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  • 8/13/2019 Guide Motivating Employees


    Motivating Employees

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    What is Motivation?Motivation is what Causes , Directs , and Sustains behavior

    Why is Motivation Important?

    Unmotivated Employees Less job satisfaction Less commitment More miscommunication More turnover

    Motivated Employees Feel sense of purpose Greater commitment Better communication Higher production

    Today, we discuss two primary factors to consider when motivating employees:

    Core Motives and Core Convictions

  • 8/13/2019 Guide Motivating Employees


    Motivating Employees

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    General Behaviors Likes to make final decisions Needs to be in charge Authoritative Analytical, decides on facts not impulses Acts on environment Strong-willed To the point, needs the bottom line Gives orders Sees the BIG picture Commands respect

    Motivate by giving them opportunities to demonstrate knowledge.

    [Name], when you closed that sale, what did you say?

    Motivate by giving them opportunities to be involved in challenging problem solving.

    [Name], I would like you to help me figure out how to help this client.

    Motivate by giving them opportunities to receive approval.

    Well done, [Name].

    Decision Maker: The Leader TraitCore Motive: Authority Individuals whose highest score is for the D trait need to bein-charge, to be in control. They are strong-willed, and theyexpect their ideas and decisions to prevail and to be respected.

    What they say : Only what is seen as relevant, brief, bottomline.

    What they hear : Sometimes only what they want, will tune outif too much is said.

    What they need : They need you to get to the point and befactual and less emotional.

  • 8/13/2019 Guide Motivating Employees


    Motivating Employees

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    General Behaviors Likes to encourage, motivate people Extroverted, makes friends easily Talkative Not easily discouraged Sensitive to feelings of others Acts without all of the facts Makes decisions on feelings Wants to participate in "fun" projects Sees the BIG picture Acts on environment Inspired by opportunities, a risk-taker Needs early rewards, else changes course

    Motivate by giving them opportunities to be engaged with clients, teammates, andmanagement.

    [Name], please share with the team how you closed that sale.

    Motivate by giving them opportunities to have immediate, small successesthen point to largerones.

    Awesome [Name], I think you can double that next month.

    Motivate by giving them opportunities to share their vision.

    [Name], is there a better way we can explain this new feature to clients?

    Encourager: The People TraitCore Motive: Fun & Excitement

    Encouragers are synonymous with extraverts. They are highlysociable, people-oriented, outgoing individuals, who are goodcommunicators with a persuasive, seller style. They are goodat encouraging and motivating others.

    What they say: A lot. Often exaggerate to make a point.Speak with emotion.

    What they hear: Broad strokes of conversations, oftenmissing detail. Tend to interrupt.

    What they need: They need you to let them talk and sharetheir emotional enthusiasm.

  • 8/13/2019 Guide Motivating Employees


    Motivating Employees

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    General Behaviors May defer to strong leadership Seeks approval, eager to please Able to wait Steady, sets own pace Warm, gentle, kind Reserved, quiet, often soft-spoken Avoids conflict Focused on the desktop, the to-do list Prefers high production over perfection Prefers daily routine, even repetitive tasks Reactive, responds to environment

    Motivate by giving them opportunities to work without distraction but with direction.

    [Name], everything you should need is in the email I sent you today. Please give me updates as youmake progress.

    Motivate by giving them opportunities to support others.

    [Name], you really helped the team the other day. Thanks!

    Motivate by giving them opportunities to share their ideas.

    [Name], would you please process what happened in the meeting today and let me know yourthoughts?

    Facilitator: The Patience TraitCore Motive: Harmony and Security

    Facilitators tend to be gentle, patient individuals who acceptsupportive roles. They are nice people to have around, becausethey are non-confrontational and work hard to gain approval.They like that their work is pleasing to others, family, friends,coworkers and superiors.

    What they say : Not much. Tend to be reserved and speak infriendly gentle tones.

    What they hear: Everything. When others wont listen,Facilitators will.

