Dr. Faustus as a tragic hero

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This presentation is about the tragic life of Dr. Faustus. Which shows that how he was falls down for his quest for the rule over the nature.


1. NAME : GOND ASMITA K.ROLL NO : 2NDPAPER NO : 1st (RenaissanceLiterature)TOPIC : DR. FAUSTUS AS ATRAGICHEROCLASS : (M.A.) SEM -1E-MAIL ID :asmita.gond414@gmail.comDEPARTMENT : (M.A.) ENGLISH DEPT.GUIDE : DR.DILIP BARADSUBMITTED TO : MAHARAJA KRISHNKUMAR 2. MARLOWES LIFE 1. (1564 TO 1593) 2. Birth place atCanterbury 3. Educated atCambridge 4. Great scholarmember of university wits 5. Died at the early ageof 30 3. WORKS OF MARLOWEI. TamburlaineII. Dr. FaustusIII. The Jew of MaltaIV. Edward-2 4. DR. FAUSTUS AS A UNIQUECARACTERHe was a central pivotHas a towering personalityThe play cant conceive in the absence ofhimWas a supreme significant character 5. TEMPTATION OF DR. FAUSTUSHe loves power, fame and pleasureStarted to study necromancyWanted to be a GodTo rule over the nature and the worldAnd so with it he get profit , delight andomnipotence 6. CONFLICT OF DR. FAUSTUSArrival of angels persuade him1. Good angel: Faustus repent yet god willpity thee2. Evil angel: Though are a spirit godcan't pity thee Involves in conflict 7. THE TRMENDOUS LOSS IN DR.FAUSTUSBy join the hands with Lucifer hedisheartened the godSlowly and steadily he looses allgood qualitiesNot able to repent like an ordinarymanCraving for the rescueAt last submit his soul to devil 8. DR. FAUSTUSS LOVE OFHUMANITY In spite of being magician he doesnot harm any innocent personDuring his meeting to doom hekeeps away to other peopleHe gives away all worldly propertyto his faithful servantDoesn't wanted to harm humanityby his sins 9. GREAT TRAGIC HERO OF ALLTIMEHe neither sinner nor survivalAccording to Goethe How greatly it isall plannedThus, he is great tragic hero of all time