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products (new chrome-free solutionsfor the pre-treatment of aluminium)its Gardo® TP 10748 and Gardo®Topseal products for anodisingprocesses as well as its completely

borate-free aluminium cleanerGardoclean® T 5281 at the 2010Aluminium Trade Fair in Essen,Germany, recently.

Among the main features and ben­efits of each:

Gardobond® X 4707• Chrome-free solution for the

pretreatment of aluminium• Spray, dip and cascade application• Easyto handle• Low-maintenance process• Easywastewater treatment• Easyon-line control• Quantitative method for coating

weight• Range of industry standard

approvalsOXSILAN® AL 0510• Chrome-free multi-metal

pretreatment solution• Spray, dip and cascade application• Easyto handle• Low-maintenance process• Easywastewater treatment• Easyon-line control• Quantitative method for coating

weight• Range of industry standard

approvals (including QualicoatApproval for Powder Paint)

e Meets requirements of AAMASpec. 2605 for Wet Paint

For more information, please

OVENSGrieve Corp. offers its No. 9461000°F, electrically heated verticalairflow walk-in oven, currently usedfor curing coatings on titaniumscreens. Workspace dimensionsmeasure 72" W x 156" D x 96" H.360kW installed in Incoloy-sheathedtubular heating elements provide thepower, while a 24,500 CFM, 20-HPrecirculating blower provides a verti-

cal downward airflow to the work­load. This Grieve oven features 8"insulated walls, Type 304L, 2B finishstainless steel interior, stainless steelexterior with #4 brushed finish and6" insulated floor with integral truckwheel guide tracks for easy loadingand unloading.

The No. 946 has double doors,front and rear, each with inner andouter door gaskets. The inner gasketseals against the door plug, while theouter gasket seals directly against thefront of the oven. A removable top­mounted heat chamber (shownremoved in photo) is also provided.Safety equipment is onboard forhandling flammable solvents,including explosion-venting doorhardware. Also featured on thisGrieve walk-in oven are digital pro­gramming temperature controller,manual reset excess temperaturecontroller with separate contactors,recirculating blower airflow safetyswitch and SCR power controller.

For more information, please call(847) 546-8225 or visit www.griev­

TRI-CHROME PLATING PROCESSEnthone lnc., a business of CooksonElectronics, has introduced TRI-

Left: TRILYTE Dusk overbright nickel. Right:TRILYTE Dusk over PEARLBRIGHT® satin nickel

LYTE® Dusk trivalent chromiumplating process. The environmentallyfriendly process deposits a dark dec­orative chromium layer over brightor satin nickel deposits.

TRILYTE Dusk produces a dark,lustrous coating that is ideally suitedfor a diversity of decorative automo­tive applications (e.g. door handles,grill, exterior molding) and house­hold items (e.g. lighting, cabinethardware, furniture, appliance, sani­tary fixtures) where fashion finishesare critical to product differentiation.The warm color provides a distinctivefinish for interior applications.

TRILYTE Dusk passes 80 hours ofCASS (in conjunction with multilay­er nickel systems), thereby meetingmost OEM exterior specifications.Color reproduction and parts match­ing is consistently achieved due to theprocesses' stable chemistry and easyoperation that results in the highestyields and quality. TRILYTE Duskoperating solutions remain extremelystable over time, even when operatedinfrequently, resulting in fewerexpensive treatments, additive adjust­ments and solution replacements forthe applicator. Additionally, theprocess uses graphite anodes avoid­ing the high start-up and mainte­nance costs associated with the use ofMOX (iridium alloy) anodes. TRI­LYTE Dusk meets local environmen­tal standards at a decreased cost dueto reduced water and air treatmentrequirements, along with the associ­ated monitoring time.

For further information, downloadthe TRILYTE Dusk Fact Sheet

MULTI-VOLT ACTUATED POLYPROBALL VALVEPlast-O-Matic Valves, Inc. hasdeveloped a new electrically actuatedpolypro ball valve that will automati-

October2010 Imetalfinishing 143

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cally accept virtually any inpur powersignal. Designed for pure water andchemical applications, the polyprovalves are molded with non-pigment­ed, plasticizer-free homopolymerresin and are assembled "dry" toeliminate contamination. Availablein 3/8" - 2" sizes, these valves meetFDA and NSF requirements.

The new Series EBVA electricalactuator is available assembled to thevalve and is also sold separately forfuture field installation. Standardvoltage is 85 through 240 AC or DC;an optional version is offered for 12to 24 volt AC or DC operation. Theactuator automatically adjusts to thevoltage provided within its range,providing 177 in/lbs of torque withan 11 second cycle tim e. Manualoverride and status lights are stan­dard; fail-safe and modulating con­trol actuators are also available.

For more information, call (973)256-3000.

OILREMOVALSERFILCO offers new equipment forcoalescing or separation of free oilfrom aqueous cleaners or other liq­uids ofdissimilar specific gravities. Aunit ofcorro sion resistant, all-plasticconstruction includes a pre-filter,which extends service life of the coa­lescing element. A complete line ofsystems in carbon steel and stainlesssteel is also available. Their coalesceris effective in separating dissimilar

441 metalfinishing 1October 2010

liquids with a specific gravity differ­ence of .09 or greater. Recoveredeffluent contains less than 10 ppmof the discontinuous phase. Forsome combinations of liquids, theeffluent contains less than 5 ppm ofcontamination.

When used on pretreatment sys­tems ahead of finishing operations,they extend cleaner life, improve per­formance, and prevent contamina­tion of subsequent processes.

For additional information, call (800)323-5431 or visit www.serfilco.corn.

QUICK COLOR CHANGE BOOTHWagner introduces its PrimaCubeConcept, the newest member in thefamily of quick color change booths.Wagner offers a complete systemthat assures th e highest technical

performance at a very cOmpetltlveprice. The compl ete system includespowder booth, recovery system, pow­der supply center, guns, movingequipment and controllers.The stan-

dard layour includes one or twomanuals stations with up to 12 auto­matic guns. The system is designedto fit into small spaces. Everythingyou need is in one package that iseasy to purchase and easy to assem­ble. Contact your local Wagner dis­tributor for more information.

For more information contactWagner Systems. Inc. at (630) 503­2400, or visit the website

ROBOTIC SHOTPEENING SYSTEMGuyson Corporation recently intro­duced the Model RB-10 a 7-axisrobotic pressure-blast shot peeningsystem that is designed to supportcompliance with the most demand­ing process sp ecifications and toenable automated peening of a widevarie ty of dissimilar components.Model RB-l0 was developed for tech­nical surface treatment of gears andaerospace components.

Th e 60 x 60 x 6O-inch blast cabinetis mated with a 6-axis robot, such asthe Fanuc M lOiA, as a blast nozzlemanipulator. The shot peeningmachine's rotary table has a diameterof up to 52 inches and is servomotordriven to be controlled as a seventhaxis of robotic motion. Locat inghardware is provided to allow inter­changeable component-holding fix­tures to be positively and repeatablypositioned on the turntable.

During the shot peening cycle, theorientation of the component andthe motion of the robotic nozzlemanipulator are synchronized to

precisely replicat e the programmedtool path, following the contours ofcomplex-shaped parts, yet constantlyand accurately maintaining therequired angle of shot impingement,the correct offset of the peening noz­zle from the target surface and theright dwell or surface speed to con­trol th e cold working process. Thepeen ing media delivery systemincludes an A.S.M.E.-certified pres­sure vessel of 3.5 cubic foot capacityfitted with high and low shot levelsensors, a 3 cubic foot media storagehopper that automatically adds shotwhen a low level is detected.

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