dreamforce 13: engage with intelligence to retain for life

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This is a Dreamforce '13 presentation from our session on how to engage customers for life. This presentation highlights how companies can and are using data to help identify opportunities and engage with customer at the right moments to drive adoption and renewals.


  • 1. Engage with Intelligence to Retain for Life Richard Campione, Board Member & President ServiceSource Doug Schmitt, VP & GM Global Support & Delivery Dell
  • 2. If youre feeling social @ServiceSource @campione @Dell #RecurringRevenue #DF13 #Renew 1
  • 3. The more you engage with customers the clearer things become and the easier it is to determine what you should be doing. -John Russell, President, Harley Davidson 2
  • 4. Engage with Intelligence + = Coming back for more 3
  • 5. Especially important in the new economy Old Economy New Economy More choice Everything-as-a-service Try-before-you-buy Lower switching costs Supplier: Build, Sell, Ship 4 Customer: Pull Differentiation through service, adoption and delivering customer value
  • 6. Customer data reflects the customer journey hard to leverage for engagement & renewal Market Marketing Automation Web 5 Sell Implement SFA Project Mgt Finance Accounting Billing Support Service Usage #DF13 insight: @ServiceSource says the key for renewals is having a high touch, high engagement sales model. #recurringrevenue Renew
  • 7. Recurring revenue presents different challenges than new revenue New revenue Recurring revenue Discovery driven process Handful of opportunities per quarter Hundreds of opportunities per quarter Timeline is open ended 6 Cant even start without data Perishable: driven by expiration #DF13 insight: @ServiceSource says comparing new sales to #renewals is like comparing Twinkies to bananas theyre fundamentally different
  • 8. Companies forced to solve with people and XLS ERP Recurring Revenue Customer Engagement CRM Accounting Marketing Billing HR CPQ Order Mgt Entitlement Manufacturing Supply Chain 7 SFA Channel Commerce Service
  • 9. Renewal reps spend more time pulling data than talking to customers SFA (n) PRM CRM SERVICE QUOTE ENTITLEMENT ASSETS ORDER ERP Admin: >50% Selling to Customers: 100% 18
  • 20. Dell reinventing customer experience 19
  • 21. Doug Schmitt VP & GM Global Support & Delivery Richard Campione Board Member & President, Cloud & Data Services 20
  • 22. "In 2012, we began an effort to simplify every aspect of the customer relationship. If successful, we believe this initiative will make it easier for customers to do business with Dell, eliminating friction and complexity and enabling more rapid response to customer needs. -Michael Dell (April 2013) 21
  • 23. To learn how you can gain intelligence about your customers, improve customer engagement and increase renewal rates by 15 pts Visit our booth: #N1423 22