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Advertising Requirements The following specific requirements apply to the home video release of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. These rules apply to all print and broadcast advertising. The approved key art for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix consists of the Title Treatment and Key An. Downloadable artwork will be provided exclusively by Warner Home Video available at NO OTHER ARTWORK CAN BE USED.

The Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Title Treatment is the official approved movie Title Art. NO OTHER TITLE ART CAN BE SUBSTITUTED. The title art as provided cannot be altered in any way. The artwork title Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix must be trademarked in the presence of any other corporate or company logo/name. The "TM" should be justified with the TOP of the "X" in "Phoenix" as shown:

When writing out the words Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and not using the official title treatment, the text must appear in all caps or in italics as follows: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix or HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX. Whenever the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix title treatment or package art are used, the correct copyright/trademark notice must be placed in the same area (e.g. print ad, page of catalog, web site page, and/or one click-through away.) You may use small type as needed. No size or special location is required. However, it must be clearly seen and legible according to the size of the materials.

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The following copyright notices must be used in all materials: If NO billing block is present:HARRY POTTER characters, names, and related indicia are trademarks of and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Harry Potter Publishing Rights J.K.R. 2007 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved. If the billing block IS present: HARRY POTTER characters, names, and related indicia are trademarks of and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Harry Potter Publishing Rights J.K. Rowling. 2007 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved.

All copyright/trademark wording must be strictly observed and cannot be changed in any way. The following logos will always appear in the billing block, however if the billing is not used, they must be incorporated into the art when space allows and / or if partner logos are present:

HEYDAYFILMS(on the far left) (on the far right)

The logos above must always match each other in color and size. If a 4 color partner logo is present, every effort should be made to include the 4 color versions of the above logos (available on MARS). Ail print advertising and billboards or any alterations of existing materials must be submitted for prior written approval. Sample TV Spots and Radio Scripts will be available from Warner Home Video. If Retailer alters the TV Spots and Radio Scripts in any way, they must be submitted to Warner Home Video for written approval prior to use. The MPAA rating, logo and full supplemental language must be used for all broadcast media (Radio and TV) advertising. The Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix title treatment may not be used for point-of-purchase displays or for any other use unless specific written approval is given from Warner Home Video. Warner Home Video will provide pre-approved point-of-purchase images upon request. No retailer/partner logos should appear above the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix title. No customer/retailer may be positioned as "presenting" or "bringing you" Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Warner Bros, is the sole presenter. The following is a list of pre-approved taglines. Wording must be strictly observed and cannot be altered in any way: Own the magic at_________________________. Experience the magic of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at______________. The journey continues this (month, week, etc.) at_________________. The magic continues at____________________. Experience the magic at___________________. Explore the magic of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at_________________. The rebellion begins on (month, week, etc.) at_____________. Avoid incorporating generic "magical" imagery such as wands with stars, pixie dust or images of magic tricks into promotional materials. These generic magical graphics are not consistent with the type of wizardry in Harry Potter.

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WARNER HOME VIDEO ADVERTISING AND PROMOTIONAL REQUIREMENTS AND GUIDELINES HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIXRetail Web Sites In addition to our advertising requirements, the approved Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix title treatment (logo) may be used on a retailer's web site in accordance with these guidelines: Title treatment (logo) must be adjacent to the packshot of the DVD, HD or BD. Title treatment (logo) can be featured on the retailer's home page or other section page to connect consumers to the video product page(s). Title treatment (logo) may be used as a link if it links to dedicated Harry Potter video product page(s). The linked to page may not feature any other non-Harry Potter brands, characters or merchandise. Pre-Sell Advertising Requirement Ads appearing prior to street date MUST include the December 11, 2007 Street Date (availability date) in the ad. Some availability language is as follows; COMING TO DVD DECEMBER 11, 2007! ON DVD DECEMBER 11, 2007! Ads pre-selling the DVD, HD or BD can begin no sooner than November 13, 2007. In-Season Advertising Requirement: Ads appearing post-street date must include an availability date as well. Some suggested language appears below: NOW ON DVD! Promotional Requirements All promotions must be submitted for prior approval. Harry Potter Critical Brand Guidelines Please ensure that you follow all of these key Harry Potter brand guidelines and that you do not endorse or authorize anyone to conduct activities that fall outside the scope of these guidelines: Do not create content, change or extend the Harry Potter story in any way through summaries, dialogue, trivia, definitions or word games. Do not create new Harry Potter characters, creatures, words, spells, situations or locations of any kind. Do not give existing characters new dialogue or sentiments (e.g., do not write marketing material as though it is from a particular character in the stories). Do not create an association between the Harry Potter films with the Harry Potter books (e.g., Harry Potter books should not be used as giveaways for film marketing and you should not partner with Harry Potter book publishers in any marketing activities). These include the digital audio books and the Collector's Edition Harry Potter branded iPod. Additionally, unauthorized books (companion books) and other Harry Potter inspired books may not be used in any marketing activities. Please be particularly mindful of this guideline, as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released on July 21. 2007 in extremely close proximity to the timing of the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Film release. Therefore, special book promotions will likely be occurring in O4 '07 and we'll will need to follow the same guidelines during the DVD release.Page 4 of 5

