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<p>JPMO HHGS Phase III TOPS ROLL OUT AS of 25 FebJoint Program Management Office, Household Goods Systems Defense Personal Property System (DPS)</p> <p>Success is the Only OptionOPR: TCJ6-P-DPS</p> <p>UNCLASSIFIED</p> <p>1</p> <p>Agenda What is TOPS What is Phase III Why Consolidate TOPS Migration Help Desk Client Requirements SSL Certificate fix (includes step by step instructions) Citrix Printing Architecture</p> <p>OPR: TCJ6-P-DPS</p> <p>UNCLASSIFIED</p> <p>2</p> <p>What is TOPS. Transportation Operational Personal Property Standard System (TOPS) is an automated standard system that manages the movement and storage of personal property shipments for Department of Defense members and their families. The system consists of six (6) modules and the current fielded version is ICP 9.6.8 Counseling: Handles all database activities associated with entitlements which arrangements are made for processing shipments or storage. Outbound: Processing of info needed for outgoing personal property shipments. Allows for selection of shipping methods and carrier selection including Direct Procurement Method (DPM) Non-Temporary Storage (NTS): Processing of info needed for storage &amp; release of NTS shipments. Printing of service orders and storage invoices. Inbound: Processing of info needed for the arrival, delivery &amp; temporary storage of inbound shipments. Quality Assurance (QA): Processing of origin and destination inspection data, monitoring</p> <p>carrier performance and scoring of shipments. General: Adding and deleting additional service for inbound and outbound shipments. Create and print GBL correction notices. Enter unique local site information to include DPM contract data.</p> <p>Reference Data: (examples) Carrier information, Rates, Codes of Service, SIT/NTS Facilities, Rank Table, Bill of Lading/Government Bill of Lading #s, Regional Storage Management Office BOAs, Port Information, etc</p> <p>OPR: TCJ6-P-DPS</p> <p>UNCLASSIFIED</p> <p>3</p> <p>What is DPS Phase III USTRANSCOM is centralizing TOPS with a new application called Defense Personal Property System, which is accessed through SDDCs Electronic Transportation Acquisition (ETA) system. In support of this effort, USTRANSCOM is integrating the legacy TOPS application into the Defense Personal Property System via Citrix XenApp 4.5 to support phase three functionality. The goal of this initiative is to consolidate the existing 123 TOPS sites into one data center, using a virtualized TOPS environment.</p> <p>OPR: TCJ6-P-DPS</p> <p>UNCLASSIFIED</p> <p>4</p> <p>Why ConsolidateAdded focused Information Assurance (IA) measures -</p> <p> Located in an isolated environment at Scott AFBReduces site vulnerability by eliminating the use of outdated (Oracle 7) software - Eliminates obsolete on-site TOPS servers</p> <p>Solaris 10 Upgraded (patching support from vendor)Key Points -Interim NTS/DPM solution for DPS -Reduces need for local TOPS system administrators -Integrated TOPS WEB application into DPS -Robust Failover/Data Archive</p> <p>OPR: TCJ6-P-DPS</p> <p>UNCLASSIFIED</p> <p>5</p> <p>TOPS Migration DesktopEach User must register for ETA DPS Role TOPS Sites are available with any government role in DPS including Helpdesk Role https://eta.sddc.army.mil/</p> <p>Minimal Desktop Standards Goto http://www.move.mil Click 'PPSO' tab Scroll down to 'DPS Minimum System Requirements' block</p> <p>How it works Once user credentials have been authenticated via ETA User selects TOPS from the DPS menu (far right) User selects a GBLOC from the pick list and clicks on the GO button Automatically directed to the Citrix Web Interface User Logs in to TOPS as normal (UNIX account then Oracle account)</p> <p>OPR: TCJ6-P-DPS</p> <p>UNCLASSIFIED</p> <p>6</p> <p>TOPS Desktop SetupEach Users Desktop Configuration Import DOD CA-13 certificate or use Citrix client Navy/Marines using NMCI Standard Desktops Citrix 10.2 Client included in build no changes needed Army/AF/Coast Guard Import Sun JRE DoD-CA 13 certificate Configure Printer(s) - Check postscript default