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Written round

6 questions based on movie cameos

5 points for the author, 5 points for the movie

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The answers…

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Keith Richards in Pirates of the Caribbean 3:

At World' End

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Martin Scorsese in Taxi Driver

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Kurt Vonnegut in Back to School

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Arthur C Clarke in ‘2010’, an adaptation of his 2010: Odyssey Two

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Richard Branson in Casino Royale

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Vaikom Muhammad Basheer in Dhwani

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Round 2

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Infinite Bounce

10 questions


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1. Obliged to find an apartment of their own, myparents searched the neighbourhood and chose onewithin walking distance of the park. Showing themout after they had viewed it, the landlady said: "Andyou'll be glad to know I don't take Jews." Hermistake made clear to her, the antisemitic landladywas renounced, and another apartment found. Buther blunder left its mark. Back on the street mymother made a vow. Her unborn baby would have alabel proclaiming his race to the world. He would becalled “The Jew.”

Who about the origin of his name?

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The answer is…

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Yehudi Menuhin

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The answer is…

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The Little Rock Nine

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3. Connect

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The answer is…

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David Bowie portrayed these people in movies

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4. Acharya Vinoba Bhave started the Bhoodanmovement in this small village in Andhra Pradeshin 1951 with the initiation of donation of 250 acresof land from Vedre Ramachandra Reddy. Thisvillage has since been known by the name Bhoodan___________. Name this place, which is nowfamous for something else.

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The answer is…

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5. What word entered theEnglish Language after thepublication of this book?

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The answer is…

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6. Rashid is a port city on the Mediterranean coast ofEgypt. During the 19th century it was a popularBritish tourist destination, known for its charmingOttoman mansions, citrus groves and cleanliness.The town came to be known in the West byanother name, by which it was referred to by theFrench during Napoleon Bonaparte's campaign inEgypt. It is now famous for something which wasfound here in 1799. What is the popular name ofthis town?

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The answer is…

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The answer is…

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The Government of Canada rescued six Americandiplomats who evaded capture during the seizureof the United States embassy in Tehran, which isknown as “Canadian Caper”

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8. This Greek historian, biographer and essayistserved as one of the two priests at the temple ofApollo at Delphi, the site of the famous DelphicOracle for many years. He took up Romancitizenship later, and by his writings and lectureshe became a celebrity in the Roman empire. Hecontinued to reside where he was born, andactively participated in local affairs, even servingas mayor. At his country estate, guests from allover the empire congregated for seriousconversation, presided over by him. Many of thesedialogues were recorded and published, and the 78essays and other works which have survived arenow known collectively as the Moralia. Name him.

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The answer is…

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9. X was credited with coining the phrase Turn on,tune in, drop out by its popularizer, Timothy Learyin the 1960s. In a 1988 interview, Leary stated thatslogan was "given to him" by X during a lunch inNew York City. Leary said X "was very muchinterested in ideas and marketing, and he startedsinging something like, 'Psychedelics hit the spot /Five hundred micrograms, that’s a lot,' to the tuneof a Pepsi commercial. Then he started going,'Tune in, turn on, and drop out.'" Id X.

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The answer is…

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Marshall McLuhan

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10. The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth was X's effortto extract the doctrine of Jesus by removing sections ofthe New Testament containing supernatural aspects aswell as perceived misinterpretations he believed hadbeen added by the Four Evangelists. Using a razor, Xcut and arranged selected verses from the books ofMatthew, Mark, Luke, and John in chronological order,mingling excerpts from one text to those of another inorder to create a single narrative. Thus he begins withLuke 2 and Luke 3, then follows with Mark 1 andMatthew 3. He provides a record of which verses heselected and of the order in which he arranged them inhis “Table of the Texts from the Evangelists employedin this Narrative and of the order of theirarrangement.” Who is X?

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The answer is…

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Thomas Jefferson / Jefferson Bible

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* What was added to the slogan “Jai jawan, Jai kisan”by Atal Behari Vajpayee after the Pokaran tests in1998?

