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  • About the city

  • Four hours from So Paulo, the largest city in Brazil, where you can find wide diversity in nightlife and visit some of the most famous sights of Brazil, including parks and museums.

    Two hours from the Green Cost, one of the most beautiful places in the world. Angra dos Reis, Trinidade and Mangaratiba form a true paradise. There you find the Big Island (Ilha Grande) where you can have the best time of your life.

    Two hours from the city of Rio de Janeiro, the city that is the face of Brazil abroad. There you will find beautiful beaches with the comfort of the big city. In the evening you have a wide range of options for fun.

    In forty minutes by car, you can find a Finnish colony and one of the largest reserves in the region, the Itatiaia National Park, with beautiful waterfalls and stunning flora and fauna.

  • The Millennium Project is the most far-reaching strategy and importance outlined by the United Nations to promote human development among its member states. A unique role in promoting the global fight against extreme poverty.

    The goals include topics like eradication of poverty, hunger and illiteracy, gender equality and environmental sustainability, these issues seen as key components of sustainable human development, and that can lead to improved living conditions of all human beings.

    TheThe United Nations promoted, in September of 2000, the Millennium Assembly, a meeting of heads of state and of greater magnitude that government ever made: 191 delegations were present, 147 of them led by their highest-ranking authorities. The debate resulted in the adoption of the Millennium Declaration, which recognizes that the world already has the technology andand the knowledge to solve most of the problems faced by poor countries. Until then, however, such solutions have not been implemented on the scale required. The establishment of these goals is a great achievement of the international community, as they are measurable and time-bounded.Being developed 15 years ago by the UN in order to eradicate the main problems of Nations.

  • Start: July 28Duration: 6 weeks

  • A project that works exactly with the greatest needs of an NGO: marketing and administration. The Smarketing, designed to restore and assist through consulting, promotes an international environment for NGOs, expanding concepts and

  • Start: June 16 and July 28

    Duration: 6 weeks

  • AIESEC developed in the project X4Change the opportunity to work learning a second language in a dynamic and culturally enriched mode, that because the project brings in its proposal the facilitation made by people like

    you, that are immersed in an exchange to transform realities.PProposing an interactive environment with an open construction method with the participant, each workshop produces different concepts for different audiences and can meet Kids (8-10), Teen (11-14) and Young (15-18) occurring flexibility according to each local applied.

  • Start: June 01 and 16 and July 28Duration: 6 weeks

  • Motivated by the interest that young people have for learning and practicing new languages and also the discussion of national and international issues, AIESEC brings the Talk project, which is a project that seeks to improve the language level

    of the youngs, through discussions of global issues, accelerating familiarity with the language and decreasing the inhibition to express views.ItIt consists of discussions in English, workshops format, directed by exchange student, with university of the country chosen by you, exchange student. Much more than just practice another language, you will know the perception that a university in another country has about a subject, and discuss important topics globally, as well as adding cultural knowledge and transmit their culturalcultural knowledge and their perception about the chosen subject.

  • Start: July 28Duration: 6 weeks

  • Benefits of our programs:- Acomodation;- One meal per work day;- Buddy program;- LEAD program;- Portuguese classes.

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