    What they need : They need to be appreciated for listening.

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    Motivating Employees

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    General Behaviors Neat, orderly, highly-organized, Keeps track of details Needs clear instructions Respects authority, policy, the law Keeps the rules, goes by the book Factual, seeks the truth Needs to be right Uses systems and structure to ensure accuracy Prefers quality to quantity Can be critical, judgmental, concerned with reality Needs closure, dislikes loose ends Reactive, responds to environment

    Motivate by giving them opportunities to be heard.

    [Name], do you feel good about how the project is going?

    Motivate by giving them opportunities to hear clear direction and expectation.

    [Name], everything you should need is in the email I sent you today, including due dates. If you needclarity on anything, dont hesitate to ask.

    Motivate by giving them opportunities to ask for help without embarrassment.

    [Name], this is a complicated project. Heck, Im not sure I always understand it, but please, if youneed help with anything, just ask.

    Tracker: The Organization TraitCore Motive: Understanding

    Trackers are compulsive about tracking down and taking careof details. They prefer to follow-up and carry out assignmentsgiven to them by authorities they respect rather than to initiateaction steps conceived on their own.

    What they say : Everything in detail. They give you the wholestory.

    What they hear : Everything but want more. Need detail orcan feel misled.

    What they need : More than anything they need to beunderstood. Listen & ask for clarity.

  • 8/13/2019 Guide Motivating Employees


    Motivating Employees

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    Core Convictions & Motivation

    WorkTraits measures four motivators that have particular importance in the workplace. Of the four, no

    conviction has greater or lesser value and every individual will maintain a mix of all four in variousintensities. Unlike Behavioral Style, Core Convictions change over time and their development has asignificant impact on an organization and an individual's capacity to work within certain environments.

    Core Convictions are the most important determinant of motivation:

    Core Convictions are attitudes Our attitudes are expressions of needs When our needs are met, we are motivated and our performance improves

    Core Convictions are a determining factor in person-team fit

    Core Convictions are tested under stress They can be diminished if not satisfied They can be so strong that the individual must leave an organization where convictions are not


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    Motivating Employees

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    General Characteristics Forward-looking-can help an organization envision the future Optimistic-sees a better future Will take steps to improve self Sometimes dismissive of others who dont try to improve self Self-confidentwill often seek leadership roles Often willing to assume risk Often entrepreneurial-may feel constrained by rigid rules Can be seen by others as an overachiever Proactive in reaching goals Can provide energy to an organization Provides initiative for moving projects forward Can provide vitality to low performing teams

    The Attitude: Achiever The Need: Reach goals quickly

    Motivate with projects that are challenging and of lasting value.

    Motivate with mentoring from respected senior staff.

    Motivate with challenges to traditional paradigms.

    Motivate with promotion.

    Ambition: The Future TraitIndividuals, whose highest score is for Ambition,proactively seek a better future by improvingthemselves, their organization, or community. In worksettings they often take the lead and move a team ororganization forward.

  • 8/13/2019 Guide Motivating Employees


    Motivating Employees

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    General Characterisitics Often identify with traditional values Have a thoughtful but sometimes rigid ethical system Have high standards for conduct in the workplace Provide a good sounding board for difficult decisions Can become good mentors for junior employees Will take steps to improve character Needs to see integrity in the management of the organization Value honesty, hard work, and personal integrity Is often very conscientious about quality in customer service Can be seen as out of touch with current societal beliefs Can come into conflict with people who have less traditional views of morality

    The Attitude: Moral Excellence The Need: Live exemplary lives

    Motivate with managers who are fair, honest, and hard working.

    Motivate with recognition for being a good person.

    Motivate with recognition for quality customer service.

    Motivate with promotion.

    Belief: The Moral-Decision TraitIndividuals, whose highest score is for Belief, trust in andlive according to a predefined ethical system. They makedecisions about moral behavior based upon traditionalviews of right and wrong.