setting in JAVA settings - Check/update firmware on the printer - Check update printer driver software version</p> <p>Reference Citrix Presentation Server Client 10.200 for Windows http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX116550</p> <p>OPR: TCJ6-P-DPS</p> <p>UNCLASSIFIED</p> <p>7</p> <p>TOPS Migration/RolloutGo Live process for DPS-TOPS functionality Day before activation: Site data will be imported into the new TOPS environment At location TOPS servers: all JMS related files will be cleared out, the database will be shutdown, and the JMS communication processes will be brought to a halt We will update addresses for rollout sites in TOPS SWIT and JMS Users at rollout sites will be instructed to access TOPS via DPS</p> <p>OPR: TCJ6-P-DPS</p> <p>UNCLASSIFIED</p> <p>8</p> <p>Help Desk Changes The SDDC System Response Center (SRC) will provide Tier 1 support, 24X7 How to contact SRC DPS Tier 1 support sddc.safb.topshd@us.army.mil (TOPS Issues) sddc.safb.cwahd@us.army.mil (CWA Issues)Toll free: 800-462-2176 ; DSN: 770-7332; Comm 618-220-SDDC (2332) option 1 for TOPS Functional assistance option 2 for TOPS Technical assistance Requests for assistance are logged into the SRC CRM tool for tracking and historical purposes</p> <p>OPR: TCJ6-P-DPS</p> <p>UNCLASSIFIED</p> <p>9</p> <p>Help Desk Changes Cont. Technical support: Regards to TOPS connectivity/TCP/IP, printers, backups, archives, system updates, security updates, system/database restoration, hardware installations etc. Support varies from assistance with backups, scanners, printers, labels, manifests, software restoration (ignites), security updates, uploading records, regressing records, etc.</p> <p>TOPS functional support: Utilize SQL to manipulate database records related to Personal Property Counseling, Inbound, Outbound, QA, NTS and General depending upon the sites request. Responsibility include resetting shipment records, inserting data which is missing, verifying table data, resetting individual records, etc. Contact with RSMO's when verifying storage related data. Develop and provide limited SQL scripts to assist a site with pulling data.</p> <p>CWA CSR'S:- Assistance problem resulting from payment of services related to Personal Property moves between the PPSO, TSP, and US BANK</p> <p>OPR: TCJ6-P-DPS</p> <p>UNCLASSIFIED</p> <p>10</p> <p>Client RequirementsIn order for the Citrix ICA Java Client to function correctly, the following conditions must be true on the on the users Windows desktop/laptop :Sun JRE 1.4 or later must be installed and Internet Explorer 5.5 or later (JRE 1.5 or later is preferred) The Java Security - must be set to allow users to accept Citrix signed jar files Disk space - A minimum of 256MB of disk space is required for installation the Java Run Time Environment Memory - A minimum of 256MB of RAM is needed to run the ICA Java Client and Java Run Time Environment (in addition to RAM required for the operating system and other applications).</p> <p>OPR: TCJ6-P-DPS</p> <p>UNCLASSIFIED</p> <p>11</p> <p>SSL Cert Background</p> <p>Cause of SSL Cert error The Citrix ICA java client depends on SUN Java JRE to work A bug with the Sun Java JRE 1.5.1x and higher causes it to be unable to read the Windows Trusted Root Key Store Work Around Client level (i.e. user level) The DoD root certificate can be imported by running a program that comes with JRE Simple Fix The process to import the DoD root certificates takes only a few minutes This is a one time only process, but it requires admin rights on the desktop *Note: If JRE is re-installed on the computer you will have redo the process.