The author, J.K. Rowling has retained certain print publishing rights in the Harry Potter books, as well as stage rights. Do not publish, conduct a live reading from, re-enact, or reproduce extracts from those books. Do not create, allow others to create, or supply content for any publication, website or microsite that is primarily devoted to or themed around Harry Potter. Do not use materials, storyline or images from past Harry Potter film(s) to market the current feature (i.e. Do not use images from Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone, Chamber of Secrets, Prisoner ofAzkaban or Goblet of Fire to promote Order of the Phoenix). Focus on what is new and different to the particular film installment avoid activities that relate more generally to the world of Harry Potter. Do not refer to or position the Harry Potter films as "sequels", but rather as "installments" if necessary. Trivia and quizzes based on Harry Potter are a particularly sensitive area. We, therefore, have developed a list of pre-approved questions for each film and guidelines regarding the amount of trivia that can be used. Please contact your WHY Sales Representative or Distributor for the list. Do not enlist any third party tie-in promotional partners or allow any third party to conduct activity in association with Harry Potter to promote their organization/services/products. Do not enlist any third party tiein promotional partners other than approved media partners and approved Harry Potter licensees. No exceptions. No connection with food and beverage and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is permitted (other than official licensed products). The local Harry Potter website should be the premiere destination for Harry Potter information online. Do not create or allow others to create websites or pages of websites that offer a competing/robust themed experience based on Harry Potter. Some Harry Potter movie content may be used on retail or media partner sites for marketing and promotional purposes. These restrictions do not prevent the creation of non-commercial tribute sites by fans of the series. All giveaways, premiums and other prizes must be based on the current film. Where possible, please use licensed merchandise as prizes, or work with Consumer Products and its licensees to produce appropriate premiums. Premiums and other prizes must fall into approved product categories and text on those items must be submitted to the author for approval, with the exception of the Harry Potter film title and an availability message. Please limit text on premiums. Please contact your WHV Sales Representative or Distributor for a list of approved Harry Potter licensees. Always position Harry Potter as a high quality property. For this reason, avoid activities that discount or devalue the brand (e.g., licensed product should not generally be used as a giveaway/premium, but are acceptable prizes). Warner Bros, owns certain intellectual property rights in Harry Potter, including the right to hold themed Harry Potter events. Any themed Harry Potter event that uses our intellectual property rights without permission, infringes those rights. Any Warner Bros, participation at a Harry Potter or wizard-themed event is likely to confuse the public into believing that the event is an official Warner Bros.' project. Synopsis Lord Voldemort has returned, but few want to believe it. In fact, the Ministry of Magic is doing everything it can to keep the wizarding world from knowing the truth - including appointing Ministry official Dolores Umbridge as the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts. When Professor Umbridge refuses to train her students in practical defensive magic, a select group of students decides to learn on their own. With Harry Potter as their leader, these students (who call themselves "Dumbledore's Army") meet secretly in a hidden room at Hogwarts to hone their wizarding skills in preparation for battle with the Dark Lord and his Death Eaters. . New adventure - more dangerous, more thrilling than ever - is yours in this enthralling film version of the fifth novel in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. A terrifying showdown between good and evil awaits. Prepare for battle!

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MAP Guidelines Warner Home Video has determined that its goals for the promotion and sale of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix1 are best served by offering advertising funds only to those retailers which choose to comply with the following Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) guidelines for external print and broadcast advertising with respect to that title: A Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) will be in effect for the following Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix advertising through January 9, 2008. Format Single Disc DVD (WS) (FS) 2 Disc Special Edition HD DVD Combo Blu-ray Disc SRP $28.98 $34.99 $35.99 $35.99 MAP $19.95 $22.95 No MAP No MAP

To qualify for Advertising Funds for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, retailers must (1 )(a) advertise at or above the MAP identified above, or (l)(b) advertise using no price at all during MAP period; and (2) cannot advertise any mail-in rebate(s) or store specific "retail rebates" which show a net price below this MAP. Advertising, including any previously approved advertising will not be reimbursed if the advertised price is below the MAP at any time during the MAP period set forth above. If a retailer runs any external advertising in any media that violates the MAP policy, Warner Home Video will not reimburse the retailer for that advertisement. This policy describes the pre-announced terms and conditions under which Warner Home Video will reimburse retailers for advertising for this title. Retailers are free to sell the title at whatever price they wish. If you have any questions concerning our advertising requirements or guidelines, please contact the Warner Home Video Advertising Customer Service Department for assistance at: Phone: 1-866-222-1549 Fax: 1-866-222-1550 E-Mail: Hours of Operation: 8:OOAM - 5:OOPM (MST)

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