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The answer is…

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Jai Vighyan

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Round 3

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Long Visual Connect

25 visuals

+25,20,15,10 and 5

-5 throughout

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And the connect is…

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Captain Haddock’s curses

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Round 4

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Infinite Bounce

10 questions

Anti clockwise

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13. The Source by Greyworld (a group of Londonbased artists who are interested in public-activatedart, sculpture and interactive installations) consistsof a cube of 9×9×9 (729 in total) spherical balls thatare suspended on cables. These spheres, controlledby a computer running Python scripts, can movethemselves independently of each other, formingdynamic shapes, characters and fluid-like motions.Where would you find this? And what isrepresented by these movements of the spheres?

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The answer is…

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London Stock Exchange

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14. A crossing guard is a traffic management specialist who is normally stationed on busy roadways to aid pedestrians. Often associated with elementary school children, crossing guards temporarily stop the flow of traffic so pedestrians may cross an intersection. They are commonly known by what nickname?

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The answer is…

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Lollipop lady/man

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15. “His Lordship came to me on the poop, and afterordering certain signals to be made, about aquarter to noon, he said, 'Mr. Pasco, I wish to sayto the fleet, ____________ ____________ _________________ _______ _________ ___________________ ______ and he added 'You must bequick, for I have one more to make which is forclose action.' I replied, 'If your Lordship willpermit me to substitute the confides for ________the signal will soon be completed, because theword ________ is in the vocabulary, and confidesmust be spelt,' His Lordship replied, in haste, andwith seeming satisfaction, 'That will do, Pasco,make it directly.'”

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The answer is…

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“England expects that every man will do his duty”

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The answer is…

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17. His tragic life was memorialized in the folk song "The Ballad of Ira Hayes", written by Peter LaFarge and recorded by Johnny Cash in 1964.

“Then Ira started drinkin' hard

Jail was often his home

They'd let him ______ ________ ________and lower it

Like you'd throw a dog a bone!

He died drunk early one mornin'

Alone in the land he fought to save

Two inches of water in a lonely ditch

Was a grave for Ira Hayes.”

Who was Ira Hayes?

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The answer is…

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18. He was an avid chess player who started playingchess by around 1733, making him the first chessplayer known by name in the American colonies.His essay on the "Morals of Chess" in Columbianmagazine, in December 1786 is the second knownwriting on chess in America. This essay in praise ofchess and prescribing a code of behavior for it hasbeen widely reprinted and translated. He wasposthumously inducted into the U.S. Chess Hall ofFame in 1999. Who?

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The answer is…

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Benjamin Franklin

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19. As a Jew, Bloch was deported to Buchenwald during World War II, refusing collaboration with the Germans. He changed his name from Bloch to ___________in 1949. It was the pseudonym of his brother, General Darius Paul Bloch, and originates from French for tank. What was his new surname?

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The answer is…

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The answer is…

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Buddh International Circuit

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10 actors won the National Film Award for Best Actor representing Malayalam. Name all.

5 points for every correct answer

10 bonus points if you get all correct.

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And the answers…

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P J Antony (1974, Nirmalyam)

Gopi (1978, Kodiyettam)

Balan K Nair (1981, Oppol)

Premji (1989, Piravi)

Mammootty (1990, 1994, 1999)

Mohan Lal (1992, 2000)

Balachandra Menon (1998, Samaantharangal)

Suresh Gopi (1998, Kaliyattam)

Murali (2002, Neythukaran)

Salim Kumar (2011, Adaminte makan Abu)

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Theme Round

6 questions

10 points for every correct answer

Points for the theme: 30, 25, 20, 15, 10 and 5.

-5 throughout

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1. A significant source of funding for the Rose Revolutionin Georgia was the network of foundations and NGOsassociated with a billionaire financier. The Foundationfor the Defense of Democracies reports the case of aformer Georgian parliamentarian who alleges that inthe three months prior to the Rose Revolution,“______ spent $42 million ramping-up for theoverthrow of Shevardnadze." Speaking in T'blisi inJune 2005, ________ said, “I'm very pleased and proudof the work of the foundation in preparing Georgiansociety for what became a Rose Revolution, but therole of the foundation and my personal has beengreatly exaggerated.” Who?

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The answer is…

Page 122: Maximus - Finals

George Soros

Page 123: Maximus - Finals

2. The name of which country derives fromAtropates, a Persian satrap under the AchaemenidEmpire?

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The answer is…

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3. This elliptical region, measuring 90 kilometreseast-west by 85 kilometres north-south is theworld's first and largest operational unit of itskind. It is rented to another country until 2050 andthe rent price — which is fixed at 115 million USdollars per year is the source of a long-runningdispute between the two countries. Name thisregion and also the countries involved.

