made from sugar cane juice. Brazil produces more than 1.5 billion litres of Cachaa per year and has approximately 5,000 different brands. Please choose one from the list below.

Aroma and flavour of fresh sugar cane. Aged in specific Brazilian oak barrel, enjoy it by itself or to give a twist to your cocktail.

Intense flavour with a touch of gras and floral notes, great as an aperitif.

Aged in specific Brazilian oak barrel, flavour of spices, perfect for an after dinner.

9gua Luca | UnknownPitu White | Vitria de Santo Anto, PernambucoSocana | Cerquilho, So PauloBousquet | Bom Jesus do Itabopoana, Rio de Janeiro

10Tucana | So Joo Batista da Gloria, Minas GeraisJangada | Campina Grande, Paraba

14DJ Limited | So Gonalo do Par, Minas Gerais

8Sagatiba | Patrocnio Paulista, So PauloSaturno | Santo Antnio do Cerrado, Minas GeraisCachaa 51 | Pirassununga, So PauloDo Mago | Araxa, Minas Gerais

10Rainha de Gerais | Fazenda Aroeiros, Minas GeraisSeleta (BRAZAs house cachaa) | Salinas, Minas GeraisCabucana | Rio Pardo de Minas, Minas GeraisCabana Caipira Dourada | Ribeiro Preto, So PauloCompanheira | Jandaia do Sul, ParanTheodoro | Serra Negra, So PauloEstao de Minas | Aribaia, Minas GeraisBelvedere | Rio Grande do Sul

11Nascente do Velho Chico | Piumhi, Minas GeraisSeverina do Popote | Ibiratai, BahiaPendo | Itatiaiuu, Minas GeraisLukana Ouro | Ouro Preto, Minas GeraisFolclore Mineiro Ouro | Pimenta, Minas GeraisSanto Grau Itarapua | Itarapua, So Paulo

12Magotel | Arax, Minas GeraisHarmonie Schnaps | Harmonia, Rio Grande do Sul

15Germana Heritage | Nova Unio, Minas Gerais

14Dedo de Prosa | Piranguinho, Minas Gerais8Bacana | Unknown

8Saturno, Gold | Santo Antnio do Cerrado, Minas Gerais

10Boazinha | Salinas, Minas GeraisSagatiba Velha | Nova Unio, Minas GeraisAroma de Minas | Belo Horizonte, Minas GeraisCaetano | Nova Unio, Minas GeraisTaruana So Joo Nepomuceno | Taruau, Minas GeraisPinguim | Uberlndia, Minas GeraisGermana Gold | Nova Unio, Minas GeraisVigilante | Salinas, Minas Gerais

11Santo Grau | Paraty, Rio de JaneiroWeber Haus | Ivoti, Rio Grande do SulTerra Vermelha | Assai, ParanMineira da Roa (Organic) | Guap, Minas GeraisKura Trimura | Definpolis, Minas GeraisMenino do Engenho | Cedral, So Paulo

9Ypica Ouro, Gold | Fortaleza, CearSo Francisco | Resende, Rio de JaneiroGermana Soul | Nova Unio, Minas GeraisFamosinha de Minas | Papagaios, Minas GeraisSanturio de Minas | Papagaios, Minas GeraisMel na Boca | Cravinhos, So PauloMuseu Agropecurio | Goiana, GoisDois Bois | Igarapava, So PauloCaranguejo | Campina Grande, Paraba

10Cachoeira | Salinas, Minas GeraisEngenho So Luiz | Lenois Paulista, So PauloJos Orlando | So Joo da Boa Vista, So PauloSebastiana | Amrico Brasiliense, So PauloTaruana Prata | Taruacu, Minas Gerais

11Da Quinta do Cedro Ouro | So Loureno, Minas GeraisVelha Serrana | Serro, Minas GeraisPinheirinha | Joo Pinheiro, Minas GeraisSanto Grau Coronel | Coronel Xavier Chaves, Minas Gerais

12Serra das Almas Prata | Rio de Contas, BahiaMatodentro | So Luiz do Paraitinga, So PauloCerquinha Ouro | Capela do Alto, So Paulo

13P de Cana Chique | Conceio do Rio Verde, Minas GeraisSaliboa | Salinas, Minas GeraisProeza | So Francisco, Minas Gerais


