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Drawing in relation to NCEA 2.3 External boards


<ul><li> 1. Today we will be looking at the process of drawing and developing ideas and applying this to the achievement standards... NCEA drawing Level Two</li></ul> <p> 2. Use drawing materials, processes and techniques appropriate to purpose We must Like.. Using light Making correct exposures Learning how to solarise Making photograms Purposefully arranging compositions 3. The research of established practice, i.e., artist models, is a vital part of meeting the achievement criteria This means using and experimenting with drawingconventions Drawing methods related to established practice Use 4. Ensure you have lots of information to work with, its wise not to focus on a solitary object or idea Establish your subject matter. Drawing as the central means to Generate ideas 5. Enrich and evolve. Begin to explore artist models ideas and processes, as well as the different conventions of established practiceThis happens after you have established your subject matter and some ideas Develop ideas Bring attention to pictorial concerns. 6. Develop your pictorial concerns further Extend ideas 7. Examine and interpret your ideas. Critically analyse your ideas to guide you through the editing process of selecting and rejecting Analyse Ideas Create drawings in response to previous works. 8. Decide from your body of work what pictorical elements/ issues you want to bring attention to. This is part of the editing process Make your objective or purpose clear. Clarify ideas 9. Put together important elements of your process into a unified and consistent whole. Bear in mind that this is a finished 2.3 portfolio. The drawing process is not nearly as linear and straight forward Regenerate ideas</p>