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Earn your BACHELOR’S degree

Programs for Adult Students


UW-Green Bay/Adult Degrees’ Appleton location

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Nancy Young and daughter Michelle graduated together from UW-Green Bay in December 2008.

Only the second time in school history that a parent and child received degrees during the same ceremony.

Nancy was the first “Appleton” student to earn the B.A.S. – Bachelor of Applied Studies.

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What can I expect from the Adult Degree Programs at UW-Green Bay?

• fully accredited University of Wisconsin Bachelor’s Degree (among the world’s most respected education systems)

• A program designed just for you & your busy schedule

• Personalized service from advisors & faculty trained & experienced in working with adult students

• Classes offered in Appleton & online

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What UWGB Programs are available?

• Bachelor of Applied Studies & Bachelor of Arts

• Emergency Management

• Organizational Communication

• Self-Directed create an emphasis that is perfect for you!

• Bachelor of Business Administration

• Finance

• General Management

• Human Resource Management

• Marketing

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WTCS Associate degrees transfer 60 CREDITS toward the Bachelor of Applied Studies degree!

– Earn full credit for your technical college degree

– Start with “Junior” standing

– Classes held at UW-Northeast Wisconsin Learning Center (FVTC’s Bordini Center) in Appleton

– Leverage your Associate Degree in combination with a UW-Green Bay Bachelor’s Degree!

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Requirements for UW-Green Bay’s

Bachelor of Applied Studies

• 60 credits – Transfer in ANY WTCS Associate Degree or other regionally-accredited associate degree

• 42 credits – General Education Courses

• 18 credits – Major Courses (12 for Area of Emphasis)

• Equals 120 Credits

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UW-Green Bay’s Bachelor of Arts -or- Bachelor of Applied Studies

in Interdisciplinary Studies

• Area of Emphasis/Certificate - Emergency Management

• Area of Emphasis - Organizational Communication

• Area of Emphasis - Self-Directed with concentrations that are customized to student/employer needs

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Requirements for UW-Green Bay’s

Bachelor of Arts

• 42 credits – General Education Courses

• 34 credits – Elective Courses

• 35 credits – Major Courses (12 for Area of Emphasis)

• 9 credits – Supporting Courses

• Equals 120 Credits

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B.A. - Interdisciplinary Studies Area of Emphasis - communications

JOHN STILP, ’07 - Neenah

Research Scientist III,Kimberly-Clark Corporation

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After working in a mill for almost 15 years, I searched for the opportunity to go from having a job to having a career. So when I returned to college, I chose the Adult Degree Program at UW-Green Bay.

My academic experience with UW-Green Bay was instrumental in opening that career door for me at Kimberly-Clark.

The pinnacle of my academic career finally came in 2007 when I graduated cum laude with my Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies.

I believe that UWGB’s Adult Degree Program is “hands down” the best for quality, flexibility, and staff support. Without the unwavering support of my advisor I’m sure I would not be telling my story today.

John Stilp

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What is the “Area of Emphasis?”

The Area of Emphasis serves as the main focus of your degree.

The Self-Directed Emphasis will provide you with the opportunity to select 12 credits (four courses) of upper-level coursework that is specific to your area of interest.

This flexibility will allow you to create the emphasis that is specifically tailored to your needs or to those of your employer.

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• Solve organizational communication problems • Understand diverse personalities & effectively

manage conflict• Exercise excellent team leadership & apply quality

management/coaching skills• Interview to make the right hiring decisions• Deliver effective presentations

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Emergency Management

• Apply principles & practices of Disaster Response Operations, & Emergency Management

• Strategically develop/implement an Emergency Plan

• Utilize Disaster Recovery methods

• Understand political and policy dimensions of Emergency Management

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UW-Green Bay’s

Self-Directed Area of Emphasis Sample areas in developing a Self-Directed Area of Emphasis

Biology/Human Biology


Chemistry/Natural Sciences


Computer Science

Corporate Communication


Environmental Policy/Planning

Environmental Science

First Nations/Global Studies

History/Social Sciences

Human Development

Humanistic Studies

Information Sciences


Public Administration

Social Change & Development

Social Work


Urban and Regional Studies

Women's Studies

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TOM HINZ, ’08 - Green BayBrown County Executive

B.A. – Interdisciplinary Studies Self-Directed Area of Emphasis - social sciences

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Without this program I wouldn’t be the person I am today either in my personal or professional life.

The courses I took allowed me to open my mind to new ideas and to not be afraid to take on new challenges.

Oliver Wendell Holmes said, “Most of us go to our graves with our music still inside of us.”

I’m thankful to the Adult Degree Program and to UW-Green Bay for assisting me in getting some of my music out.

Tom Hinz

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Requirements for UW-Green Bay’sBachelor of Business Administration

• 42 credits – General Education Courses

• 22 credits – Major Courses

• 21 credits – Area of EmphasisFinance, Marketing, General Management, or Human Resources

• 18-19 credits – Supporting Courses

• 18-21 credits – non-Business Minor required

• Equals 120 Credits

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Requirements for UW-Green Bay’s

Bachelor of Business Administration

• Finance - financial markets & institutions, principles of investment,

international financial management, corporate finance

• General Management - production/operations management,

organizational behavior, strategic management

• Human Resource Management - human resource

development, compensation & benefits planning, leadership

• Marketing - consumer behavior, advertising, marketing

management, international marketing

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How, where, & when Are courses delivered?

• Hybrid - Half-day Saturdays (most meet once per month and web-enhanced) in Appleton, Green Bay, & Rhinelander

• Evenings in Green Bay (once per week – BBA)

• Online (24 hrs/day, 7 days/week, wherever you choose)

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Are there other ways to earn college credit?

• Transfer credits from any other accredited college or university in the U.S.

• Standardized “CLEP” Testing awards credit for lower level coursework

• Credit for Prior Learning (i.e. military, corporate, professional training)

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How much does this cost, and Are Scholarships & Financial Aid Available?

• Tuition & Fees at UW-Green Bay are very competitive – comparable to other educational institutions in the area$262.84 per credit OR $788.52 per 3-credit course (Wisconsin Residents)

• You may apply for federal, state, & local financial aid

• Scholarship funding may be available

• VA benefits may be available for qualified veterans

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Can this really work for me?

• YES - flexible: take as many classes as your time allows

• YES - study at times & at a pace that works for you

• YES - advisors & instructors available in-person, by phone/e-mail to answer your questions

• YES - access to academic support services (UWGB offers term-paper critiques by email)

• YES - take exams on-campus/off-campus, or on the internet

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What can a

degree do for me?

• Help me achieve my goal of earning a college degree

• Promotion and pay raise in current job

• Tools for a new job or career

• Better prepare me to re-enter the job market

• Graduate school preparation

• Enrich my leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills

• Expand my decision making and problem solving skills

• Develop confidence and personal growth

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You can do this!

• Give yourself credit . . .

• You are not too old

• Your classmates will be just like you

• Don’t worry that your last math class was 20 years ago

• You are a more mature learner than you were “in your youth”

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How do I get started?

• Apply for admission

• Request transcripts (high school/GED) mailed directly to UW-Green Bay (if fewer than 15 college credits earned)

• Request transcripts, from each college where you earned prior credit, mailed directly to UW-Green Bay

• Schedule an enrollment consultation with an advisor

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Robert Tracy, Appleton-Area Coordinator

5 Systems Dr., P.O. Box 2277 Appleton, WI 54912-2217


[email protected]/adultdegrees

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