dr. jennifer denning on the dallas ymca turkey trot

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Dr. Jennifer Denning on the Dallas YMCA Turkey Trot

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Dr. Jennifer Denning on the Dallas YMCA Turkey Trot Presentation


Dr. Jennifer Denning on the Dallas YMCA Turkey Trot

A mainstay of Thanksgiving Day in the Dallas area, the Dallas YMCA Turkey Trot looks to the early 1940s for its origins.

Sporadically held in the intervening years, the event did not become a regular part of Dallas life until 1968.

In that year, an eight-mile course was set that ran along the banks of White Rock Lake.

By the late 1970s, the races popularity had grown such that organizers relocated the race to the downtown area.

More recently, in 2009, the distance was reset to five miles. Now the countrys largest Thanksgiving Day running event, the Turkey Trot draws runners and families from throughout the region with festivities and games at the races end.

While the course is certified and the race is timed, the run is not organized solely for the benefit of runners.

With over 36,000 participants from all ages and all levels of running experience at the 2011 event, the Turkey Trot is a time for camaraderie as much as athleticism.

Jennifer Denning, MD, OB/GYN, works with Northlake OB/GYN in Frisco, Texas.

A participant in distance running for over 2 years, she ran the Turkey Trot in 2012 as her first timed race.