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Evaluation Question 2How effective is the combination of your main product

and the ancillary texts?

By Paige Watson

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What we wanted to achieve...• We wanted to make a feel good film

which would represent our genre really well. Our film fell under the genre category of a domestic comedy.

• Our chosen genre was suitable for a wide range of audiences, young, old or a family movie. In order to keep our audience in mind we didn't want it to contain too many expletives as then it wouldn’t be suitable for the wide range of audience we were aiming for.

• After establishing our genre, purpose and audience and the film was created we wanted to market our film to the best of our ability. In order to do so we made a film poster and a radio trailer which would represent our film.

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Poster design• When it came to designing our film poster we wanted the poster to

have clear evidential features from the film on it so that the audience could easily relate the film to the poster. In order to make the best poster suited to our film everyone involved in the film designed a poster to see which would fit and describe our film the best. When we had analyzed each design we decided that we liked aspects from each poster and we set on creating a whole new poster with all the pieces of every poster we liked.

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Research• Before creating my film poster and my radio trailer I wanted to

research what went into making them and how they look/sounded professional.



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Poster features- Characters• As there were two main characters in our film

(Matt and Laura) we wanted to include them in the final film poster as it would represent our film as they are the ones who tell the story. By including the characters in the poster the audience of our film will then be able to relate the characters in the film to the ones on the poster. When designing the poster one thing we thought about was Mis en Scene. This was because the characters wore the same costumes all the way through and we thought that they would be more recognizable if wearing the same outfits. The characters are also shown with post it notes over their mouths which is a metaphorical clue to what the film could be about as their speech is silenced by notes.

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Poster features- House• In the opening scene of our film there is the

house which is shown in an establishing shot. Every scene is shot within the house but in different rooms and as it plays a huge role in helping us understand the domestic comedy between Laura and Matt I thought it was an interesting feature which we could include. As our ancillary products would be released before the film by having the house in the background it would therefore set an automatic connection with the audience. The location and the characters shown on the poster can also give a clue as to what the film may be about making it easier for potential audiences to decide whether they would want to watch the film or not.

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Poster features-Production logo• When we were marketing the

product we wanted the audience to know who had made the film and produced everything to go alongside it. On our film poster in the bottom right hand corner we included our production logo for 'Eagle Productions'. This way if films were made in the future they may be able to recognize this through the original way which we make our film. I also thought the logo would make our poster look more professional.

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Poster features-Text• One piece of text included was our film

ratings which we had received from feedback on our film. By including ratings we would persuade and encourage people to watch our film as it shows interest already on the film.

• The next piece of text were credentials. These were telling the audience who had edited, produced, written and directed the film.

• Our main text source on the poster was our title 'NOTES'. We chose bright bold colors which were representing the post it notes which we had used in our film. It reflected this as the text was the same color as the post it notes. We also wanted the text to be large and stand out from the rest of the film poster.

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Our final film posterI believe that the poster we have created represents our film well and shows the audience what the film is about. We have done this through methods such as iconography (House), Mis en Scene (costumes) and many other ways which would portray the film well to the potential audience we were aiming for. Not only was it important for the poster to represent the film it also needed to persuade viewers to go and watch the film. This was done through ratings which we had received from audience feedback. However, in order to ensure that the poster was going to work we needed to make it catch the audiences attention to make them stop and look at the poster. By using bright colors and large easy to read fonts it made the poster stand out and look more interesting. By making it stand out it makes people wonder what the poster is meant to be representing. From all the features and techniques discussed I think the final film poster which we have created will do well in selling the film as it represents the film and is a persuasive method of encouraging an audience to watch the film.

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Creating our radio trailer...• When it came to creating our radio trailer we had to think about how

we could get our film across in words and sounds as there was no visual aspect to our radio trailer. In order to make this a success there were different factors in which we had to think about including in our radio trailer.

• Dialogue from film• Music • Sound effects• Narration/voice over

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Radio trailer- Dialogue from film • By adding dialogue from our film into the radio trailer it gives the audience a

broader insight as to what the film may be about. This could be persuasive and encourage viewers to go and see the film. When choosing which dialogue to add in we had limited choice due to our storyline. In order to set the right tone we used voices which shows the characters arguing.

