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  • 1A brand is a symbol,

    a container for the thoughts and

    feelings on what it represents.

    A brand is powerful.

    A brand is fragile.

    A brand must be protected.

    This document outlines how to

    harness and protect the Glo brand.

    If you come in contact with the Glo

    brand, you are a steward.

    Please handle it with care.

    Direct any questions or brand needs

    to Peter at Immersion Digital:

    [email protected]

  • 2About Glo

    Glo is an interactive Bible that brings the full text of

    the Scripture to life through HD videos, high-resolution images, zoomable maps, 360-degree virtual tours, customizable Bible reading plans and much more.

    Using the intuitive browsing lenses in Glo, its easy

    to personalize your Bible experience and find

    scripture relevant to your daily life. Glo allows

    you to experience the Bible like never before.

    Primary Logo

    Secondary Logo

    Primary Logo On Black

    The Glo Brand

    The Glo brand is designed to communicate:

    This is done through bold, bright, crisp brand colors,

    uncluttered layouts and proper use of whitespace.











    Use Approved Brandmarks Only

    Only Immersion Digital LLC and the distributors and

    marketing partners it licenses in writing may use the

    Glo trademark. Only the approved brandmarks should

    be used. Do not attempt to recreate or replicate. Do

    not attempt to approximate colors. Brand files are

    available in standard formats upon request.

  • 3Primary vs. Secondary

    Whenever possible, the primary logo should be

    used. However some applications call for the

    secondary logo.

    Whenever "glo" logotype is inside the logomark

    only the approved configuration with the spaced

    "leaves" is acceptable. Do not attempt to recreate. Appropriate Spacing


    Inappropriate Spacing


    X logotypetoo large

    improperleaf spacing

    Light in the Darkness

    The use of dark backgrounds is intended to emphasize

    the "light in the darkness" theme, and differentiate from

    others in the space who gravitate towards all white.

    Avoid the use of outer glows on the logo, and on

    surrounding text or visual elements. Although it

    seems to fit with the name "Glo" an outer glow is

    an element to avoid.




    Use of Outer Glow


    Media Bible



    Topical MyGlo

    The Meaning of the Colors

    The colors in the logo represent the 6 browsing

    lenses within Glo. The colors may be used in a

    general sense without connection to the lenses,

    but when referring to the lenses, the proper colors

    should correspond with the proper lens. The goal is

    to reinforce the connection between the colors and

    the lenses within the product, and to also use the

    logo as talking points.

  • 4Color Guide

    Use only the proper color in the proper scenarios.

    Ensure the medium where the brand is being

    reproduced is using the same color space as the

    files. Typical formats include:

    Pantone (PMS): Spot-color printing (most accurate)

    CMYK: Full Color Printing (most typical)

    RGB: On-screen replication (software, web, video)

    K 100%


    R 63G 182B 221

    R 106G 188B 69

    R 239G 73B 36

    R 197G 32B 50

    R 153G 60B 149

    R 238G 170B 31

  • 5Minimum 25% each side

    Ideal 50100% spacing

    Minimum 25% each side

    Ideal 50100% spacing

    Logo Spacing

    Proper spacing around the Glo logo should always

    be used to protect the logomark. No text or design

    elements should encroach this space, minimum 25%

    on each side, ideally between 50-100%.

    Experience the Bible Like Never Before

    Appropriate Spacing


    Experience the Bible Like Never Before

    Tagline too tight on logo



    Logo Background

    The Glo logo should be used over solid black,

    white or neutral backgrounds whenever

    possible. Placement over subtle gradients that

    do not compete with the logomark colors are

    also acceptable. Overly busy, strong or other

    backgrounds that could make the logo illegible

    are not acceptable.

    XX X

  • 6Rules for proper use of Glo Trademark

    Trademarks are adjectives used to modify nouns; the noun is the generic name

    of a product or service. As adjectives, trademarks may not be used in the plural

    or possessive form.

    When using an article (the, a), an appropriate generic term must appear after

    the trademark. Suggested generic terms include the Glo Bible and the Glo

    Digital Bible.

    Always capitalize Glo when written in paragraph form.

    Correct Examples

    I bought two copies of Glo.

    I bought two Glo Bibles.

    I love the Glo Bible.

    I love Glo.

    I have a Glo Bible.

    Glo includes over 3,000 photos.

    Glo is a digital Bible.

    Incorrect Examples

    I bought two Glos.

    I like Glos media.

    I love the Glo.

    I have a Glo.

    The Glo has...

    The Glo does...

    I have my Glo.

    I got a Glo.

    My favorite thing about glo...


    Approved Glo Fonts

    Marketing Materials:

    Gotham Light

    Gotham Book

    Gotham Medium

    Gotham Bold

    Font Usage Tips

    In Marketing materials, use Gotham primarially, and Usherwood if a

    secondary font is needed.

    In the interface, never use Gotham, rather use Trajan,

    Usherwood and Helvetica.

    Use mixed case with Gotham whenever possible. It has a more

    friendly approachable feel than

    all-caps.Trajan is used in the product interface, and rarely in marketing


    ITC Usherwood BookITC Usherwood MediumITC Usherwood BoldITC Usherwood BlackAnd their italic counterparts

    Interface Design:

    Trajan ProTrajan Pro Bold

    HelveticaHelvetica Bold

    ITC Usherwood BookITC Usherwood MediumITC Usherwood BoldITC Usherwood BlackAnd their italic counterparts

  • 7Common Design Elements

    Throughout Glo marketing materials, a few

    elements frequently appear:

    Gradients and the Gradient Bar

    This gradient uses the Glo logo

    colors in the proper sequential

    order to communicate the

    seamless nature of the Glo

    browsing lenses. It is often used

    as a subtle top or bottom bar

    that bleeds off the cropped edge.

    Subtly flowing gradient can also be

    used within text blocks.

    Solid Bar

    In some cases, a bar with solid

    colors segments is used. This

    is an acceptable alternative to

    communicate the distinct nature

    of the lenses. The segments must

    be used in the proper sequential

    color order.

    The Lenses

    Using the lens icons on their own

    or within the gray lens orb are both


  • 8Glo Logo Gradient

    The Glo logo should primarily be used without

    gradient, but it is also acceptable to apply a

    slight gradient to the logo to create a 3D effect,

    if approved by Glo Brand Management. Some

    examples of this treatment include the product icon

    and the website.

    When using gradients, it is key to maintain the

    vibrancy of the logomark colors.

    Subtle, tasteful gradients


    Harsh Gradients






    Excite and Engage your Congregation with

    a Bible Re-imaged for the Digital World

    Make your Message Glo


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    Marketing ManagerImmersion Digital LLC

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    407 513 4828Email

    [email protected]

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