</p> <p>OPR: TCJ6-P-DPS</p> <p>UNCLASSIFIED</p> <p>12</p> <p>SSL DOD CA-13 Error</p> <p>OPR: TCJ6-P-DPS</p> <p>UNCLASSIFIED</p> <p>13</p> <p>Step by Step (1) Login to desktop (administrator rights) Do you have D drive on your desktop ? If no then copy the DOD cert and script to writable location for example c:\temp Check your JRE location on your desktop </p> <p>Click My Computer Click C Drive Click Program Files Click Javajre6 or jre1.6.0_07</p> <p>Look for folder named (note its exact name)*If you have multiple JREs listed, you will need to get with your desktop support staff and they may need to uninstall the unused/previous versions OPR: TCJ6-P-DPS</p> <p>UNCLASSIFIED</p> <p>14</p> <p>Step by Step(2) (Customization)</p> <p>Script adjustments for your desktop platform = Cert.bat should read "C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\keytool" -import -trustcacerts -alias DPSRoot -file d:\p3.cer -keystore "C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\lib\security\cacerts Step1) Change jre6 to your JRE location (both places in the script) Step2) Change C: to your available drive location for example D:</p> <p>How to get the DoD-CA13 Certificate https://ca-13.c3pki.chamb.disa.mil/ca/GetCAChain.html Click Display certificates in the CA certificate chain for importing individually into a server Then save to file call p3.cer * See next slides for detailed step by step certificate loading instructions</p> <p>OPR: TCJ6-P-DPS</p> <p>UNCLASSIFIED</p> <p>15</p> <p>Step by Step (3) Copy the text files to your D: drive Rename cert_ustc.txt to cert.bat Rename P3.txt to P3.cer Go to Start &gt;&gt; run &gt;&gt; cmd &gt;&gt; (this brings up a command prompt window) Change directories to location of copied files Type cert.bat (D:\&gt;cert.bat) Password = changeit Type yes to accept certificate running</p> <p>The next set of slides shows screen shots on the above steps</p> <p>OPR: TCJ6-P-DPS</p> <p>UNCLASSIFIED</p> <p>16</p> <p>Copy Text files to designated location</p> <p>OPR: TCJ6-P-DPS</p> <p>UNCLASSIFIED</p> <p>17</p> <p>If JRE File says jre6 then</p> <p>OPR: TCJ6-P-DPS</p> <p>UNCLASSIFIED</p> <p>18</p> <p>Edit cert_ustc.txt in 2 spots to say jre6</p> <p>OPR: TCJ6-P-DPS</p> <p>UNCLASSIFIED</p> <p>19</p> <p>P3 text file no editing required</p> <p>OPR: TCJ6-P-DPS</p> <p>UNCLASSIFIED</p> <p>20</p> <p>Convert text files to cert.bat and P3.cer</p> <p>OPR: TCJ6-P-DPS</p> <p>UNCLASSIFIED</p> <p>21</p> <p>Run Cert.bat from cmd prompt</p> <p>OPR: TCJ6-P-DPS</p> <p>UNCLASSIFIED</p> <p>22</p> <p>Enter password changeit</p> <p>OPR: TCJ6-P-DPS</p> <p>UNCLASSIFIED</p> <p>23</p> <p>Certificate running</p> <p>OPR: TCJ6-P-DPS</p> <p>UNCLASSIFIED</p> <p>24</p> <p>Say Yes when prompted</p> <p>OPR: TCJ6-P-DPS</p> <p>UNCLASSIFIED</p> <p>25</p> <p>Certificate was trusted..</p> <p>OPR: TCJ6-P-DPS</p> <p>UNCLASSIFIED</p> <p>26</p> <p>Printing </p> <p>By default no printers are mapped into your desktop session Click the Settings button on the Java Connection Center Navigate to the Printer Mapping tab. Select a printer to set as the default printer. Click ModifySelect the associated Printer Driver from the Printer Driver drop down list.Note: If the printer defined on the workstation uses a Post Script Driver, then PostScript should automatically be selected under Universal Printer and a driver does NOT need to be selected from the drop-down list. For printers that use a PostScript driver, the only thing that needs defined is whether it is Enabled and Set as default.</p> <p>Select None under Universal Print Driver.Note: If the printer defined on the workstation uses a Post Script Driver, then PostScript should automatically be selected under Universal Printer and a driver does NOT need to be selected from the drop-down list. For printers that use a PostScript driver, the only thing that needs defined is whether it is Enabled and Set as default.</p> <p>Check the Set as default option Once these settings have been set and verified, click OK. The settings will be applied to all future sessions. Click OK. UNCLASSIFIED27</p> <p>OPR: TCJ6-P-DPS</p> <p>Citrix Printing Architecture</p> <p>TOPS users will leverage the Citrix Universal Printer Driver to support all printing requirements. All printers defined on client devices will be autocreated when the user logs into Citrix. The user will choose, upon application launch, the Post Script printer to be designated as the default for use with the Putty application. No additional native print drivers will be installed during the initial deployment.OPR: TCJ6-P-DPS</p> <p>UNCLASSIFIED</p> <p>28</p>