7Campari | ItalyAperol | Italy












8.5Canadian Club | CanadaJohnnie Walker Red Label | Scotland

6Baileys Irish Cream | IrelandKahlu Mexican Liquor | BarbadosMalibu | USA

8Alize Blue | FranceAmaretto Disaronno | ItalyJagermeister | GermanySouthern Comfort | USA

9Chambord Royale | FranceGalliano Sambuca | ItalyGalliano Black Sambuca | ItalyGalliano Vanilla | Italy

7.5Midori Melon | MexicoMidori Strawberry | Mexico

9Jack Daniels | USAJameson Irish | Ireland

8Jim Beam | USA

8.5Smirnoff | Russia

10Remmy Martin VSOP | France

7Franglico | Italy

10Chartreuse Yellow | France

11Hennessy VSOP | France

22Hennessy XO | France

10Belvedere | Poland

11Grey Goose | France

12Patron XO Caf | Mexico

14Patron Silver | Mexico

13ArteNOM Seleccion 1580 Bianco Artesanal | Mexico

14ArteNOM Seleccion 1414 Reposado Artesanal | Mexico

17Patron Anejo | Mexico

16ArteNOM Seleccion 1146 Anejo Artesanal | Mexico

8.5Mount Gay | Barbados

9Sailor Jerry Spiced | USA

9Mistral 40% | Chile

11Hendricks | Scotland

10Gembrook Artisanal MGC | Australia

8Bombay Sapphire | England

8.5Wild Turkey 86.6 Proof | USA

9Makers Mark | USA

10Woodford Reserve | USA

24Johnnie Walker Blue Label | Scotland

11Chivas Regal 12yrs | ScotlandJohnnie Walker Black Label | Scotland

16Lagavulin 18yrs | ScotlandMichel Couvreur Overaged 12-20yrs | France

13Glenmorangie The Original 10yrs | Scotland

8Bundaberg | AustraliaBacardi White | Bahamas

9Jos Cuervo | Mexico


Caipirinha Family

Cocktails da Casa - Made in BRAZA



17Caipirinha | Signature Brazilian Cocktail with sugar cane spirit Cachaa, fresh limes & sugar. Flavours: Original lime, strawberry, kiwi, passion fruit or pomegranate.

15Ipanema Sunset | The best party starts here when the sun sets in the west. Alize Bleu, Orange Liquor, and a splash of lemon juice.

15Butler from Rio | Imagine the Martini came out of Brazil, Cachaa Seleta tamed with Green Apple Liquor, Martini Rosso and a splash of soda.

15Rosa Maria | The pink wonder of the world. cant live without it. Watermelon Liquor, Gin & Tonic.

16Abacaxi com Hortel | Be transported to Copacabana with this refreshing combination. Vodka, fresh pineapple & mint.

18Luciana | To know her is to love her. Fresh pear crushed, and mixed with Gin, yellow Chartreuse, pear juice and lemon sours, keepem coming!

15ndio Guaran | Get wild with Amazon indians heaven fruit. Aa, Gin & Pama (pomegranate liquor).

17Bloody Maria | Marys Brazilian cousin a blend of Vodka, Cachaa Seleta, Brazilian chilli sauce & tomato juice.

16gua Vermelha | A touch of rouge to get in the mood... gua = Water, Vermelha = Red.

16Praia Brava | A sweet stormy and joyful splash combination that will surely make an impact. Gin, Watermelon Liquor, Chambord and fresh mint.

16Passion Tequini | Caribic Margarita style marrying Juice to Liquor. Tequila, Triple Sec, Passion fruit liquor, passion fruit and lemon juice.

16Baunilhario Cambori | The Baunilha Vanilla heaven. Dark rum with Galliano Vanilla, Falernum, pineapple juice & fresh pineapple.

16Gramado | Chocolate for adults, combining Baileys, Dark Rum & Cocoa Leaf Liquor.

16Paulistano | Passion in a glass with Dark Rum, St Germain, Peach and lemon sours, finished with a little drop of grenadine.

18Pico da Neblina | Crisp fruit refreshment from the mountains peak. Watermelon liquor, Bacardi & Triple Sec mixed crushed strawberries and lemon sours.

18Monte Verde | All the emeralds ever found in Monte Verde combined. Kiwi, Vodka, Lychee liquor, Green Apple liquor, Midori, apple juice & pineapple juice.

17Firmeza | Drinking a mix of plum Pisco, Gin, Amaretto and lemon sours... Firmeza for sure.

17Boca Maldita | Martini style of Brazilian tropical flavours brings together White Rum, Chambord, fresh bananas & pineapple.

