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  • Draw Optical Illusions

    Draw your favourite candy

    Natural objects photo

    3 in 1 Animal Drawing

    Create a SteamPunk animal

    Draw a song lyric

    Hand drawing with patterns

    Draw an alphabet with objects

    Draw your room

    Found object Colour Wheel

    Data drawing

    Magazine collage

    C L I C K T H E P H O T O S F O R M O R E I N S T R U C T I O N S . F I N I S H 1 - 2 T A S K S P E R L E S S O N .

  • • Choose one of the 5 approach from the example on the right.

    • Follow the Step by Step – use ruler for straight lines.

    • Fill an A4 or a square approx. A4

    • Colour your design.

    • Click here for more inspiration

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  • • Maybe you have some of your favourite candy at home?

    • Or.. search up a photo of your favourite candy.

    • Draw the candy with the wrapper and capture all the details.

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  • • Lay them out neatly or decoratively

    • Photograph an assemblage of the items you find.

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  • • Search up different animals and create a drawing mixing 3 animals in 1 drawing.

    • Try to fill the paper.

    • Use colours if you have/want.

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  • • The entire Steampunk culture has paved the way for a new line of literature, fashion, and most especially, art.

    • Incorporating old industrial objects like gears from old clocks and other mechanics.

    • The objects looks like robots from the past.

    • Click here for more inspiration.

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  • • Choose the chorus of a song you like and write it as a design with different fonts.

    • Click here for inspiration on fonts

    • Add symbols that represent the words

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  • • Trace the outline of your hand on an A4 paper.

    • Start filling your hand with shapes and patterns.

    • Click here for inspiration on patterns

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  • A for Ant, Ape, Apple

    B for Beetle, bee, binocular

    Draw objects – Starting with A, then B, then C and so on..

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  • • Visualize your room from above. (Birds view).

    • Draw the box with walls and draw in your furniture and objects you find in your room.

    • Is it square? Rectangle shape?

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  • • Go on a little hunt in your house for colourful objects.

    • Arrange them to assemble a colour wheel.

    • Upload a photo of your wheel

    • PS. Remember to tidy up ☺

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  • • Based on your last week at home – create a drawing using the symbols on the right.

    • Repeat them as you like or vary the size.

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  • • Find a magazine you can cut in.

    • Cut out eyes, noses and mouths.

    • Create a collage – glue your piece to a paper.

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