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    Motivating Employees =Strong Performance and Loyalty!written by Lisa Powers, PHR - President/Owner of Career Options

    Almost all employees hope for a challenging role, fair compensation and a rewarding environment. But motivating employees takes more than money and an occasional pat on the back. It requires a strategy specifically tailored to each individual employee. As you review your own motivating philosophy (or lack of one), here are some essential components to remember:

    Ask Your EmploYEEs About thEir GoAls.

    Having an open discussion with your employees shows that you are genuinely interested in them. as you listen, offer tools to help them accomplish these goals. whether you can offer a mentor, college

    courses or skills training, these opportunities that you create for them build loyalty and motivation!

    undErstAnd WhAt motivAtEs EACh EmploYEE

    as you interview, ask this question to help you see how they are motivated. Beware of using money as a sole reward. if employees are paid fair salaries and still seem unwilling to go the extra mile, tossing more money at them will rarely give you the result you want. whether your employees want a more flexible schedule, work/life balance, a promotion, or a bonus check, it is important to understand each individuals needs and what is important for them to succeed.

    dEvElop ClEAr ExpECtAtions rEGArdinG EmploYEE pErformAnCE

    By doing so, employees understand what is acceptable and not acceptable. this will help to avoid confusion and frustration, which is a clear de-motivator. when you do need to change direction, give employees clear direction so they know what to expect and why. Lastly, do not tolerate poor performance this can often make high-performing employees feel as if they are being taken advantage of, which can be detrimental to motivation.

    EnCourAGE humor And lAuGhtEr in thE WorkplACE

    if your employees

    enjoy coming to work, the payoff is tremendous. Remember that you can enjoy humor yet still provide a professional environment where clients are #1.

    EnCourAGE rEsponsibilitY And lEAdErship opportunitiEs

    this will create independent thinkers who can help your company excel. most employees like to be challenged, as opposed to being bored. Help them by promoting ownership in their daily responsibilities.

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    usE mistAkEs As An opportunitY to lEArn

    mistakes are part of every employees learning curve. By encouraging learning, you create an environment where people are comfortable admitting mistakes. it also means, however, that they are held accountable and understand how to prevent the same mistakes from occurring in the future.

    shoW GEnuinE ApprECiAtion for Your stAff

    Whether it is a handwritten Thank You, a lunch gift certificate, or an opportunity to leave early on a friday afternoon, it can go a long way! in addition, when you are giving recognition, make sure it is timely, specific and sincere.

    EnCourAGE A tEAm Effort

    if you pit one against the other, your culture will be fiercely competitive and combative. Help others to understand how one department relates to the other and reward a positive team philosophy.

    rECoGnizE thAt somE EmploYEEs CAnt bE motivAtEd

    it is important to employ different methods of motivation, but know that if nothing is working, the employee may no longer be the right fit for your organization. it may be best to

    encourage the employee to seek a new opportunity, and in turn, both parties will be happier.

    Lastly, remember that motivating employees by encouraging a professional culture and rewarding positive behavior has numerous advantages. when encouraged to perform well and benefiting personally and financially, employees develop loyalty and personal commitment to their work. It is a win/win situation, and you will see your company soar to greater heights!


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