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  • Dresser-Rand Offers Most Comprehensive Steam Turbine Line in the Energy Industry

    Dresser-Rand Company

    Dresser-Rand Company Worldwide Commercial Headquarters1200 West Sam Houston Pkwy NHouston, TX 77043USAPhone: (713) 467-2221Fax: (713) 935-3490

  • Dresser-Rand Offers Most Comprehensive Steam Turbine Line in the Energy Industry

    2005 Dresser-Rand Company 2




    In September 2005, Dresser-Rand acquired assets of Tuthill Energy Systems, which include the Coppus, Murray and Nadrowski product lines, expanding Dresser-Rands steam turbine line of single- and multi-stage steam turbines.

    Dresser-Rand maintains one of the largest installed bases in the industry. The assimilation of the Coppus, Murray and Nadrowski brands into the Dresser-Rand family provides clients with the most comprehensive steam turbine offering in the industry backed by a worldwide network of sales, manufacturing and service support for all Dresser-Rand steam turbines Coppus, Dresser-Rand, Moore, Murray, Nadrowski, Terry, Turbodyne, and Worthington.


    Dresser-Rand has more units in the field than anyone else, with roots that date back to 1840 when Henry R. Worthington designed and built the first direct-acting steam pump. Other innovations followed and by the early 1900s the company Worthington founded

    had developed the first gas compressor driven by a gas engine. Building upon this legacy were Murray, Terry, Coppus and Nadrowski steam turbines in the early 1900s; Moore steam turbines in 1916, which later became Worthington and then Turbodyne in the 1970s; and Dresser-Rand steam turbines in the 1980s.

    Product Range

    Dresser-Rand is a world leader in designing, manufacturing and servicing steam turbines, with decades of experience providing innovative solutions in the rotating equipment industry. Inclusion of the Coppus, Murray and Nadrowski installed units brings Dresser-Rands total worldwide installed steam turbine equipment base to nearly 65,000 units installed in more than 100 countries. Dresser-Rand is well positioned to deliver steam turbines for electric, generator and mechanical drives for virtually any application up to 100 MW to clients worldwide.

    The Coppus, Murray and Nadrowski businesses complement Dresser-Rands strengths with extensive chiller drive experience and a strong background in biomass applications for turbine generator packages.

    Standard Single Stage From 1 hp (5 kW) to 4,000 hp (3.0 MW) Pressures to 2,000 psig (138 bar) Temperatures to 1,000F (524C) Drive pumps, fans, mills, and generators

    Standard Multistage From 670 hp (500 kW) to 9,400 hp (7 MW) Pressures to 700 psig (48 bar)

  • Dresser-Rand Offers Most Comprehensive Steam Turbine Line in the Energy Industry

    2005 Dresser-Rand Company 3



    Temperatures to 850F (426C) Condensing and noncondensing Drive pumps, compressors, and generators

    Engineered Multistage Custom engineered with hundreds of models from 670 hp (500 kW) to 94,000 hp (70 MW) Pressures to 2,000 psig (138 bar) Temperatures to 1,050F (551C) Condensing and back-pressure to 800 psig (55 bar) Drive compressors

    Engineered Turbine Generators Custom engineered to suit exact client conditions from 3 MW to 100 MW Pressures to 2,000 psig (138 bar) Temperatures to 1,050F (551C) Geared and direct connected, 60/50 Hz Condensing, noncondensing, single and double automatic extraction Axial exhaust capabilitiesAftermarket Support

    What makes Dresser-Rand the best choice for service? D-R has many ways to help clients get the most from their equipment

    investment by increasing its longevity, availability, safety, reliability, efficiency and performance. The company maintains 24 service centers in 14 countries, staffed by dedicated people who are ready to keep equipmentno matter who built itup and running with reliable technical support 24 hours a day. These teams of professionals have the experience and vision to help clients select the approach that makes the most sense for their specific equipment, facility and operating requirements. This is where Dresser-Rand brings the value of worldwide OEM service and support to the Coppus, Murray and Nadrowski brands.

