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Devon on Drawing for NCEA


  • 1.Drawing as used in NCEAStudent ExemplarsDrawing is a key aspect of Successfulart Practice: and accordinglyoccupies a central standpoint withinNCEA Achievement StandardsSo how exactly am Isupposed to usedrawing again?

2. Types and Processes of Drawing in Achievment Standards 3. photography to record and explore subject matterPhotography used to capturesource materialPhotography used toexplore the colourand tone of subjectmatter Drawing 4. Collage to quickly combine and test ideas Drawing 5. Notes to convey thinking process and explore ideas Drawing 6. Painting to explore mediaDrawing 7. Replication as an analytical toolShowing understandingof techniques andprocedures of an ArtistModel throughreplication Showing analysis and understanding ofunderstanding of formDrawing 8. Using multiples as a method for isolating explorations of specific elements Colour, Tone,Line,Media, Etc. Showing clear exploration of isolated elementsDrawing 9. Drawing as a systematic tool forgenerating, analysing, clarifyingand regenerating ideas Drawing 10. Locate evidence of the following on your exemplar: Where the student has generated ideas Where the studenthas analysed ideasWhere the studenthas clarified ideas Where the student has regenerated ideasFor each of these four stages what kinds of drawing have they used?