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  • Dress Code: Visual AidBoys Pants

    Khaki Stone color dress pants In good repair (e.g. no holes)

    Corduroys Cargo Other colors

    YES NO

    Boys Shirts (Winter)

    Long or short sleeved White or light solid colored Oxford button-down

    Dark colors Patterned Pinstriped shirts

    YES NO

    If you are unsure about a color, please see the Dean of Students before making the purchase

  • Boys Shirts (Spring/Fall)

    John Carroll uniform polos Winter dress code shirts with a tie

    (Sports Coat is not required)

    Must be tucked in at all times

    Non-uniform polo Dark colors Patterned Striped shirts Untucked Unkempt

    YES NO

    Girls Shirts

    Long or short sleeve Black or white uniform polo shirt In good repair

    Non-uniform polo shirts or teamwear on

    non-game days

    YES NO

  • Boys and Girls Outerwear

    School sweater (crew or v-neck) Uniform sweatshirt Black or blue blazer (boys) Teamwear on game days

    Other colored blazer (boys) Non-uniform sweatshirt Non-uniform sweater Teamwear on non-game days

    YES NO

    Boys and Girls Undershirts

    White undershirt under all light colored shirts

    Black undershirt may be worn under black shirts

    Colored undershirts under white shirts (e.g. Navy blue t-shirt under white oxford)

    T-shirts with print visible through the shirt

    YES NO

    Not under white polo or dress shirt

  • Boys and Girls Shoes

    Shoes must be solid black or brown Dress shoes Sperry styled boat shoes are

    preferred with dark soles

    Canvas (TOMS, Sanuk) Athletic styled (e.g. white trim around

    sole of shoe) Multi-colored shoes Moccasins or slippers Boots Open back shoes (Clogs) Crushed heels

    YES NO

    If you are not sure if a shoe is acceptable, please see the Dean of Students before making the purchase

    Preferred Shoes - Mens Authentic Original Boat Shoe

    Womans Sperry Laguna Girls Boat Shoes Womens Bluefish 2-Eye Boat Shoe

    No walking on shoe heels Moccasins or slippers

    Canvas -TOMS

    Canvas - Sanuk

    Athletic Sole

    Wrong color with Athletic Sole

    No patterns on shoes Not a Solid Color

  • Winter Dress: Boys must wear a black or blue sports

    coat or uniform sweater or sweatshirt Tie must be worn Collar must be buttoned

    Belts must be worn at all times

    Boys must be clean shaven at all times

    No earrings allowed


    Undergarments: Girls may wear black or white tights

    or black leggings with socks No bright colors under white

    uniform shirt (e.g. Neon sports bra)

    Skirts: Shorts should not be visible below

    skirt. Skirts must be no more than 3

    above the knee

    Hair must be a naturally occurring color. Colored streaks are not allowed.

    Nose rings are not permitted



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