    As the OEM, Dresser-Rand has access to the original design specifications, equipment drawings, service records and other engineering data for thousands of steam turbine units with D-R and its legacy nameplates. D-R knows how all components work together and understands the implications of any changes.

    When clients get replacement parts from Dresser-Rand, they are getting the most modern materials and the latest design updates all backed by OEM expertise. Our OEM replacement parts include the most advanced materials to minimize downtime and maximize mean time between overhauls. In addition to custom stocking

  • Dresser-Rand Offers Most Comprehensive Steam Turbine Line in the Energy Industry

    2005 Dresser-Rand Company 4



    and recommended spares programs, we stock a large inventory of replacement parts in warehouses throughout the world, ready to ship at a moments notice.

    Dresser-Rand offers a vast array of state-of-the-art upgrades and modernizations. The latest design and manufacturing improvements, as well as D-Rs extensive engineering knowledge and field operating experience, provide components that maximize safety, increase performance and availability, extend equipment life and reduce life cycle costs.

    A change in operating requirements doesnt always have to mean new equipment. D-Rs full range of engineering services, including feasibility, performance, and torsional studies, as well as SAFE analyses on turbine blades, means D-R can often meet clients needs by fully evaluating and implementing the necessary changes to their existing equipment. This cost-effective alternative can increase the current units reliability, availability and performance.

    Steam turbine owners have another optiona Dresser-Rand Restored Classic. This is a previously owned steam turbine that D-R has upgraded to our current specifications, completely reconditioned and reengineered for specific applications. Restored Classic steam turbines include a new warranty.


    D-R is a technology leader, committed to R&D in helping clients determine the best solutions for their equipment and operating needs.

    Advances in steam-flow-path aerodynamics and thermodynamics, combined with improved materials and manufacturing

    processes, have made it possible to improve steam turbine performance with simple component upgrades even if the units are operating at or close to their original specifications. In the past 20 years, Dresser-Rand has improved the overall efficiency of its steam turbines by nearly 10 percent. D-R has maintained its commitment to R&D with substantial investments in several key areas.

    For example, D-R has developed nozzle ring and diaphragm construction techniques that yield significant improvements compared to previous methods. Dresser-Rand uses an innovative profiled ring and vane (PRV) process to construct nozzle rings and diaphragms. PRV diaphragms, with their special end-wall profiling, offer greater efficiency compared to conventional diaphragm designs.

    Dresser-Rands retractable labyrinth seal design for interstage shaft sealing on large steam turbines increases reliability and maintains long-term efficiency.

    Adequate sealing of bearing cases, in order to limit the accumulation of water in the lubricating oil, is a concern to all steam turbine operators. In order to improve bearing sealing, Dresser-Rand provides an oil sealing system that incorporates a PTFE carbon ring fitted into a special labyrinth. This oil sealing system is also available as an upgrade for most Dresser-Rand standard product single-stage units.

  • Dresser-Rand Offers Most Comprehensive Steam Turbine Line in the Energy Industry

    2005 Dresser-Rand Company

    Worldwide Presence

    Dresser-Rand maintains steam turbine manufacturing operations in Wellsville, New York, Burlington, Iowa, Millbury, Massachusetts, Le Havre, France, Bielefeld and Oberhausen, Germany, and Campinas, Brazil.

    Our global network of sales offices more than 75 worldwide are staffed with dedicated professionals who will listen carefully to your requirements to help deliver the most value and best solutions for your specific needs. They rely on the companys worldwide network of engineering and manufacturing support and expertise to achieve those solutions on time and on budget.


    Commitment to Value

    D-R is committed to bringing clients added value through unique business processes, advanced technology, and installed base support. When it comes to the total cost of ownership, clients can count on D-R technology to deliver optimum performance for new equipment and for product upgrades that extend the life of installed equipment. Combine innovation, technology, and business processes with D-Rs total life-cycle support and its easy to see why Dresser-Rand provides the value that clients need for a competitive edge.


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