downloading rhpl ebooks to your kindle or kindle app downloading rhpl ebooks to your kindle or...

Download Downloading RHPL eBooks to your Kindle or Kindle App Downloading RHPL eBooks to your Kindle or Kindle

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    Downloading RHPL eBooks to your Kindle or Kindle App

    Signing in (use a personal computer to complete this step, not your Kindle’s browser or smartphone)

    1. Go to Click on eBooks on

    the top of the screen

    2. Click on OverDrive eBooks. You will be

    redirected to the MetroNet Online Lending


    3. Click Sign In at the top of the screen. Select

    RHPL from the drop down list and enter your

    library card number

    Finding a book

    1. Click on Advanced Search at the top of the screen

    2. Type in the title or author.

    3. Change the format to Kindle Book. If you would like

    to find a book that is checked in right now, click the

    box next to only show titles with copies available.

    Checking out an eBook

    1. Look through the book covers that appear.

    Once you have a found a book that you

    would like to check out, click on the book

    cover and then click on the Borrow button.

    Note: If the book is not

    available, you will see a gray book icon in the top right. You may place a hold on this by

    clicking on the Place a Hold button and then entering your email address.


    2. Click on the Download

    button next to the book

    you have selected. Select

    Kindle Book. Then click

    Confirm & Download.

    Transferring to Your Kindle

    1. You will be redirected to Click the Get

    Library Book button. Then

    enter your email

    address and password to login.

    2. Select which Kindle device or

    app you would like the eBook

    delivered to and then click the Continue button

    Syncing Your Kindle

    If you are connected to Wi-Fi, the ebook will now appear on your Kindle. If it doesn’t appear, sync your Kindle by

    going to your Kindle’s Library Screen, clicking Menu, then clicking Sync.

    Returning your Kindle eBook early

    Your eBook will be automatically returned to the library’s collection when your lending period expires. To return

    the eBook early and/or delete it from your Kindle, visit

    If you have any questions or need additional assistance with this process, please call us at 248-650-7130 or fill out our Support Request Form online.


    3G only Kindles (without Wi-Fi): Transfer from Computer with USB cable

    1. You will be prompted to Save the book file (note where the file will be saved to on your computer)


    2. Connect Kindle to computer with USB cable.

    a. Your Kindle will appear as a Kindle Drive (Windows under “My Computer”; Macs on the desktop)

    b. Open Kindle Drive – find the folder for Documents. Your title will be moved into this folder

    c. Locate your title on your computer and drag it into the Documents folder

    3. Safely eject your Kindle and unplug it from your computer

    (For more downloading instructions, visit Also, due to publisher

    restrictions, some titles may only be transferred to Kindle devices via USB (not over Wi-Fi) and are not

    accessible on Kindle apps.


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