• 'I'm getting pretty tired of this'-Matt • 'I can't believe you're blaming this on me it's all your fault'.-Laura. • By adding this dialogue we were able to make a connection through the

radio trailer and the film. It also sets the tone and shows the genre of which the film is.

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Radio trailer-Music • When it came to selecting music we wanted something that would

gain the audience's attention and make them want to listen otherwise the radio trailer wouldn't be any use into selling the film. At first we were undecided on whether we wanted something that would create suspense or something upbeat which we could use ironically. As we searched websites which were copyrighted free and able to use we couldn't find a piece of music which was suited to the trailer or the film. As an idea we used the title sequence and credit music on the radio trailer to see if this would fit the theme. Once tried and tested the music fitted with all the aspects of the radio trailer and this worked well as it would also help to establish the film.

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Radio trailer-Sound effects • As our film is short on dialogue we also different have many sound

effects as there isn't much interaction between the characters in our film. However, when creating the radio trailer I wanted to get across the point that the characters are arguing. In order to do this one sound we used was the sound of a door slamming. I got this sound for the radio trailer within my film as it had already been filmed and then there were no copyright issues. By adding sound effects into the radio trailer it adds more depth and makes the audience question more as to what may occur in the film.

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Radio trailer-Voice over • When it came to writing a script for the voice over we really wanted it to sell the

film and make it appealing to a wide audience. To do this we positively described the film and used adjectives to describe the film so that the audience could gain more understanding of what the film was about. We also included a memorable tagline in our radio trailer to make it more memorable. 'Make a note to see it'.

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Reflecting on our radio trailer• When the radio trailer was finished I listened to see if it made me

think of our film and demonstrate the genre it was meant to be showcasing. As I listened I thought this would make an excellent ancillary product as it reflected the film and what it was all about. The radio trailer was also informative making it clear about the film and what it was about so that the audience wouldn't be disappointed if all wasn't as it seemed. The radio trailer also showed the four factors which should be demonstrated in a radio trailer music, dialogue from film, sound effects and a voice over. Overall, I think this radio trailer would be successful when promoting our film.

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Comparing my film poster to exsiting posters• As I had already analyzed film posters of the same genre in my

research before I made my own film poster I thought by using one of the film posters already been discussed would make it easier to see if there were any similarities or differences between them both.

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JUNO and NOTES• When I was comparing my film poster NOTES with

the existing film poster of Juno I realized that there were similarities present. Both film posters had images showing the characters and used bright and bold colored images on the poster. Not only that the title was bold and stood out from the rest of the poster.

• However there were also differences between the poster. Our poster which we had created focused more on the visual aspect more than the informative. On the poster of Juno information such as a release date was included. This is a good thing to include as then the audience know when and where they can find the film. As this wasn't included in my poster it could have made it difficult for the audience to view the film and this was something which could have potentially made my film poster more effective.

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Radio trailer comparisons

• As I had analyzed my radio trailer and found potential improvements I thought that I would look into how my radio trailer compares with others that are already existing.

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Comparing Notes radio trailer with The conjuring• When I compared notes with the conjuring all four factors were present, sound effects, music,

dialogue from film and a voice over. However, these effects were used in a different way. The conjuring's radio trailer created more suspense and mystery as they were portraying a horror genre. However, my radio trailer was not needing to add suspense as mine was aiming to be more informative and descriptive.

• There were differences in the radio trailers as The Conjuring included information 'from the directors of saw' which would be persuasive for fans of existing films Saw. The radio trailer also had short snappy adjectives describing the film 'Genuinely frightening'. By having these adjectives that have certain connotations it makes the trailer more memorable and stick in the audiences in mine. Looking back I could have included my own adjectives in order to describe the film more.

• Although there were differences, similarities were still present. Both of the radio trailers had release dates and important information stated in the radio trailer. As well as this there was effective music. Even though both musics were of different tone and mood they still played the same role in setting the atmosphere of the movies and adding curiosity to the audience to make them want to watch the film.

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Summary• By looking at existing ancillary products I realized that every

marketing strategy would be different in order to meet the needs of the film in which was being promoted. Although my products were not the exact same as others which have been used already it would still be effective to my film as it represented what the film was about as well as being persuasive to an audience which is why I think they would be effective when selling my film.

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