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ARCHERBespokeCabinetry Dimensions Asshown43x19x 31high Description ARCHER'spremierSignaturelineofcased goodsARCHER'spremierSignaturelineof casedgoods forcontemporaryinteriorsbringsophisticationto anyroom.Quietclose slidesandhighestquality materialscombinedwithattentiontodetail makethesetrueheirloom pieces.Fullycustomiz- ableinyourchoiceofwoods, numberofdraw- ers,depth+length. Letusbuildyousomething sublime. 102733rdStNW WASHINGTON DC 20007 202.640.2823 info@archermodern.com


  • 1027 33rd St NW WASHINGTON DC 20007 202.640.2823 info@archermodern.com www.archermodern.com

    DescriptionARCHER's premier Signature line of cased goods ARCHER's premier Signature line of cased goods for contemporary interiors bring sophistication to any room. Quiet close slides and highest quality materials combined with attention to detail make these true heirloom pieces. Fully customiz-able in your choice of woods, number of draw-ers, depth + length. Let us build you something sublime.

    DimensionsAs shown 43 x 19 x 31 high

    OptionsChoice of select grade woodsCustom sizes

    NotesLead time eight weeks.

    ARCHER Bespoke Cabinetry