Maslows Hierarchy of Needs

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Motivating Your EmployeesPresented by-Ruchi KhadtaleRahul Todur Partish PatwardhanKuheli SenMeet our protagonistWe will call him The Manager


The manager works for a companyWe make stuffs!MotivationBut there is a problem . . .

MotivationThe workers are not MotivatedMotivation

But How??The manager needs to figure out how to increase employee motivation.Motivation6He tries to get the workers excited!

MotivationHe puts motivational quotes up around the office

MotivationHe tried to instill fear

Get moving or you are firedMotivationHe even tried to entice them

MotivationThese fixes all worked for a whileBut none of them seemed to work for long.


So what should Manager do now?To answer this question, we need to understandMotivationMotivationMotivation

Motivation is defined as the process that initiates, guides and maintains goal-oriented behaviours.

Personal and Internal Feeling

Extrinsic and Intrinsic

Art of Stimulating Someone Or Oneself

Motivation can be either Positive or NegativeMotivation

Motivating employees about work is the blend of satisfying the employee's requirements and prospect from work and workplace factors that facilitate employee motivation.

Team empowerment.

Profitable and successful business.

Motivation will lead to an optimistic and challenging attitude at work place.

Employee MotivationMotivationHierarchy of Needs Theory (Maslow)


Theory XAssumes that employees dislike work, lack ambition, avoid responsibility, are lazy and must be directed and coerced to perform. So they need lot of support and pushTheory YAssumes that employees like work, seek responsibility, are capable of making decisions, and exercise self-direction and self-control when committed to a goal. They are hard-worker. Theory X and Theory Y -Douglas McGregorMotivation

Motivation FactorIntrinsic factors are related to job satisfaction, while extrinsic factors are associated with dissatisfaction.Hygiene FactorsFactorssuch as company policy and administration, supervision, and salarythat, when adequate in a job, placate workers. When factors are adequate, people will not be dissatisfied.Two-Factor Theory-Frederick HerzbergMotivationMotivationERG Theory (Clayton Alderfer)There are three groups of core needs: existence, relatedness, and growth.ERGExistence needsRelatedness needsGrowth needsSatisfactionProgressionRegressionFrustrationIncreasing employee job satisfaction.

Satisfied employees in return can help in improving organizational performance.

Leads to achievement of organizational goals

Attrition rate will come down BenefitsMotivationHow to motivate employees? Offer a positive work environment

Show care and concern for employees

Keep lines of communication open

Provide them with new opportunities for training and development.

Have fair compensation packages

Recognize and Reward your employees

Encourage teamwork

MotivationTo Motivate Others, You Need to be Motivated If you are in a position of authority, youre a role model- whether you want to be or not. Your actions and demeanor set the stage for others.

People will look to you as the example of what is expected.


Utilize incentives to drive performance and create a culture of recognition and reward

So now The Manager knows the way to structure pay and rewards to leverage the drive to Acquire (not just as base pay)Motivation

The drive to Acquire is also about prestige and status And The Manager knows that the drive to Acquire is about more than just money He makes sure that he gives credit and promote his employees achievements!Motivation

But employees also have a drive to bond that will help them to instil loyalty and engender positive emotions about the company Bonding is an innate drive that helps employees feel part of a group They will go out of their way to help people in their groupMotivation

So The Manager now knows that he has to foster bonding and create opportunities for social interaction Now after all the motivation. His employee/team became motivated that lead to the employees identifying themselves as a team Motivation

Companies create teams of super heroes!Who come to work motivated and engaged!MotivationThe Company prospered and the manager got promoted Motivation


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