  • 8/13/2019 Guide Motivating Employees


    Motivating Employees

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    General Characteristics Friendly-often good at making people feel welcome Hopeful about the human condition to better self Can help a team become client-centered Attracted to careers that are client-centered Can be seen as too emotional and sometimes irrational in the ways they give Others-centered Value long term relationships with employees and clients Can help clients feel appreciated Is often motivated more by the mission of an organization than by financial gain Value leaders who demonstrate compassion and giving to others

    The Attitude: People are Important The Need: Give to others in need

    Motivate with relationships with clients.

    Motivate with chances to help people achieve/succeed.

    Motivate with projects that promote societal well-being.

    Motivate with stories of how they contributed to others success.

    Compassion: The Giving TraitIndividuals, whose highest score is for Compassion,possess a rare quality for giving to others in need. Theygive their time and resources in order to help otherssucceed, become self-reliant, or contribute to the well-being of society.

  • 8/13/2019 Guide Motivating Employees


    Motivating Employees

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    General Characteristics Good with follow-through Can help a team finish projects Can make a significant contribution to the goals of a team Often displays loyalty to respected leaders and organizations Can be seen as inflexible, committed to only one way of doing things Attracted to organizations with a clear mission and vision Passionate about work Desires to see timely completion of projects Can provide a good example of follow-through for other employees Can be good with following up with requests from clients

    The Attitude: Tenacity The Need: Closure & completion

    Motivate with precision assignments.

    Motivate with projects that finish on time.

    Motivate with projects that require sustained focus.

    Motivate with recognition for contribution.

    Discipline: The Dedication Trait

    Individuals, whose highest score is for Discipline, havean ability to sustain focus and dedicate themselves tothe completion of a task or goal. They are tenacious .

  • 8/13/2019 Guide Motivating Employees


    Motivating Employees

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    Ongoing Use

    Do it! Sign back into .com

    One of the unique aspects of WorkTraits is its continued use as a communication tool. Just sign in at with the password and email used at registration.

    Go to the My Team tab and learn about your coworkers with

    1. Behavioral Style profiles2. Maintaining Compatibility reports3. Resolving Conflict reports

    Why its important

    Platinum Rule: Communicate to others the way they want to be communicated to Improve communication Actionable tool for conflict resolution Greater self-awareness

    Learn how to work more effectively, leveraging the knowledge and understanding of each othersdiffering personalities and work styles.

  • 8/13/2019 Guide Motivating Employees


    Motivating Employees

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    Home Tab

    Maintaining Compatibility and Resolving Conflict Reports

  • 8/13/2019 Guide Motivating Employees


    Motivating Employees

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    About WorkTraits

    WorkTraits is an online assessment system that identifies individuals behavioral strengths andcore values, and measures compatibility within organizations. It improves communication,resolves interpersonal conflict, and identifies compatible new hires. By analyzing individualsassessments, WorkTraits teaches teams how to work more effectively, leveraging theknowledge and understanding of each others differing personalities and work styles.

    Our Mission

    To inspire, educate, and empower proactive individuals and organizations to reach their fullpotential through results based consulting, training, and tools.

    Our ValuesRelationship Centered

    We are resourceful at connecting people and ideas. We believe in creating meaningful,purposeful, and long lasting relationships that are based on the highest standards of ethics andauthentic enthusiasm for peoples success.

    Relentless Learners

    We are intrinsically motivated to foster and develop a thirst for learning in ourselves andothers. We have an ambitious drive to find new solutions and add value for our clients, ourcompany, and ourselves.

    Creatively Disciplined

    We value the freedom and encouragement to think creatively and share innovative ideas in aself-directed and team-supported environment. We are disciplined and accountable, whichenables ideas to be implemented and goals achieved.

    Outcome Focused

    We are strategic in measuring results, building productive habits, and pursing new opportunitiesthat allow us to be proactive and dedicated to reaching our goal and helping others reachtheirs.

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