Our in house cocktails have been carefully created with the main focus on Brazilian flavours.

17Batida is a very traditional drink between youngsters in Brazil. Because of its sweetness and fruity flavours, it is well appreciated specially by Brazilian ladies as well.

All Batidas have either Cachaa, Vodka or White Rum, and Condensed Milk. So... tighten your seat belts and lets get in to it.

17Caipiroska | The young sister of Caipirinha with Vodka, fresh limes & sugar. Flavours: Original lime, strawberry, kiwi, passion fruit or pomegranate.

17Caipirissima | The just born brother of Caipirinha with Rum, fresh limes & sugar. Flavours: Original lime, strawberry, kiwi, passion fruit or pomegranate.

18Sakerinha | The Japonese cousin with Sake, fresh limes, sugar & cachaa. Flavours: Original lime, strawberry, kiwi, passion fruit or pomegranate.

17Caipicante | From a strawberry heaven to a spice twist. Plus Cachaa Seleta, pineapple & brown sugar.

16Caipivinho Tinto | Red Wine and Cachaa Seleta, fresh limes & sugar.

21Caipicerva | The black sheep, its like 3 drinks in one... A Capiroska with a Beer and a special Brazilian touch.

1. Choose your fruit: Coconut Pineapple Strawberry Passion Fruit Kiwi Banana

2. And now, the best part, choose your spirit: Cachaa Vodka White Rum

4524Fortfied Caipirinha/Caipiroska | Strong version of the most popular Brazilian cocktail, served in a pitcher... to share. Flavours: Original lime, strawberry, kiwi, passion fruit or pomegranate.

1 Litre500ml


15Negroni | A pre-dinner cocktail intended to stimulate the appetite, you either love it or hate it. Campari, Gin, Martini Rosso and a twist of Orange.

13Kir Royale | Welcome in the king of drinks to slake the thirst of the blue blood in us all. Crme de Cassis with Bubbles.

17Whiskey Sour | Whisky or Whiskey means water of life in Celtic. Theres nothing quite like brisk tumbler in the Whisky Rye.

17Toblerone | Keep reminding yourself, this is not a chocolate milkshake. Dangerously moorish mix of Honey, Frangelico, Irish Cream, Kahla and Fresh Cream.

14Midori Splice | Slap on a Fancy hat and your brightest lipstick and let the showgirl in you shimmy. Melon Liquor, Coconut Schnapps and a Maraschino Cherry.

15Amaretto | A taste of almond, but Amaretto, which in Italian means little bitter, is derived from apricot pits. Disaronno Amaretto, Triple Sec and fresh lemon.

15Pisco Sour | Make like an ancient and celebrate the spirit of South America with a Chilean and Peruvian national drink. Pisco, Egg White, lime and bitters.

14Bellini | The Bellini tells the secrets of Venice in the summer. Peach Liquor and Peach Pure with Bubbles.

16Manhattan | A stulish classic combination of Makers Maker, Martini Rosso and Angostura bitters.

15Cosmopolitan | You should only be drunk wearing a sassy smile and killer heels. Perfect mix of Vodka, Triple Sec and Cranberry juice.

17Long Island Ice Tea | A classy beverage, but not for high tea. One is a potent social lubricant, two will knock you off the trolley. Vodka, Rum, Gin, Tequila, Triple Sec and a touch of sours.

17Sex on the Beach | This classic tropical, sensual blend will make you dream with the stars. Vodka, Chambord, Cranberry juice and pineapple juice.

18Mojito | This Cuban classic is sure to get you wearing your dancing shoes all night. But first a word of warning: it is supernaturally addictive. White Rum, lime and fresh mint.

18Strawberry Daiquiri | So very, very drinkable that one will never be enough. White Rum, Strawberry Liquor, lime juice and Triple Sec.

17Aperol Spritz | An Italian descendant cocktail... A certain delight for your taste-buds. Aperol mixed with Prosseco & Orange.

22Vodka Martini | Shaken, not stirred, as you wish! Vodka and vermouth are the classic culprits behind this sneeringly smart martini. Served with Grey Goose.

17Espresso Martini | A delicious finish to your banquet, or just think it as being a fancy flat white. Kahla, Cocoa Brown Liquor, Vodka and a Cafezinho.

18Margarita | The XXX sensation... Caribbean Islands, Bahamas and landing in Mexico. Tequil...


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