Latin America Latin America & Caribbean Day 1 Schedule Achieve 3000 Politcial Map of Latin America (Central America + South America = Latin America) -Color each country -Label each country and Capital *** YOUR ATLAS IS DUE TODAY*** 1.Physical Map 2.Notes 3.Cities as centers of culture and trade 4.Cultural Landscape Warm up (LAC day 2) 1.What do you think of when you hear the phrase Latin America? -Begin your sentence with: When I hear the phrase Latin America 2. Explain why those words come to mind. 3. What do you think of when you hear the word Caribbean? -Begin your sentence with: When I hear the word Caribbean . 4. Explain why those words come to mind Day 4- Schedule Warm up Add Physical Features to Political Map Warm up Define the following terms IN YOUR OWN WORDS 1.Vertical Zonation 2.Archipelagoes 3.Gauchos 4.Diverse 5.Migrate 6.Resources Physical Characteristics Tierra Fria Tierra Templada Tierra Caliente Physical Features 1.Andes Mountains (Triangles) 2.Sierra Madres Mountains (Triangles) 3.Amazon Rain Forest ( your choice) 4.Atacama-Coastal Desert (dots) 5.Pampas-Grassland (small vertical lines) 6.Llanos-Grassland (Small vertical lines) 7.Archipelagoes Latin America & Caribbean Notes The monarch Butterfly migrates from Canada to Latin America Physical Characteristics There are opposite seasons south of the equator. This means when it is Summer in the U.S. it is Winter in most of Latin America. Physical Characteristics Most of Latin America has a tropical climate Physical Characteristics There are Natural Hazards like Earthquakes and Volcanoes in Latin America and the Caribbean. Chalten Volcano in Chile Economic Charcteristics 1.Like the United States and Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean have Diverse Economies. 2.Subsistence Farming is growing enough crops to survive, but not to make a large profit. Economic Characteristics Latin Americans and Caribbeans have Cattle Ranches and Gauchos. Gauchos are Cowboys. Economic Characteristics Deforestation, or the destruction of Rainforests occurs in Latin America and the Caribbean. Major Oil Resources come from Ecuador, Venezuela, and Mexico Economic Characteristics Diverse mineral resources Copper in Chile Iron Ore in Venezuela and Brazil Exit Ticket- Look up and describe the following terms 1.Plantation agriculture 2.Slash-and-burn agriculture 3.Cash crops and food crops 4.Haciendas 5.Heavy smog, pollution: Mexico City 6.Disparity of income distribution Warm up- Answer in COMPLETE SENTENCES 1.What is a Mestizo? 2.Which cultures do you think influenced Latin America and the Caribbean? 3.If you took a trip to Latin America what do you think you would see? 4.If you took a trip to the Caribbean what do you think you would see? Culture of Latin America and the Caribbean Latin America has been influenced by Indian Civilizations, European Colonization, and African Traditions. A majority of Latin America and the Caribbean practices the Roman Catholic Religion. A rigid social hierarchy is practiced in the region. This makes it difficult for a person to move upward in society throughout his or her life. The Mestizos of Latin America are usually mixed of American Indian and European descent. Many of Latin Americas Settlements are located along the coasts instead of inland. A megacity is a city with a total population of more than ten million people. 7.A squatter settlement is a place where people live, but they have no legal rights or permission to live there 1.Squatter settlements are usually made of plywood, corrugated metal, sheets of plastic, and cardboard boxes. Squatter settlements are usually found on the edge of a city, in public parks, near railroad tracks, rivers, lagoons, or city trash dump sites. 9.Latin America and the Caribbean are experiencing rapid population growth, and out-migration. Out-migration is leaving ones home city or region, and migrating or moving to another place 11.Music of the Latin America and the Caribbean are influenced by Africans. Some examples calypso, steel drum bands, reggae Traditional dances Salsa Mamba Samba chachacha Languages Spanish and Portuguese are the two main languages spoken in latin america Research OPTION 1 Pick an aspect of Latin American or Caribbean Culture that was discussed in the notes today. Research the topic Write a 5 sentence summary of the topic. Use complete sentences OPTION 2 Write a five sentence summary of Latin American and or Caribbean culture using complete sentences.

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