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<ul><li><p>Dr. S. Dallas Dance, Superintendent, Baltimore County (MD) Public </p><p>Schools </p><p> Total No. of Students: 105,839 Total Annual Budget: $1.5 Billion </p><p>Dr. S. Dallas Dance began his tenure as Superintendent of Baltimore County Public Schools on July 1, 2012, with a focus on creating a culture of deliberate excellence through the acceleration of student achievement and district and school improvement. Four major issues top his priority list: developing Blueprint 2.0, the district's five-year strategic plan; ensuring a highly rigorous curriculum and academic program in all content areas while transitioning to the Common Core State Standards; focusing strategically on professional growth and development for all employees; and ensuring timely, transparent, and clear internal and external communications. </p><p>As he continues to meet numerous school system stakeholders, his transition team, led by Dr. Nancy Grasmick, former Maryland State Superintendent, and Dr. Bill Bosher, former Virginia State Superintendent, will employ various methods to determine current strengths and challenges of Baltimore County Public Schools and to provide short-term and long-term recommendations for Dr. Dance's review. In addition to the former state superintendents, the transition team consists of several education, business, and community leaders who will focus its efforts around four critical areas: Organizational Efficiency and Effectiveness, Teaching and Learning, Culture and Context, and Finance and Operations. The team is expected to conclude its work by October 1, 2012. </p><p>As Superintendent of the 26th largest school system in the nation, Dr. Dance is responsible for overseeing the instruction of more than105,000 students and leading and managing a $1.5 billion budget, 17,000 employees, and 174 schools, centers, and programs. </p><p>Distinguished as a vibrant and driven leader, Dr. Dance is highly regarded for his communication, problem-solving, consensus-building, and human relations skills. He believes strongly in maintaining a dialogue with staff, students, and community members to support all students in achieving at the highest levels. </p><p>Prior to his appointment in Baltimore County, Dr. Dance served as one of three Chief School Officers responsible for the administration of nearly 300 schools in the Houston Independent School District (HISD), the seventh largest school system in the nation and the largest in Texas. As part of the HISD senior leadership team, Dr. Dance played a significant role in numerous milestones, including achieving record high graduation rates and record low dropout rates; record high participation and performance on Advanced Placement tests; unprecedented double-digit math gains in the district's lowest performing schools (achieved in collaboration with Harvard University's EdLabs); an increase in the number of students at or above grade level in reading and math; and an overall decrease in the achievement gap. </p><p>At HISD, Dr. Dance spearheaded the launch of several innovations including a pre-AP English language arts and mathematics curriculum (in partnership with the College Board); two single-gender college preparatory academies with a strong science, technology, engineering, and mathematics focus; and the redesign of a school to accelerate at-risk students two grade levels in one year. In addition, Dr. Dance assumed a pivotal role in addressing difficult issues, primarily a budget deficit of more than $120 million over a two-year period and school facility efficiencies. Due to its progress, HISD is a finalist for the 2012 Broad Prize for Urban Education, which is considered the top honor for any school district. </p><p>Before his tenure in Houston, Dr. Dance served in executive leadership positions in Virginia that leveraged his expertise in curriculum, instruction, assessment, school improvement, and strategic planning. Those positions included Director of School Improvement for Chesterfield County Public Schools and Assistant Superintendent for Louisa County Public Schools. While in Virginia, he also worked as a Principal and Assistant Principal at the middle and high school levels, and as a high school English teacher in Henrico County Public Schools. </p><p>Dr. Dance has served as an adjunct professor at several universities, including the University of Houston, the University of Richmond, and Virginia Commonwealth University. It was at Virginia Commonwealth that he received his master's degree </p></li><li><p>in administration and supervision and a doctorate degree in educational leadership. He earned a bachelor's degree in English from Virginia Union University. </p><p>A resident of Baltimore County, Dr. Dance enjoys travel, music, reading, and all sports, especially golf. He is the proud father of one son, Myles Dallas Dance. </p></li></ul>


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