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The answer is…

Page 128: Maximus - Finals

Baikonur Cosmodrome

Kazakhstan and Russia

Page 129: Maximus - Finals

4. The name of this major public town square in anational capital literally means ‘Liberation Square’.It was a focal point in the recent revolutionhappened in the country, with more than 1 millionprotesters gathering in the square and adjacentstreets. Name the place.

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The answer is…

Page 131: Maximus - Finals

Tahrir Square, Cairo

Page 132: Maximus - Finals

5. On 1 November 1928, the president of this nationintroduced the new alphabet and abolished theuse of Arabic script. At that time, literate citizensof the country comprised as little as 10% of thepopulation. Learning how to read and write intheir language with the Arabic script took roughlythree years with rather strenuous methods at theelementary level. The country's adaptation to thenew alphabet was very quick, and literacy in thecountry jumped from 10% to over 70% within twoyears. Name the country.

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The answer is…

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6. This dish, which is also called Salade Olivier, wasinvented in the 1860s by Lucien Olivier, the chef ofthe Hermitage restaurant. Olivier's salad quicklybecame immensely popular with Hermitageregulars, and became the restaurant's signaturedish. The exact recipe — particularly that of thedressing — was a jealously guarded secret, but it isknown that the salad contained grouse, vealtongue, caviar, lettuce, crayfish tails, capers,smoked duck, although it is possible that therecipe was varied seasonally. By what name is thisdish commonly known?

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The answer is…

Page 137: Maximus - Finals

Russian Salad

Page 138: Maximus - Finals

And the theme is…

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Page 140: Maximus - Finals

Transcontinental countries / countries spanning more than one continent

Page 141: Maximus - Finals


Page 142: Maximus - Finals

6 questions

Differential scoring

1 or 2 teams – 30 points

3 or 4 teams – 20 points

5 or 6 teams – 10 points

-5 if wrong

Page 143: Maximus - Finals

1. Identify the musical instrument and theHindustani raga on which it is based.

Page 144: Maximus - Finals

The answer is…

Page 145: Maximus - Finals

Continuum Fingerboard or Haken Continuum, Darbari

Page 146: Maximus - Finals

2. Whose statue? It is supposed to be built at the location of which ancient city?

Page 147: Maximus - Finals

The answer is…

Page 148: Maximus - Finals

Vercingetorix, Alesia

Page 149: Maximus - Finals

3. The blunderbuss is a muzzle-loading firearm with ashort, large caliber barrel, which is flared at themuzzle and frequently throughout the entire bore, andused with shot and other projectiles of relevantquantity and/or caliber. It could be considered to be anearly form of shotgun, which was often adapted tomilitary and defensive use. What term was used todescribe a blunderbuss in handgun form? What termwas later applied to soldiers who carried these guns?

Page 150: Maximus - Finals

The answer is…

Page 151: Maximus - Finals

Dragon, Dragoons

Page 152: Maximus - Finals

4. This song was accompanied by two music videosdirected by Spike Lee. The first was shot in twolocations in Brazil, a favela in Rio de Janeiro calledDona Marta and in Salvador da Bahia. Stateauthorities tried to ban all production over fearsthe video would damage their image, the area andprospects of staging the 2004 Olympics. Still, theresidents of the area were happy to see the singer,hoping their problems would be made visible to awider audience. The second video was shot in aprison and contained video footage of multiplereferences to human rights abuses. Name the songand the artist.

Page 153: Maximus - Finals

The answer is…

Page 154: Maximus - Finals

They Don’t Care About Us by Michael Jackson

Page 155: Maximus - Finals

5. Id the person. What famousfruit variety was named afterhim because he used to bringthose on his journeys to Goa?

Page 156: Maximus - Finals

The answer is…

Page 157: Maximus - Finals

Afonso de Albuquerque, Alphonso Mango

Page 158: Maximus - Finals

6. Brian McKechnie was a "double All Black“ whowas involved in one of the most infamousincidents in sporting history. Why is he called a“double All Black”? What was the incident?

Page 159: Maximus - Finals

The answer is…

Page 160: Maximus - Finals

Represented New Zealand in both rugby union and cricket, Trevor Chappel’s under arm bowling

Page 161: Maximus - Finals

Thank You!

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