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  • Drawing Classes for Kids

  • IntroductionDrawing and painting is one of the favorite past time for all kids.

    Along with that it gives them a lot of fun and also helps to build their creativity.

    This app is a free coloring pad for kids where they can learn to draw with numerous options available to sketch and paint.

    Children can paint using any drawing tools with lots of different colors.

    This game can motivate a childs imagination and their artistic skills.

  • FeaturesYou can paint on readymade outlined uncolored images or draw on blank screens.

    You can choose multiplayer option where 2 kids can draw at the same time and compete with each other.

    Draw and paint any images and save the picture to your gallery.

    Paint the images fully and score maximum points.Share your drawings and paintings with your friends.

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  • Downloadhttp://bit.ly/DrawingClassesGame